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2/16/2011 -

Emerald Hill has finally converted to Zetaboards! It is our hope that this gives our users more functionality and that they grow used to the switch soon. Any news updates will appear on this page and likely in the News forum as well! Please continue to enjoy Emerald Hill and thank you for sticking with us through the years!

Back to the Future Part IV

Posted by HAL-9000 (Owner) at Mar 14 2011, 04:00 PM. 6 comments

Hill Valley, California, U.S
Friday, April 8th, 2011
1:30 PM

The blinking words and letters were the only lights inside the machine which they occupied, It was very dark inside, as well as around it. It was left for about twenty years in splendid isolation, hidden from the world above, it’s secerts never ever to be rediscovered, for if they were... The universe would be threatened in ways that only few can even dream of...

Posted Image

You and your friends live in Hill Valley, in the year 2011. You've gone about your lives as normal as can be, and it's your last year of school. You wanna do something fun before you all have to head out-and you've all heard about the Mad Scientist of Hill Valley, Doctor Emmett Brown. You decide to head over to his abandoned lab just for the hell of it, and take something from there as a little memento.. He's not there anymore, so why would he care? Little do you know that this little escapade's gonna lead you on one hell of a trip at 88 miles per hour.

Prepare yourself for a journey through time itself...or did it already happen? Only one way to find out

Rules: There are a few rules obivously, so be sure to follow them.

1: Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minium.

2: Try to not change the plot as much as possible, We will be following a plotline, but at the same time, We’ll make it very acessiable so everyone can join in.

3: No G-modding.

4: When making your major/minor skills, You should make it something easy to use and implicable anywhere so you can easily be intergrated into the plot, we will be visiting both the future and the past so tech savy skills are allowed, Also, be reasonable with your skill, and because something is your major skill doesn’t mean you incredibly epic at it, your just good enough to do something comfortably, If your good at hacking, don’t make it seem like hacking into a Supercomputer as easy as pie.

5: Have fun.

Sign-up Sheet.
Age ( 17-18)
Major Skill:
Minor Skill:

MegaMan Battle Network

Posted by Kappy (Supreme Overlord) at Feb 28 2011, 02:24 PM. 87 comments

"When the people of the world are frightened,
they turn to themselves.
Shying away even those close to them.

If the people of the world are selfish when face-to-face with their fears,
then who, who,
will save us when those irrational fears are made into a horrible reality...?"

The year is 200X.

The world lives in an age where all the latest machines are connected to the Internet in a worldwide network. An age of prosperity and convenience. However, with prosperity comes its opposite, NetCrime and viruses inevitably popping up.

On two occasions, the Net Society almost met its downfall. First at the hands of Dr. Wily, leader of the organization known as the 'WWW', and second by the crime syndicate known as 'Gospel'.

Both of these threats were subdued by Lan Hikari and his NetNavi, MegaMan. It has been a couple years since Gospel's attack, and the world is at peace…

For now.

The winds of change are blowing across ACDC Town. Lan and MegaMan will face a challenge only conjured in their worst of nightmares.

And it all starts with a boy arriving at ACDC Junior High…


Standard rules.



Dex and Gutsman
Yai and Glide
Chaud and Protoman

I control Lan, MegaMan, Mayl, Roll, and every other pre-set. I will control the chars up for grabs if no one takes them.



Age (14-15)


Abilities (Nothing too crazy)

Paradise Found

Posted by HAL-9000 (Owner) at Feb 12 2011, 09:48 PM. 197 comments


You blinked at the words on the top of the page of the letter you were reading; You had just gotten back from work/school/nightout/etc; to discover a letter on the counter, it was addressed to you from winafreetriponfacebook.net, at first you probably dimissed the letter, the site sounded like a stupid spam site, looking for your bank number... but curiousity had gotten ahold of you and decided to read the letter’s contents...

“ We are pleased to inform you that you and your friends on your small, tight-knitted community Emerald Hill, has won our recent contest with a all-payed trip to the marvalous islands of Galapagos. Your entry was selected from millions of entries and your group was deemed the winner. Enclosed is the plane tickets for your ride to Los Angeles on the 20th of June, from there you will board the Americana, a four star cruise ship which will bring you to the Galapagos Isles.
Also enclosed, is the card in which you will be using to pay for the services, your limit is stated in the other infomation below.
We hope you enjoy your trip!

Mark Zuckerberg

C.E.O of Facebook.”

So, right away, you assume this is stupid, but after observing your ticket, and the enclosed card... It becomes obivous that this isn’t some sort of elobrate ruse created by some Nigerian Price... It’s the real freaking deal... This is the real deal alright, a trip of a lifetime all on the bill of that guy from The Social Network!

You feverishly pack your belongs, It will be awhile for the trip, but you get real excited. Your excitment is fueled further when everyone else on EH has apperently and unexplictably gotten the same letter and cards. And since everyone in this universe has FB and conviently has their home addresses posted on Facebook, it sort of makes sense how they could mail this to you.

June 20th, 2010
Los Angeles, California, United States

You walk off from your plane ride inside of Los Angelos International, one of EH’s member’s isn’t American and therefore, this had to be the peticular airport you got too... Your adventure begins here.

