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Balance 10.5.3
Topic Started: Aug 5 2011, 05:43 PM (606 Views)
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Grand Fisher 42.27%
Matches Played: 459 (0.47%)

Hollow Bait
This skill can now be used during Hollow Grab

Hollow Spike
The initial damage this skill deals is now 30, up 5, from 25

Hollow Grab
This skill now has a cooldown of 3, up 3, from 0.


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Tousen Kaname 38.22%
Matches Played: 505 (0.52%)

Suzumushi, Enma Kourogi
This skill now has a cooldown of 4, down 1, from 5


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Hueco Mundo Byakuya 24.63%
Matches Played: 134 (0.14%)

Pivotal Scene
This skill now deals 25 damage, again.
This skill now makes the enemy ignore all harmful skills too, such as skills that improve the damage of this skill

This skill now deals 5 less initial damage


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Avirama Redder 57.07%
Matches Played: 4675 (4.79%)

Devorar Pluma
This skill now deals an initial 20 damage to one and 5 to all others

Wing Split
This skill now lasts 3 turns, down 1, from 4
This skill now has a cooldown of 3, down 1, from 4


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Findorr Calius 61.02%
Matches Played: 5362 (5.49%)

Mask Shattering
This skill now grants 25 DD, down 5, from 30

Water Locking
This skill now reduces damage by 10
This skill now has a cooldown of 5, up 1, from 4


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Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck 38.34%
Matches Played: 193 (0.2%)

Healing Drool
This skill now has a cooldown of 1, down 1, from 2

Child: Cero Double
This skill can now be used on any ally

Declare, Gamuza
This skill will now cost 1 Zan, 1 Random instead of 1 Hakuda, 1 Zan

In my opinion:

Fisher - Has been granted the power of the gods.

Tousen - Uhhhhh i guess it's cool?

hueco mundo byakuya - Annoying and is in the new meta charlotte fisher hmb

redder - Has gotten pwed, haven't face him once since this nerf.

Findorr - He's ok i guess, deserves a bigger nerf imo.

Nel- Slow making her way back to the top of s-a chars.

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