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Rogues. Someone put the idea into to many people's heads that going rogue was the way to go. That betraying friends and family and their own race was a good thing. Why these forces of Quincy, Human, Shinigami and Arrancar have put their differences aside to try and destroy all other races is simple: Change.

The Shinigami have been doing things the same way for thousands of years, and they hold strong to their traditions. They aren't corrupt, but they are rigid and set in their ways.

The Arrancar have been known as monsters and evil beings, and they accepted that and embraced that darkness. How ever, there are a few that act like they have a heart, when in truth their hearts are simply driven by the want for change in their race. Be it freedom for all, or simply the want for power, the Rogue Arrancars are mostly in it for themselves.

The Quincy are the most set in the ways of the past, the most traditional while still being the second youngest, if not THE youngest race. They have laws for their race, rules for engaging enemies and interacting with other races. Some Quincy leave simply because they want to interact with a friend from another race, while others leave still for change.

The humans, known to be the youngest race, and yet also speculated to be the oldest. The Quincy can trace some of their origins back to the undisciplined powers of the humans, and it is said they were the first to go to war with the Arrancar. Humans are the most undisciplined race, and the most free. Despite the lack of rules their ancient race has, they were the ones to start the Rogue movement. There are no Rogue humans, for they are the starters. There ARE, however, Humans who have gone rogue from the idea of destroying the other races and would much rather have them all the way they are.

Humans have always been ones to impose their views on others, and they have always been the ones to try and gain more power. They seek the powers of all the races, they seek to unite them under a single banner, and if it means sending them all to the grave, then so be it.
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