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I appreciate Charles' comments about my knowledge of numbers, but I am finding out the more I think I know about Jeeps, the less I know about Jeeps. Like him, I had thought the 3J engine numbers were designated for DJ3As. Had I done some research a few years ago before I had my DJ3A and when I did have a CJ3A, I might have been more knowledgeable about the CJ3A engine numbers. My CJ3A didn't have the engine number visible due to having the block resurfaced prior to my ownership. I would have paid more attention then.

Be that as it may, we know now that the engine numbers for CJ3As and DJ3As had the same prefix and the numbers did not match the serial numbers on either model designation. They weren't necessarily in sequence with serial numbers of Jeeps on either side of them. They could be off a couple hundred or even as much as several thousand. 1948-49 Jeepsters with the L-134 engines used a "U" prefix and those numbers did not correspond with the serial number of the car either. Same for station wagons, panel deliveries and pickups, which used a"S" or "SW" or "T" or "2T" using the L-134 Go Devil engine. I had assumed that the universal Jeeps simply used a "J".
My question has been all along, did they stamp the engine number prefix(only) once the engine was in the particular vehicle and that is why the following digits were so far off. The last digits were already stamped? There were dozens of additional applications for the L-134 and they must have all had a different prefix. The Henry J 4 cylinder vehicles only had an engine number that began with 350xxxx, but other than the Kaiser cylinder head, it was the Willys Go-Devil. Too many questions, not enough answers that remain for history.

DJ3As were a combination of parts derived from CJ3A and CJ3B models, with some modifications added, like the rear mounted gas tank, new speedometer cluster, straight front 2WD axle, centered rear pumpkin, column shifted 3 speed trans, and a few other items. the 56337 model designation laid out the relationship with the CJ3A and 3Bs. Some DJ3As had the CJ3A windshield with vent, some like the convertible model had the CJ3B windshield with no vent and some even had the windshield that actually pivoted open.

Oh well, PapaC, Charles, welcome as our new moderator.
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