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Lost souls, I welcome you, be lost no more!

You have been travelling for sometime in this forbidding desert, becoming more and more exhausted with each step you take, you seek refuge from the sun. Unsure of where you are going, you ponder whether you should just turn back, but you know that to do so would be foolish now. Suddenly you notice a large castle-like structure, situated not too far away, it could simply be a mirage--but you head towards it anyway.

Getting closer, you observe that this is clearly no mirage, and proceed to the gate of the great Dragonheart Fortress. From the other side, you can hear the merriment and spirited laughter of the apparent inhabitants of this place, soon after the gate opens and a young man approaches. "Hello there traveller, my name is Benny Dragonheart, and this humble abode is my home." He grins. "Please join us." He extends his hand out to you.

This is the place for roleplay and discussion of; computer games, anime, manga and just about anything else you would like. If you have any suggestions, then do let me know, as I shall always try to accommodate for my kin. So long as they remember to follow the rules!


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