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New Chairperson
Topic Started: Jan 27 2012, 05:23 PM (387 Views)
Audie Anne

The irony that is happening throughout the club is incredible. I can only hope and pray for the good of the club's members that this is a temporary situation until a better choice is found -

The person that is now named as the chairperson for the all-star committee, the man that is also the President, no more than a year ago stepped down as the Chairperson for the Grievances, League Rules and sanctioning committee, stating he didn't have enough time to fulfill his obligations. Yet, now he's the president as well as the All-Star Chair?! Since the President appoints that position, I'm assuming he appointed himself and no one on the BOD had enough sense to object. The meeting minutes aren't updated to show what happened at the January meeting. Where are January's minutes to see how the voting went or to see if there was any voting at all or if Brian Kaczmarski just decided he was qualified enough for that position as well? I guess it's true what people have been saying lately; the club's officers don't care about the members or their opinions and are only voting themselves into more positions of power so that when the time does come for an uprising, it will have come too late as now the only people acting for the club is the same group of 9 people that all have the same agenda, and it's not for the betterment of the club.

I'm thankful to no longer have to be a part or an organization that ignores the issues and concerns that come from members but try to cover up all of the unethical acts they're doing by calling it "creating disharmony among other members". Isn't it ironic?
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Brian Kaczmarski


Thank you for your concern. Though I am not obligated to reply to your inquiry/thoughts/concerns (since you are NOT a member in good standing of the CDC), I will take the time to reply in case any CDC members have the same concerns.

Things have changed over the last year and I will make time to chair this committee (and fulfill my duties as President of the Cleveland Darter Club).

Yes, I appointed myself as the chair of the All Star Committee but I offered the position to many and none accepted. I will welcome any qualified member (in good standing) of the Cleveland Darter Club to take this position over if they wish (and upon approvel of the BOD). My appointment (of myself) was approved by the BOD and was done so at the monthly BOD meeting which is open to all members of the club. If there are concerns, all should be aware that I will have a well seasoned, competant group of members to assist me with the All Star committee functions and duties.

The January BOD meeting minutes will be posted as soon as they are approved by the BOD at the February meeting (Which will be 2/5/12 @ Panera Bread, Brooklyn.OH at 10:00am - OPEN to all Members).

And I would like to take a moment to offer to any club member, if they have any concerns or comments to please express them to me or any of the other BOD members to be addressed. I haven't heard any that are specific to the current BOD but would like to know if there are any out there. So, members, if you feel that we, the BOD, doesn't care about you or your opinions, please email me at president@darter.org for those issues to be addressed.

I'm not so sure I understand your last statement; "I'm thankful to no longer have to be a part or an organization that ignores the issues and concerns that come from members but try to cover up all of the unethical acts they're doing by calling it "creating disharmony among other members". Isn't it ironic? "

If that were the case, why the harrassing post? Why concern yourself? The only unethical and criminal acts committed within the last few years, that I am aware of, was committed by you and your husband when the funds you and he were entrusted with were misappropriated (I'm being kind in using that word). You would think that you would use kinder words considering the leniancy the club provided you and Jeff in re-paying the funds you took from it's members. I would also like to take this time to ask when you and Jeff plan on returning the club property you have in your possession?

I would ask that any and all that read Audra's post consider the source and if you truly have any questions or concerns, ask me or any other BOD member.

Brian Kaczmarski
President & All Star Committee Chair
Cleveland Darter Club
Edited by Brian Kaczmarski, Jan 30 2012, 05:55 PM.
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Audie Anne

Brian, I am thankful that you would consider responding to my remarks, being that I am NOT A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING. And yes, please consider "the source" for this comment/reply, because unless you truly know a person, you can never know for sure what statements are true, and which are false.

I'm sure that people would like to come forward and say the same thing, but seeing as how people are "rewarded" with being kicked out of the club for voicing opinions, your BOD has many people scared into submission and has them remaining quiet. "Creating disharmony among members" is a broad and VAGUE statement, and one never knows what you would consider "creating disharmony" to be. But I would consider it this- by me not turning in trail's money that I collected during my time as trail's director for Sunday/Friday nights on time, that would be considered "creating disharmony"? But when several other members did the exact same thing, that was alright. Again, vague and apparently open to interpretation. Creating disharmony obviously isn't getting an assault charge for hitting another darter during a major tournament even though SEVERAL members saw and reacted to that, so people are free to beat people down, but maybe not talk about it? Or maybe I created disharmony when I created a post on my personal and private facebook page calling out a tournament director when she blatantly lied to members about how much money was being added in by the bar in order to sway more people into playing in a blind draw. Maybe I could have brought that before the BOD and they would have done something, oh that's right, I did. And what happened? I was then kicked out of your club. However, seeing as no one has given a real reason other than "creating disharmony" for mine (as well as my husband's) memberships to be revoked, well, again, people aren't sure what can be said/done and what can't be.

I am lucky enough to no longer have to worry about what I say, because the only real "recourse" you thought you had to keep me quiet has already been done. You took away my membership, but you didn't take my opinion and you will never STIFLE my words. Speaking of words, as for kinder ones, well they are reserved for people that have earned my respect and deserve kinder words. You, however, are not a person that I respect, so I will not use any kinder words to you.

It's nice to see that you are only now taking your duties so seriously. And I wish you and the All-Star team the best of luck this year at the Quad City challenge. After last year's placing, you will certainly want to work hard with your potential team members and help them with the task at hand.

Last I checked, any and all money that we had in our possession belonging to the club has since been handed over to the treasurer and. Maybe not as in timely a manner as you would have liked, but with the efforts taken in the past to collect outstanding debts for any other members, well, LENIENCY, is something that the club must pride themselves on (or is that just for the "buddies" of the BOD?). I might NOT be A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING, but I still have friends that play for your club and MY FRIENDS are people that I care about and when I heard them talking, I just had to see for myself if the rumor of you being All-Star Chair was true. Maybe if the date/time of the UPCOMING board meetings were posted visibly for people to see (the one listed now is still for the December's meeting) you could have more members show up. For the minutes, where are the ones from November? Will those be voted on in February also?

As for any alleged property that I have belonging to the club, I have asked numerous times for PROOF that I have anything in my possession that currently belongs to the CDC. Since it's been over 5 months since the last request was made and my response was given, I would have thought that by now you were accepting that you have no proof and I have nothing else belonging to the club But clearly, you are a man that dwells on things of the past and even when you are CLEARLY wrong about something, you refuse to LET GO. Not that anyone else reads the forum, but as a HUMAN BEING, I am still very much entitled to my opinions. And I assure you, I will continue to not only give them, but speak loudly enough for ALL TO HEAR.


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