Please take the time to fully read and understand these rules. If you have a doubt about any of these, feel free to contact any staff member with your question.

1. Do Not Post SPAM mindlessly

The definition of SPAM is clear on its own: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Going off-topic is okay. Heck, even it's okay to say 'No.' and 'I lol'd' if it's appropiate, but if it goes overboard or to the point of 'TIHS THRAED HERE IS LIEK GAY ANDSHUOLD BE DELETEDED!!!!!!' is just plain stupid and will be deleted.

2. No Excessive Flaming or Trolling

"Flaming - An online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another."

Basically, getting into a mudslinging argument. Trolling is where a user tries to get other users into flaming. We completely understand when users are debating, but when it reaches the point of both parties insulting each other to no end and no civilized discussion takes placed it may result in a warning or ban.

3. No Excessive Swearing

No words are filtered, so you can post whatever you want to. Don't do it in poor taste though, or you'll just look stupid.

4. No Explicit Content

This includes any form of pornography, nudity or drugs material. This also includes textually explicit postings. Posting explicit content for no reason or purely for the sake of offending others will result in a long term or permanent ban from the site.

5. Do Not Advertise

Advertisements on the forums are prohibited. This includes any type of marketing or other "adversitements" inside the forums and via private messages. In case this happens, the forum moderators will have the permission of deleting said advertising and give the responsible for it a warning. If said action's repeated the advertiser will be banned from the forums permanently. The only ways for a member to advertise is using the 'main website' option in profiles, keeping your stuff in your signature or use the forum conveniently created for this purpose.

tl;dr: Use common sense.

Failure to abide any of these rules will give every right to Critical Hit's staff to proceed to disciplinary action (warning or ban) on its own judgment without previous consent.


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