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Board Rules
Member Respect
Always be sure to respect your fellow members here at CSF. This is not a community where we fight, but merely express our opinions, so do not attack your fellow members. If you have a personal problem with a fellow member, let them know personally and don't spread it around the board. Either through Personal Message or off the board completely would be a better solution for such confrontation.

Double Posting
Double Posting is the act of posting more than once in the same topic, before anyone has had a chance to reply to your previous post. If you have posted and merely forgot something to put with your post, just click the Edit Button below your post and modify that post instead.
This rule may be bypassed if it is by means of updating certain content, like artwork or parts/chapters of stories. However, please try to use the Edit Button if applicable.

Spamming is the act of pretty much posting just random things, such as random letters and numbers in a way that serve no purpose whatsoever. This is a place to express your opinion, and spamming is just a waist of time and posts.
However, should you have a spamming mood while here, feel free to express it in the Spamming Section. This is the only section of the board where the Spamming rule does not apply.

Swearing is not a big concern with CSF, but please be aware that there may be some members who take serious offense to such language, or minors that simply don't need to be around it. Try to keep any amount of swearing to a minimum.

Adult Content
Adult content is strictly not allowed here on CSF. Be aware that some members here may be under age and aren't allowed to see such things. Any such content that is seen will immediately be deleted.