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When you need them...; The Chaotix have a talent for hiding.
Topic Started: Jul 25 2011, 04:52 PM (325 Views)
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Anyone can drop in at this point, but it may be a good opportunity to see some Chaotix come out of the woodwork. ^^ Thought maybe a new thread would kick-start some posting activity.


To be honest, she didn't even want to know where she was. Just some park. Near enough to the hospital for her to find it in the first place but nicely empty and hidden so that she could have some peace. Maybe she'd work on drying the flow of tears before she sought out the Chaotix and tried to get something done. But what? On a better day the answer would have come naturally but now she could hardly remember where the rest of the team said they would be. Not the hospital, she'd gone alone and promised she'd report back to them tomorrow. Hopefully with Knuckles.

Now she hoped one of them decided to come along; so she wouldn't feel so lonely. The worst part was knowing the empty feeling was a result of her own actions. She snapped. She always, always did. It was hardly ever a problem because she hardly ever got involved in emotional situations such as this. All her snapping was done in battle or at Vector. But this time it may have cost her a big thing. A big, important thing. Others could look at her and wonder if she knew what love was, and if she really felt it. She did. It scared her a lot. It scared her how much she cared about Knuckles, and the power this had over her. It scared her when his smile could bring out hers. When she found herself staring at him, and neither of them minded, it scared her.

It scared her so much she wanted to love him for the rest of her life.

But why, oh why, oh why did her soul-mate have to be as hotheaded as her? One of them was the calmer one but it was impossible to tell which. She supposed it was because they found little to argue about and there was always someone better to be angry at. They knew better than to argue. If something seemed wrong they fixed it together, calmly. Who'd have thought that bringing two tempers together produced such a mellow union?

Of course, that wasn't the case today, was it? She messed up. When she tried to comfort him as she'd done so many times before it was as if every word was specially placed in her haphazard speech with the intention of hurting him. In the process, she hurt herself just as much. Why did she fail so spectacularly? Planning was one of her better skills...

Unless time travel was one of her hidden ones; she'd created herself a problem she knew would get worse and worse...

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