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Rogues. Someone put the idea into to many people's heads that going rogue was the way to go. That betraying friends and family and their own race was a good thing. Why these forces of Quincy, Human, Shinigami and Arrancar have put their differences aside to try and destroy all other races is simple: Change.

The Shinigami have been doing things the same way for thousands of years, and they hold strong to their traditions. They aren't corrupt, but they are rigid and set in their ways.

The Arrancar have been known as monsters and evil beings, and they accepted that and embraced that darkness. How ever, there are a few that act like they have a heart, when in truth their hearts are simply driven by the want for change in their race. Be it freedom for all, or simply the want for power, the Rogue Arrancars are mostly in it for themselves.

The Quincy are the most set in the ways of the past, the most traditional while still being the second youngest, if not THE youngest race. They have laws for their race, rules for engaging enemies and interacting with other races. Some Quincy leave simply because they want to interact with a friend from another race, while others leave still for change.

The humans, known to be the youngest race, and yet also speculated to be the oldest. The Quincy can trace some of their origins back to the undisciplined powers of the humans, and it is said they were the first to go to war with the Arrancar. Humans are the most undisciplined race, and the most free. Despite the lack of rules their ancient race has, they were the ones to start the Rogue movement. There are no Rogue humans, for they are the starters. There ARE, however, Humans who have gone rogue from the idea of destroying the other races and would much rather have them all the way they are.

Humans have always been ones to impose their views on others, and they have always been the ones to try and gain more power. They seek the powers of all the races, they seek to unite them under a single banner, and if it means sending them all to the grave, then so be it.
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A little help?
Topic Started: Feb 20 2011, 04:59 PM (403 Views)
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Hello there everyone, new guy here. I'm gonna cut straight to the point.

I'm going to be applying for a captain position, most likely the 3rd captain (changed my mind from the 5th, i've done a lot of kido zanpakuto in my day...and assassination ones,). However, my biggest flaw when it comes to zanpakuto is that A) I like melee types, but they give me a lot of trouble, and B) I can almost never think of a theme to start from, though i'm excellent at expanding on an idea. Before anyone asks, I have read the starter thread for this site that lists the possible abilities for usage, but I simply can't get any ideas out of them v.v.

If I can't think anything i'll most likely just bring my Espada over, but I didn't plan on doing that for a while. If anyone would be so kind as to brainstorm with me either here or via a PM (so as to not make a clogged thread) it would be very deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your time!

Edit: My current zanpakuto idea goes somewhat with my character. He's going to be the squad two vice captain, and he's missing his right arm. His sealed zanpakuto takes the form of a wakizashi, and when released, the blade is covered in bandages, and where his right arm -should- be is also manifested in bandages. These bandages hold a potent poison that causes the immediate area they strike to begin to rot and decay over time, temporarily destroying muscle cells, skin cells, and everything else. This makes him a strategic fighter; the longer he can draw out a battle, the more opportunity he has to tip the scales in his favor.

The first ability is that both the bandages on the sword and his false arm can extend and cut like a blade, or bind the opponent or their weapon. They can be slashed through against an opponent with superior power, but lesser opponents will find it difficult and equal-level opponents will have to give a realistic effort.

The second ability I have is them administering the poison upon slashing an opponent's skin. This poison can also soak through Hierro, even if the cut can't slash through it since it is absorbed through pores in the skin or through an open wound. Once all the bandages covering the blade have been unraveled, the actual blade is coated in this poison, making it more potent than applying it with the bandages. When the bandages around his arm are unraveled, he sports a grotesque, clawed arm that can do the same thing, only he uses the natural claw on his hand to do so.

I'd like a third ability for the Shikai, but can't think of one; nor can I think of a name for this zanpakuto. Keep in mind this poison can be filter-forced out of the body through a large, sudden burst of opposing reiatsu, and only affects the immediate area where the victim has been struck; it does not pass its way through the bloodstream to affect other areas of the body away from the area that was struck.
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Okay - the poison is too strong. As stated in the Starters Guide - poison is a limited power. Let's start then:

If you really want poison - it will not decay body parts, nor organs - as stated in the rules - going straight for the organs is not really allowed, save in predetermined situations. So yeah.
Also - you cannot state how stronger or weaker opponents react to your powers. Just that simple. Stronger opponents, as well as weak might have a hard time fighting with you or beat you with little effort, if played wisely.
Posion seeps through Hierro - well that depends on the Hierro. If you are gonna be VC - Fraccion will be perhaps the limit of your power, I mean - even Quinto Espada Hierro's is gonna be nearly impossible to soak through with this poison. Especially if the Arrancar will focus his power on his Hierro.
Other than that.... well... I don't really have ideas for a power right now, since it can be anything. All that's needed is time to think it up.
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The rotting poison is potent enough with the bandages, but moreso with the actual blade or when administered with his clawed false arm. This poison cannot be administered on simple contact with the victim; a slashed opening must be made, whether to the opponent's actual body, or in the case of an arrancar, a small chip in the Hierro will suffice. The poison in question does not rot the struck area to the point of leperacy, however; the poison will simply rot and corrode cells that comprise the muscles and tendons in the area but cannot kill them completely. The poison is mainly used to sap an opponent of their full striking power or, when the legs are struck, hamper the opponent's speed. (Keep in mind the slowed opponent can still perform Sonido and Shunpo and the like, although repeated stress on the rotted cells in that area will likely begin to cause pain in that area as well.) When organs are struck, the organ in question will not die out, though its function will be slowed and hampered; for example, if the heart is affected with this poison, blood will pump and circulate through the body more slowly than normal. The main effect of this poison is to hamper an opponent's combat ability by varying degrees; if an area that is already poisoned and harmed is struck with the poison again, the poison's effect will take more of a toll on that area, but the damaged area can never rot off of the opponent's body or die off completely.

When soaking into Hierro, the Hierro in question is called into effect; depending on the strength of the Hierro, the poison may or may not soak through it. However, with repeated strikes to the same area of the Hierro, that small portion of the Hierro may begin to soften if the Hierro ability is not particularly built upon by the said Arrancar. The main flaw with this process is that such Hierro often belong to Espada, whom Yoshida, being a Vice Captain, nine times out of ten will choose to flee from either way.
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