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We are an interactive magitech fantasy Sailormoon Role Playing Game in the distant future. Adventure focus, no word count, new to canon friendly, new to role-playing friendly, and canon's and original's are wanted! This RPG has a heavily history based on the manga version however this does not mean you need to read or seen Sailormoon to join our game, everything you need is right here on the forum! Eternal Cosmos aims to offer a comfortable and fun atmosphere for all members.

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Written in the Stars; Plot Story
Topic Started: Feb 7 2012, 12:19 AM (709 Views)
Guardian Cosmos
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Guardian of the Cosmos

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The current setting for the arc in play at the moment. This is updated every time we start a new arc in our story.

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Arc I : Ascend
Year 2999

Since the year 2003 on Earth, a great civilization was born under the rule of the stunning Neo-Queen Serenity. Till this day over 900 years later, the crystallized city of Crystal Tokyo is just as bright as it was on the day of it's creation. Within all these years, so much has change as expected for any long period of time. Technology is at an all time high allowing the humans and species of Earth to be the healthiest, happiest, and free from the boundaries of Earth. Earth is not the only breathable planet anymore with it's surrounding neighbors awakened and life has truly blossomed into the solar system, close to the way it was so long ago in the Silver Millennium. Every planet in the Solar System has their small problems but there are no wars between countries or planets and true peace has fallen upon it once again.

The Earth is now a beautiful landscape with crystal cities that are happily populated with little to none living outside of them. This beautiful planet is protected by Sailor Chibimoon and her Guardian Sailor Senshi, keeping the Earth safe from the evil beyond mankind. The sailor senshi united with the white moon live their own lives happily on Earth within the crystal walls of the Crystal Palace in Crystal Tokyo to protect the queen and her family live away from the rest of the world ever knowing who they truly are.

There is a legend of a dangerous war that went throughout the entire galaxy known as the Sailor Soldier War. Where beings with Sailor Crystals fought with their lives and amazing powers to save their home planets and love ones against the great darkness known as Chaos. The tale of one Sailor Crystal beating all the odds against it and was brighter then any given sun, with it's love, it's heart, and it's soul, and all alone it was able to defeat the Chaos and send it away, back to where it all began. This has became the legend of Sailormoon.

This legend also tells of a warning that some day that very evil will return in a more powerful and frightening form to seek it's revenge turning itself into a fearsome Sailor Soldier itself. However this legend has never seen the light of day and has all been erased from the minds, bodies, and hearts of everyone, including those who were present to see the tale in person. Those on Earth itself have never known of this galactic battle that saved their entire universe or the coming of an evil that will rise and take all of their lives over night. The Earth and the Solar System continue to live their long happy lives together with great confidence and ignorance that chaos is merely just a nightmare.

The Legend

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The holiest place in the universe...The Galaxy Cauldron.
Strong stars, losers, and Sailor Senshi. Everything is born here. If there is hope left in the universe, it can be found here. Here, everything is made and everything is lost.

The Galaxy Cauldron, the universe's absolute star. It's existence is as old as the universe itself. All life is born from here as an object known as a 'Starseed', and is considered by some as the 'Holy Land of the Stars'. 'Guardian Cosmos', has the job of distributing each seed produced to a host who will carry it until death. The seed will either return in a new life or remain in the Cauldron as it's 'True Form'. Among the most powerful of seeds are 'Sailor Crystals'; the bearer of these also bear the weight of entire worlds. To defend them and aid their growth and prosperity. These bearers are known as 'Sailor Senshi'.

We possess the Sailor Crystal.
We can be reborn again and again.
The Sailor Crystals are our only hope

Sailor Crystals are not meant for destruction.
They are for peace, happiness, and life.

The Sailor War in which has existed as long as there has been Sailor Crystals; against the entity known as 'Chaos'. Chaos takes many forms; creating many vessels to carry out to carry out it's one purpose, to gain the light. Among the known incarnations are the Demon 'Queen Metalia', the Super Human Crime Lord 'Death Phantom'. The Ruler of the Tau Ceti Star System 'Master Pharaoh 90' and the self-styled Queen of the Dark Center of the Moon 'Nehelenia'.

Our bodies are easy to destroy. Do you still hold onto your dreams?
You'll never understand how strong our friends and lovers hands, bodies, and words are!

No matter how much we risk our lives...
there will always be war...

I wasn't always fighting for peace and justice. I was fighting for my friends and loved ones.

Sailor Senshi would fight valiantly to defend their home worlds and entire systems against Chaos'. Except for one, who considered her planet to be 'utter garbage'. She came to be known as 'Galaxia', and upon learning the ultimate secret of the universe, the cauldron's existence; tried to gain ultimate power. She formed the 'Shadow Galactica Empire' and through use this secret and 'bracelets', captured many Sailor Crystals; enslaving their souls to gather more power.

We are all lonely stars.

That is why we seek each other ... to be as one. One, that is how we all started. That is why...our lives revolve around one another...

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Galaxia arrived in the solar system and captured all the sailor crystals. She then sent their bodies against Sailor Moon, the last sailor crystal in the galaxy. Galaxia wanted the most powerful forces of light and darkness to destroy each other leaving only Galaxia to collect the power and become the strongest in the universe, ruling it all.

I had already chosen the right path. No one can destroy the place where stars are born. We can live because this place exist.

We can do everything over.

I won't run anymore. I can step foreword. I've received great powers from Eternal Sailor Moon. The power to lost everything... and the power to save everything.

Sailor Moon's grief fueled Chaos with even more power, enough for it to turn against Galaxia, sending her over the precipice and almost into the Cauldron. Unexpectedly Sailor Moon saved her, and showed no hate towards Galaxia regardless of all the lives she had taken. At that moment Galaxia had lost the will to fight, her own Bracelets shattered, and she vanish with her starseed going home. Just then Chaos had become one with the very life of the universe and all of it's power within it's control.

As long as stars are born, the battle will never end. As long as stars are born, this is the galaxy's wish?

Peace will not come that easily. A new future will always be created. There should be light and darkness, battles, life and death. Happiness and sadness. They will be born again. Everything is born from the stars.

With the hopes and wishes of all of the Sailor Crystals, including those of the living Sailor Quartet, Eternal Sailor Moon performs the ultimate attack against Chaos as she descends into the Cauldron.

Until the day we finish our duty...do you think we can protect this planet together?

Of course.

Can we live together? Forever?

I promise.

We will always be together. I will promise too. I will always protect you. And I will always protect our precious friends.

Even someday when we disappear and new sailor senshi are born. Sailor Moon, you will always be invincible. The most beautiful shining star.

Guardian Cosmos, the Guardian of the Galaxy Cauldron, appears before Sailor Moon inside the cauldron and says that Chaos may one day rise again to try and take over the galaxy once more. She offers the sailor crystals remaining that they can either go back to her everyday normal life where enemies will always come after sailor moon or to stay and live in the cauldron with the other stars in their purest forms. The sailor crystals agree with Sailor Moon's choice to go back and live out the remaining of their host bodies. Respecting her decision, Guardian Cosmos sends them all back to Earth, allowing them all to meet up alive and happy. The dawning of a new age is at hand...

Their lives continued further onto a pleasant and wonderful future.

I promise...
to make our future...
with my own hands...

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A sailor crystal returns home from that legendary battle to finally end the fight of it's lifetime. Here is how it became and how it ended...

"The ultimate power that I was forgetting. The Sailor Moon that just saved the galaxy is Sailor Cosmos' true form.

Like Eternal Sailor Moon did...when I receive the power to lose and save everything...that is when I truly become Sailor Cosmos. "

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