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The Great Entrance Hall

Regular Forum The Directory
A large, floating Silver Scroll is the first thing that you take notice of, its commanding presence gentle and stern at the same time, as if woven and penned by a higher power.
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Welcome! Mar 17 2011, 02:07 AM, By Lady Raven
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Regular Forum Admin Requests
Ask and you shall receive, or so the saying goes. Of course, that all depends on what you're asking for. Asking for more than three wishes never works ;) so be careful what you ask for, or your name might end up hot pink!
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Art thread-? Aug 19 2011, 10:44 PM, By Eyerys
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Subforums: Miscellaneous Requests, Group Requests, Archived Requests

Hall of Dimensions

Regular Forum Alnar
A solar system located in our galaxy, and centered around the Alnar star.
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Open Terrain Feb 16 2017, 05:24 PM, By Amaurea
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Subforums: The Universe, Vantor, Calvador, Zocar, Carlii, Kyris, Minn, Farlin, Varukye, Open Space, Earth
Regular Forum Halvit
A world besieged by Eternal War.
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Aeon Jun 22 2013, 01:45 AM, By Alkor Korinado
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Subforums: Information, Keccia, Serenia, The Jade Talon, The Aeonis Islands, Heavenreach
Regular Forum The Shattered Dream Chronicles
This is a constructive area, not for Roleplaying, but for writing designed specifically for the purpose of drafting ideas and collaborative storytelling in the SDC world. Authorized writers are: Anima, Spuds and Ixia. Any commentary on material here is criticism only, and should be placed in personal messages to authors, or on the out of character boards.
The Fields Jan 6 2014, 07:20 PM, By Ixia
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Subforums: The Pact, Dramatis Personae
Regular Forum The Terrarum Chronicles
An RPG set in the fantasy world of Tarrarum
Honour Among Thieves Aug 22 2015, 07:02 PM, By Amaurea
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Regular Forum Topic Based RP
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Shadowed Lands Jun 2 2012, 01:41 AM, By Lady Raven
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The Rift

Regular Forum The Collision Arena
This is a place in The Rift, that is besieged by constant conflict. It is a place where beings from all universes come to test themselves against another. It is where champions are born and weak links in the chain are either strengthened or ended.
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Philosopher vs. The World Dec 1 2011, 02:22 PM, By The Philosopher
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Regular Forum Schism Sanctuary
A strange tumultuous Rift in space and time, connects all universes to a single place of calm peace and serenity. This sanctuary is where worlds collide, and the surroundings are dictated by the writers. It is a place where the only determining factor is the question "What if...?"
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Lost and Void Oct 13 2016, 02:09 AM, By Lord Loki
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Regular Forum Training Zone
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To Train is Our Aim Aug 15 2011, 02:04 AM, By DragoTheWise
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The Grand Library

Regular Forum Writer's Stories
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Secrets in the Fire Sep 30 2013, 01:27 AM, By star-dreamer
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Regular Forum Poetry Corner
You can make your own thread here for poetry and the like. Constructive criticism only... or Anima will devour your soul. ;)
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Modern Day Lulibye Oct 20 2011, 10:00 PM, By The Mind Of Minolta
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Regular Forum Hall of the Muse
Wherein the public can share things they have drawn or pictures they have taken- possibly relevant to the site, though not always necessarily!
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Personal Art Aug 22 2011, 03:09 PM, By DragoTheWise
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The Shaded Lawn (OOC Discussions)

Regular Forum Celestial Scrolls Discussion
Topics about the Site
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Time for a new topic Jan 20 2013, 05:05 PM, By Alkor Orien'thal
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Regular Forum Randoms!
Discussion about anything and everything, YaY!
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Hi. Jul 21 2012, 11:10 AM, By AncientSpectre
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Regular Forum RP planning
You can post your ideas and bounce thoughts off of one another here. Thank that wonderfully amazing T.p guy if you see him. ;)
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New Guy Looking For People to RP With Feb 7 2012, 08:03 AM, By Draythos
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