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L-Town Expatriate
Last Activity Aug 9 2009, 04:36:21 PM
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Birthday: August 18, 1984
Location Pick One: KCMO, Liberty, Kirksville, Folkestone
Website http://missouriexpat.blogspot.com
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Kyle Hill—Liberty '03—Truman State '07
Not just L-Town Expatriate, but now The Missouri Expatriate! This Blue Bird is indeed over the White Cliffs of Dover!
And these corny gems:

“In America, kids buzz in on toss-up questions about random stuff. In Soviet Russia, questions buzz YOU!!”
“Stop that crap, or as Kyle will say, ‘In Soviet Russia, crap stops YOU!!’” (Mini-Me)
“I should add that to my signature. In Soviet Russia, signature adds YOU!!”
“When setting up a new board, you name forum. In Soviet Russia, forum names YOU!!” (Inspired by Coleman)
“In America, people cry over having to walk extra block to get $6 mocha from Starbucks. In Soviet Russia, bloc walk over people to get extra $6 from YOU!!”
“At farm in America, you drive Dodge Ram pick-up truck to visit sheep. At farm in Soviet Russia, Ram drives EWE!!”
“In America, you complain about retired quiz bowl player writing stupid jokes about Soviet Russia. In Soviet Russia, stupid joke complaining about retired quiz bowl player written by Soviet Russia, not YOU!! What a country!”
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