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Basic Rules; Rules...etc etc
Topic Started: Dec 6 2010, 01:05 AM (382 Views)
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Like any other role play forum there are rules, this one is no different. Simple basic rules you should follow or you will be banned faster than you can say chilidogs.

I will be brief since I'm not really all that great at writing up rules...so here we go.

First off there will be no posting of adult content on this forum, who knows who may be looking in here.

Second is to keep language...moderately controlled. No excessive cussing or you will be warned.

Third is to try and be a regular, no one likes to wait weeks for a simple post. If you do not post within 14 days(two weeks) I will go ahead and post for you, even if it leads you on an undesired track with your character.

Fourth is quality is better than quantity, your post size doesn't truly matter but give us something to work off of and to keep the plot moving onwards.

Lastly, if you have a problem or questions come and see me about it. PM me.

That should be it...I don't know anything else to say on the matter.

Also along the lines of posting, please be considerate enough to put up fair sized posts...a few sentances isn't enough for many of us to work off of. You can BS most of the details and take as much time as you need, so long as it isn't excessive...like...weeks...lol
Also try to use proper punctuation XD try being the selective word. Doesn't need to be absolutely perfect, but the use of commas and other fancy things doooo help to sort out a sentance. Also helps to keep others from pulling out their hair.
If your posting standards aren't at least up to minimal I'll give you a small nudge and hope you can do a bit better. Three warnings only then I'll see to finding someone else.
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