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United, we prevail, divided, we fail.
Independent Colonial Era Manifesto

Internal Vision

We, as a political party must focus our views not on a number of political policies, and therefore scribe this manifesto to both guide our members in their decisions and let the rest of the world know what we are and what we stand for. Therefore, the members of the Independent Colonial Era swear by this document as it is the 'holy book' of the party.
Unity is an important aspect of the Independent Colonial Era as to achieve greatness and success, the internal organization of the political party is a major part of the party as a whole. To become an incredibly influential power, we must have members in many cities, allowing opportunities for the party's members to be ‘Ambassadors’ to those cities. The 'Ambassadors' then can rely good aspects of the city to other members of the Independent Colonial Era vice verse.
In an attempt to create a perfect, model society, the Independent Colonial Era promotes a Foreign Exchange Program in which members of the Independent Colonial Era become members in other allied parties (but retain their in-game affiliation) in exchange for a member of their party to come to our party in an attempt to interlock the virtues and policies of both parties into one exemplary doctrine.
We, conservatives of a sort, also believe that once an idea works out well, it shouldn't be pampered with or altered in any way unless necessary. This is to ensure continued stability and success in the party and the cities. In the rare case in which the system does fail, we call for change but not any type of change - we call for 'needed' change and 'smart' change. This is why our name is the Independent Colonial Era. The system in many cities, the system has failed. There are a few exemptions in all of CyberCitizens to this and they are Los Angeles, Sydney and Paris. Although other cities either have a wealth of political/civil rights or a strong, free economy, the only reason the Mayor is elected Mayor time and time again is because their political party has many members and their party's leaders make sure the votes go to their candidate compared to the best choice.

International Vision

Recognizing that recruitment is a big part of any political party and any city, the Independent Colonial Era keeps recruiting Cyber Citizens who do not belong to a political party relentlessly to both our home city - Paris - and our political party as well as welcoming new Citizens in hopes they can become active, prominent figures in CyberCitizens.
We believe that it is the duty of the residents of a city to dictate the city's laws, policies and protocols. Therefore, we are strong believers that the Mayor should not and must not make the decisions regarding the city alone and every city needs a City Council to assist the Mayor in decision-making, law-making and advise him/her on those critical decisions. The residents of the City should take initiative by themselves, without request, to recruit new Cyber Citizens into their city, welcome those Cyber Citizens and assist them in any way possible to become and remain active Cyber Citizens as well as flourish in terms of ratings and score so they, too, can become very valuable assets in their own city.
It is through cooperation that we succeed so we must establish friendly ties to other political parties and establish communications with those same parties so we can offer aid when necessary and request aid when necessary. Signing treaties is not a commitment to be taken lightly and so our government must and does weigh the benefits against the risks of signing treaties with others as treaties have enormous impacts on societies.

Social Vision

It is a strong belief of the members of the Independent Colonial Era that all Cyber Citizens, criminals or not, should have unalienable rights such as freedom to speech, petition the government and freedom of protection. However, there are limits to everything, including freedoms. There are countless amounts of Cyber Citizens that abuse their freedoms. This does not mean their freedoms should be limited. Rather, they should be thought and rehabilitated so they do know how to correctly use their freedoms. A good government is one that does not limit the freedoms of their people but rather encourages the use of their freedoms, participation in government via those freedoms and actively assists and lets good Citizens educate new members about both CyberCitizens and the political party in their own way with their own agenda. Even though it is everyone’s right to speech, there must be limitations, as there are on everything, about what they can say to ensure the continued comfort and stability of all Cyber Citizens.
It is one of the many core responsibilities of good Citizens to educate new Cyber Citizens about both the game mechanics, politics of the numerous parties and companies that call Planet Kevin home as well as offer advice about the Independent Colonial Era if they choose to join the party. Therefore, all members of the Independent Colonial Era are expected to be good, friendly CyberCitizens that welcome anyone and everyone with open arms.

Financial Vision

We, the members of the Independent Colonial Era, believe that it is yet another freedom of all Citizens to have good-paying jobs based on their Work Productivity Level, regardless of their popularity. It is more productive to have a number of smaller companies producing a large variety of items to be on the market and a single large company producing the most valued and necessary items – Nourishment items. A popular opinion among members of the Independent Colonial Era and certain political societies on Planet Kevin is to have moderately high taxes while allowing high-score Citizens to rob city locations, giving city Police Officer wages to active, low-score Citizens and having give-aways and competitions for certain items or city Manager wage for a certain amount of time.