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Character Roster; all the characters who are taken and/or wanter
Topic Started: Dec 6 2010, 12:54 AM (435 Views)
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Okay here's a list of the characters that are either taken or waiting to be taken into the care of a role player :3
In terms of characters and players, each player can possess 3 canon characters and also 1 fan character who must first be approved by me and the rest of the forum.


Sonic the hedgehog (Taken)
Tails 'Miles' Prower (Taken)
Knuckles the echidna (Taken)
Amy Rose
Shadow the hedgehog
Antoine D'Coolette
Bunnie Rabbot (Taken)
Blaze the Cat
Silver the hedgehog (Taken)
Rotor Walrus
Charmy Bee
Espio the chameleon
Vector the crocodile
Sally Acorn
Elias Acorn
Geoffrey St. John
Hershey St. John
Mighty the armadillo
Rob O' the hedge

(allot more just not going to list...eeevery single one of them)


Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik
Scourge the hedgehog (Taken)
Metal Sonic
Metal Knuckles
Fiona fox (Taken)
Bark the polar Bear
Bean the dynamite
Snively Robotnik
Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad (couldn't help with these guys)
Nack the weasel
Rosy the rascal
Dr. Finitevus (Taken)


Rouge the bat (Taken)
Dark legionaries(Like Kragok, etc etc)
The Brotherhood (Even if they are MIA in the comics, can bring them back. Spectre, etc etc)
E-123 Omega
Monkey Khan
Mephiles (Taken)
...and any others I haven't mentioned

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