Money is unlimited, but don’t make it seem so, Don’t buy a plane or anything, cloths, videogames and other stuff are more acceptable. Nothing uber expensive, You can buy a lot of stuff though.

Romance is okay if you want it.

I'm going to throw this in just in case, Sex, if it is to come up 'although highly unlikely', goes to Skype/PM. Don’t get me wrong, Sex is cool n’ all, but please respect the RP by not posting it there, Same with Masterbation... Volt.

Swearing is allowed, don’t go swearing excessivly unless you stump your toe or something excessivly swear worthy.

Have Fun!

Sign-up Sheet-
Appearance: “Picture of Description if you wish.”
Luggage: “What you’ve brought with you.”
(We start out insde LA International.)


Foxby came up with this brillant thread, Check with it often and do some updates and such.


The Coming Frost

Posted by Volt (Members) at Feb 8 2011, 03:14 AM. One comment

(Haven't given this a proof-read, so it's probably going to be typo-riffic! My bad)

As far as one could see, there was but only a sea of white.

A lone figure trekked across the frozen landscape, his frail body wrapped almost entirely wrapped in furs. He shook with each step he took, the cold nipping at his beet-red skin. He knew that he wouldn't last long out in this cursed land, that sooner or later he'd end up like his friends and comrades. Frozen figures, scattered across the wastes...their expressions frozen in horror and pain.

It wouldn't be long.


He hit the ground, collapsing into the snow. Rolling over onto his back, the young man opened up his arms as though ready to embrace death. His lifeless blue eyes stared upwards towards the dark gray clouds above, his raven hair fluttered in the wind.

Here he was, about to die on the edge of the world. No one would know...

...no one would mourn.


The country of Aman.

Created upon the last great war, when the Torin Empire was fractured due to rebellious outbreaks, the city has never known what could be considered true peace. Having both easy access to the water and being rich in the minerals has attracted much unwanted to the country by some of the larger, resource-starved nations. And while trade-agreements have settled some appetites, tensions continue to rise as war seems to be on the horizon. The Kingdom of Vigour especially, having both a stronger military and already embroiled in a costly war, seems keen to take over the weakened nation.

War appears to be on the horizon.

And yet, perhaps a trace of hope remains. Fearing for his people, the wise King of Aman has decided to take matters into his hands. Bringing together a small envoy, the King journeys to Vigour, hoping to find someway to come to an agreement without the need for bloodshed. In his stead, the young prince is left as the official ruler of the kingdom. However, being only thirteen years of age, several advisers are at the boy's side...acting as the true rulers.

Despite the hopes of the people though, an unsettling shadow seems to be on the horizon. Ships have been spotted in the distance, quickly approaching the capital city of Larius. Their emblem is not one of any known kingdom, and they fail to change course...

Soon, war will be the least of their worries.

---- Locations

Aman: One of the new nations, Aman was formed from Torin Empire after rebellions caused the large nation to shatter twenty years ago. It took the largest portion of land, and holds the most resources. However, the dust hasn't fully settled and the leaders have tried their best to fully stabilize their nation. The country is known for its large fishing industry, and is situated at the northern tip of the continent.

Percile: Another shard of the former Empire, the country is situated to the southwest of Aman. The country acts as a trading center, and is known for its fair share of corruption.

Relm: The final shard of the Empire, Relm is located to the south of Aman. It's home to rolling fields, and is known for being a major exporter of wheat.

Vigor: One of the major powers in the world, Vigour boasts one of the largest militaries in the world and is especially known for its pragmatism. The country's industry has a large focus on mining. Currently, it is at war with nations to the south.

To be updated as time goes by (and when I stop feeling lazy)

---- Character Profiles

Weapon of Choice: (Optional, and no magic! At least, for the moment being)

You'll all start out in the capital of Aman! Be sure to give a reason why in your bio.


1. Use common sense.
2. Be awesome.

Devil Survivor

Posted by Kappy (Supreme Overlord) at Jan 21 2011, 01:50 AM. 281 comments

From M:

"Son of man,

Your decision to relinquish the power of Bel is admirable... But that
tremendous power still slumbers within you. Should you succumb to its
temptation and use it for your own desire, we shall smite you down.

Son of man, the fate of your world rests on whether you lose to your
lesser nature. Forget it not."

June 23rd, 2011… two years has passed since the original lockdown of the Yamanote circle. Everyone involved has almost forgotten about the incident, and so Japan has experienced a relative age of peace.

However, not all has been peaceful…

And he still thinks there are some loose ends that were never tied up... although he doesn't dare speak about it to his friends...

Like Naoya, and the Shomonkai, and how his altered COMP still works.


Soon, Japan would find themselves thrust into a war they didn't ask for. A war to decide what truly governed the world, to decide what was truly right and wrong.

And their fate rests on the shoulders of one young King.


Standard rules apply.

Pre-Set Characters:

PM me if you want one of these characters. I would like it if you had previous knowledge of the character, but if you don't, I'll provide some links so you know what they're like'n'such!

Yuzu Tanikawa
Atsuro Kihara
Midori Komaki
Tadashi "Kaido" Nikaido (Taken by L)
Amane Kuzuryu (Taken by FWamane)

((Keisuke Takagi and Mari Mochizuki are dead.))

I will control all enemies and pre-sets not taken!

Custom Character:

Age ((Between 16 and 19, please))

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