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Starting Plot; This is the starting plot to ignite the events to come in this forum
Topic Started: Dec 5 2010, 11:55 PM (417 Views)
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Mostly based around Archie Sonic Comic's but will also be based around the video games to include some of the characters from them. Aka. Mephiles, Nocturne, Emerl...etc etc and some of the anime shows too like Sonic Underground, Sonic X...etc etc...just shout out ideas if you have any to add onto the starting plot...or as we progress through things.

In the initial hours of Enerjak’s release, in the body of the unfortunate Knuckles the Echidna did many echidna people find themselves at their original homeland…for the first arrivals the location was a wasteland of ruins and rubble, dirt and sand. A desert until in the later hours as life steadily returned and the buildings rebuilt themselves before the eyes of the confused and bewildered echidna race as more were teleported in by the havoc their mighty god was causing the rest of the world.
His power unmatched by any and all people, creating a widespread fear of what may happen in the anger of the god for those non-echidna species. Humans and Mobians alike searching for strongholds and safe houses to hide and weather the oncoming storm. One such place was Mobotropolis, the city protected and created by nanites controlled by the friendly A.I NICOLE. The shield around the spark of civilization was impenetrable for the god who had struggled to enter…in a fury the god had left. Finding himself trapped within the modified egg grape created by the insane genius Eggman…even then the power was uncontrollable for machinery. From there Eggman fled to his city, which is also protected by an impenetrable shield, keeping his empire relatively safe.
In the final hours of Enerjak…or the final hours people would hope is where the life of Locke would be sacrificed. Only upon this act did something indeed change….
In flurry of rage and screams upon first blood shed, Enerjak would writhe and violently shake in midair. The golden hedgehog that had distracted the incarnated god floated in confusion, a hand outstretched in hopes to comfort the friend locked within the omnipotent sheen of the god. In a flash of light that would blind any…and the events that followed weren’t predicted by even Aurora. What was once one, now was two. The ragged and beaten form of Knuckles was swiftly retrieved by his golden friend…but who was this other that has arrived? The masked…power filled being glared towards the two. Dreadlocks waving in the chaos energy winds given off by his own form.
The true god…true spirit…the true Enerjak now hovered before them and the collective, disgusted…a gaze only a god would be capable of giving. And in that same moment the god would vanish in another flash of brilliant light…leaving the day to go on it’s way. For the world to collect itself.

And this is where the story begins.

Admin note: The storyline is based on the events of the Enerjak series in the Archie sonic comics, but is a...what if. What if Enerjak never was purged upon Locke's death. It brought Knuckles into the world again...but the entity never left, manifested into a true being.

Chose to have NICOLE's nanites capable of keeping Enerjak out only for plot sakes, there is no plot if Enerjak can merely wipe out everyone with a single thought when he came upon Mobotropolis :)
Also made it so Albion is rebuilt and flourishing...
If anyone has questions and things to add onto things just comment and I'll answer. Also speak up here of where you'd like to be so I can set things up

Minor points to put out just to get everyone likely settled into place and figure out where to start:

Eggman's location is in Megaopolis, hiding in the bunker as seen after his Egg fleet was destroyed. Having constructed a shield around as much of his destroyed city...so he is safe from Enerjak's spree for the time being. Likely plotting another grand scheme to get back at the god and Sonic. Two birds one stone sort of method.

Sonic and most of the freedom fighters and Chaotix are likely in Metropolis, regrouping and figuring out a way to get back at Enerjak and find a way to contain or destroy him. Seeing that Sonic had destroyed the weapon created by the Brotherhood that could have been used to destroy the enemy.

Enerjak could be in either echidnaopolis or in Albion, recuperating after the fight with Super Sonic and the use of his power in 'correcting' everything. Also a note on his own form, he was split off of Knuckles' body and thus has no real body of his own. His form merely generated by the sheer amount of chaos energy he possesses. That makes it hard for him to use his own powers and even when he does risks the possibility of phasing into nothingness. He is more suseptible to the powers of the emeralds and master emerald, also to chaos based attacks.

There is also another darker situation in the dragon kingdom, a speck of sickness and death as another villian makes its way into the world. And it isn't the Iron Dominion.

Worlds were torn open by the appearance of Enerjak so that opens many more possibilities...just need them to be spoken out :)
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