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Mukou: MH1 Bosses story Meri's side
Topic Started: Oct 5 2010, 06:08 PM (149 Views)
Shadow Ryusaki
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Natural law of disorder and Chaos: Fox
Main Heroin: Meri

BGM: Strange Nun of the holy Church

Boss 1

Meri: I guess this is the best path to get to the place causing it to be night time forever. It isn't that I mind but if this gets out into Ninge's world then... they will want to destroy this fantasy life that we have here in Servastical....

Lilleth Enters

Lilleth: But the night time is so beautiful... More humans are get scared in the night time of us Youkai than in the morning.

Meri: And you would be....?

Caged Youkai

Lilleth: Excuse my manners... I am Lilleth.

Meri: Lilleth? Can I call you Little cage?

Lilleth: ..... What the hell is wrong with you?

Meri: Eh? I just asked... Oh nevermind. I am in a rush, please move.

Lilleth: No.. you look tasty to night. I think I will take a nice bite out of you.

BGM: A Caged Burden

Meri: This looks bad... well whatever. Bring it!

Lilleth: Prepare to be caught...

Lilleth Defeated

Lilleth: I am sorry for trying to eat you....

Meri: Better be... now... return back to your home or something... (Meri Flies away)

Boss 2

Meri: Ahh this forest is nice. I guess that is why they call it the Forest of Elegance. Hm? What is a human doing in this part of the forest?

Siro Enters
Young Genius of the Red Moon

Meri: Excuse me, but humans should go home. With it being night like this you surely will be eaten.

Sori: Human? I am half human, half Youkai. You should remember that experiment.

Meri: Experiment? Hey I am a human! A nun at that!

Sori: In my eyes you are just something to test against the most powerful. Now, come here so I can preform my experiment on you.

Meri: I don't have time for this! Move out the damn way already!

BGM: Experimental phase of Death

Sori: Honestly... you people and thinking they are better than us Youkai. Ready to start the experiment?

Meri: I am ready to kick your ass if that is what you are asking!

Sori Defeated

Sori: Experiment was a failure!

Sori: Hey wait! How dare you leave me like this! You... You... Meany!

Boss 3

Meri: Does the gate honestly have to be this big? Oh whatever... Guess I better find the person and stop them.

Kake Enters

Meri: Oh great, another person in my way.

The Guard that protects the entrance

Kake: Hey! I have to get in your way, idiot. Who gave you permission to stop our plans anyway?!

Meri: So this is the place after all? Time to kick some ass I guess.

Kake: H-hey now... be careful where you point that weapon!

Meri: Scared already? How nice. Just move...

BGM: The protector being the protected

Meri: Not going to move? Fine with me.

Kake: It was just an act to be scared! Just you wait, I will beat you down!

Meri: So a trapped rat can fight back...

Kake Defeated

Meri: Get up. I didn't kill you. Not that Youkai can die....

Meri: Knocked out huh? Oh well.... (Flies inside the building)

Kake ..... She finally left. Sheesh.

Boss 4

Meri: Wow, what a large place! Books here, books there and... it is completely dark.

Meri: Hey... are those torches? Seems like someone is there....

BGM: The girl who plays with life
Florian Enters

Florian: The hell do you want....?

Meri: Just wondering where the main person is. Mind telling me? I am in a rush.

Florian: ....... (Sleeps)

Meri: She fell asleep... Guess I will just.. fly passed her.

Florian: (wakes up) Oh no you don't!

Meri: Sleep or be awake! Choose damn it!

Florian: I will have to defeat you before Mistress finds you here.

Libraian, guard of Essences

Florian Defeated

Meri: Hmph! (Flies off)

Florian: Wh-Who the hell was that?!

Boss 5

Meri: I am getting sick and tired of Flying around! Where the hell is the main head?!

Koke Enters
Head Maid of Dimensions

Koke: Intruder Alert.....

Meri: A robot? Fine with me. Please just move.

Koke: Robot? Do I really seem that much like it? Pathetic.

Meri: You just called me an intruder like one! I am tired and want to eat food! Please, just move out the way already.

Koke: No can do, mistress's orders to take you down and out.... No prepare, intruder.

Meri: I don't care any more.... (Sighs)

BGM: Fate's reversed role

Meri: Here I come... be prepared for a fight you won't forget!

Koke: Like wise....

Koke defeated

Koke: What is this power?!

Meri: The power of a pissed off Shrine Maiden!

Koke: Huh? But you are a nun....

Meri: Eh?... Did I slip up...? I definitely am not wearing red or anything....

Meri: Oh well! Bye bye now~ I have a boss's ass to kick.

Boss 6

Kake Enters

Kake: I got you know! No one is kicking the mistresses ass!

Meri: I didn't notice before but... you and that other girl look Familiar.

Kake Defeated

Meri: Twins? Wish I had a twin... then this would be so much easier with her being a distraction~ (Giggles)

Kalastia Enters
Th spoiled unknown Bat Queen

BGM: Once upon a number

Kala: How dare you harm my family! I will kill you and then feed you to the fishes! Or.. my lunch.

Meri: A bat? No... numbers? No... What the hell are you?

Kala: Don't ignore me human... Man I didn't know idiots like you could get this far.

Meri: Really? You are that strong? Shame I must beat you and stop this.

Kala: But isn't the darkness nice? People can play and Youkai can eat. The sun is so bright that I don't think we actually need it you know. It is bothersome.

Meri: Look, I agree, but humans here and on Ninge do not.

Kala: But.... Ninge is already in night time all the time....

Meri: Eh?

Kala: You forgot didn't you?..... You just wanted to beat someone up.... How cruel.

Meri: Well... AH! You'd keep the blue moon out! Allowed all the creatures on Ninge to get stronger! This would be bad and they would destroy this world.

Kala: Arrogant little.

Meri: Have at you!

Kala: It is have at thee....

Kalastica Defeated
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