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Engine & transmission colors
Topic Started: Aug 1 2017, 05:48 PM (191 Views)
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I'm about ready to paint my Dispatcher transmission & engine but I'm not sure what colors to use. The transmission (Borg Warner T96 3 speed remote shift) & bell housing were painted orange when I bought the Jeep. I believe this color to be the oem finish but I'm not completely sure. What color do other folks have for their Dispatcher's trans & bell housings? And how about the engine? I've seen pictures of a Surry engine painted orange & other Dispatcher engines painted black - which is correct? Once again, many thanks for your help.
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Hey Don, My 62 was original and the block was black and no paint on the trans and bellhousing. The 1950 BW overdrive I bought from a Jeepster with a bellhousing was also not painted. Most of the blocks I've seen in pictures are black, but some orange and one light blue repainted have been seen, but doubt if they are original, unless somebody else knows for sure, and chimes in. Take care.
62 Dispatcher
South Florida
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I've had a total of five T96 transmissions. One was in my 56 dispatcher, one in my 62, and three odd ones that came with other parts. No paint on any of those.

I replaced the t96 three speed with a t96 three speed with overdrive in my 1956 dispatcher. That replacement transmission came out of a early Henry J that they transformed back in the 60's into a really famous drag car. Lucky for me the original engine and transmission were removed from the car and stored at the same time that it began its racing career.

My 56 and my 62 Dispatchers both with 3J prefix numbers have black engines. But I must say that I also have a dispatcher 3J engine that is painted a orangish color. That motor was in storage with another batch of stuff for almost 30 years. I don't know if the orangish color is original but it is old old paint for sure.

On my 56 i painted my motor, bellhousing and transmission black. That's what most others I've seen do but I know one person personally who painted his orange because he believed his original color was orange.

So on transmissions every evidence that I'v seen says no paint at all but what's the fun
in that? Especially after going through all of the work to clean it up real nice.

Since you have evidence for period orange paint on yours then I think it would be perfectly acceptable to go back with that color.

Charles Tate....North Mississippi

1956 WILLYS DJ3A Convertible
Doing ground up nuts and bolt restoration by almost entirely reconditioning original used or a few NOS DJ3A parts.

1962 WILLYS DJ3A Convertible. (For research and parts only)
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Thanks to Steve & Charles for their paint color help. I'll paint the engine, bell housing, & transmission black. I'm perplexed, though, by the orange color that was on the bell housing & trans when I bought the jeep. It would seem more reasonable to have had no finish on the transmission & bellhousing & yet these are real orange! The engine in this jeep is not the original so I wonder if the first engine was orange also. Not likely I suppose but maybe?

Thanks again.

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