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1953 Navy CJ3-B for Sale; 1953 Navy CJ3B in Sequim Wa.
Topic Started: Mar 20 2014, 01:29 PM (1,664 Views)
Walter Snelling
[ *  ]
Selling your dream is hard. I have owned this 53 Navy CJ3-B for 20 years. I have well in excess of $10,000 invested. I am the third owner. Restoration started with all parts in hand. Perfect rust free body. I have the data plate and frame and engine numbers match. This is a very rare jeep. I want more than anything to have this restored correctly to look like it did 61 years ago. To that end, what I want to do is sell it for $10,000 with up to $5,000 returned to purchaser when a quality restoration is completed. Another condition is I want my wife and I to come back and drive it and have photographs after it is completed as well as taken during restoration. I don't mind losing money as long as this historical Jeep is correctly preserved.

This Jeep was on a Navy base in Japan. The sailor who drove it (shore patrol) was returning to the states when it was being retired. He and hits wife were allowed only one vehicle to have sent to the states and he fought with his wife to buy this Jeep and leave their Plymouth behind. The Jeep went to Alturas California where it was his farm Jeep until he died. I purchased it from his widow. The body was badly rusted, so I searched for a perfect 1953 rust free Jeep which I found in the eastern Washington dry area at a cost of $5,000. Since the Navy body was identical and had no serial numbers I switched bodies. I did not want a "new body" which might have been cheaper, but not identical. Phone Walter @ 360-808-0626
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What a wonderful deal! If I were younger, I would take your offer. I am redoing a 3B at they present but I am using a re pro tub that is why I did not say restoring. Other than the tub it will be original.
Ret. USAR & Vet, 2-GPW's, 2-MB's, 1-M38 w/M-100. 1-47 WO "Jeep" 4X4 Truck 1-47 WO "Jeep" Wagon-and about a dozen or so CJ2&3A's, 1-CJ3B. 2-TC3 Trlrs.
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If only we were closer :(
Georgetown, IN
A little less rust and a 53 CJ3B
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Wow...that is a great thing to do.
1953 CJ3B
1965(?) CJ5
1949 Jeepster
1947 Cj2A
2004 Kubota l3400
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Rus Curtis
[ *   *   *   *   *  ]
Walter, sorry if I jumped on your post!

If somebody wants a jeep, it seems this is a good project to finish up!

Saw this posted on WT a few days ago.


If I wasn't knee deep in my restoration, I'd be looking into this one.
Rus Curtis
'54 CJ-3B "Green Gruntt"
Bantam T3-C
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Walter, good luck on selling your historic Jeep! I have a 1962 Navy 3B I hope to finish some day.
1956 Willys PU
1962 USN CJ3B Stock
1971 Hurst Jeepster 350
1972 Commando 4.0 HO
1972 Commando I6 258
1975 J20 401
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