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I'm no longer in rehab. I got out last week. Thanks for sponsoring me, Burnturrek. We will always be in love.

Bears Birthday

Dear diary I am fed up with certain people. Certain people who are acting like dirty white hillbilly redneck crackers. They want Rhianna to treat them like they're the only whites in the world. I don't understand why they always gotta front. Dude you're white. Stop trying to front. Go eat some fried butter or something. Nobody cares about you. When a white boy tries to jump me I jump him with three ply toilet paper and yell "Take that you inbred excuse for a human". Jay Z is a cult

Previous entries:
Dear diary it's Bear again. I woke up today to find someone has stolen my box I sleep in. I'm very upset by this. I got in a fight with another hobo. He stabbed me with a nasty plastic spoon/fork from Mcdonalds. Which is where I took a shower today. I then took a dump behind Wendy's, lets be honest they deserve it for the crap they sell, and old man tyrone had his dog outside. Normally he ties his dog up be he forgot to today and so his dog mauled me while I was making brown all over Wendy's. I found an old egg salad sandwich in a dumpster so all in all had an excellent day.


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