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UTAU Terms of Service

All of the following is a translation of Ameya's official UTAU terms, taken from the UTAU Wikia. Verified true and accurate.


1. THE PROGRAM UTAU CANNOT BE SOLD. It is freeware. If you have paid for a copy of UTAU, you've been had. (However the author accepts donations if you are willing to shell out money out of your own initiative.)

2. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE UTAU SOFTWARE. Redistribution is prohibited by the developer. You cannot host a copy of UTAU elsewhere, and you cannot upload it in filesharing sites such as Rapidshare, Mediafire and so on. Link instead to the homepage if you want to lead users to download UTAU, and provide ample instructions on how to get it, just like this [forum].

3. UTAU should not be used to synthesize and/or anything derogatory, be it towards race, creed or policy. This means:

* Do not synthesize racist songs or speech. You will be shot down even if this policy isn't enforced.

* Do not synthesize any song or speech that will cause major outcry or protest. (as in the case of Luka's Wash My Blood)

* Do not synthesize (publicly) any song or speech with sexual content. If you do, make appropriate warnings first, and to be sure, seek the voice provider's permission first.

* Do not synthesize any song or speech that promotes anarchy, violation of policies, or anything blasphemous.

* While UTAU itself does not forbid political or religious songs to be made, some voice providers may forbid the use of their voicebanks for these purposes, except for well-known works (prevailing carols or chants). If you are unsure for each voice source, avoid creating these songs, and/or seek permission first.

4. Do not import voicebanks from other voice synthesis softwares without permission. This means:

* You can't make voicebanks out of existing softwares like VOCALOID. Even Yamaha, Crypton and Internet Co. forbids this kind of activity. In short, voicebanks like Miku Hatsune UTAU version is a BIG NO-NO.

* You can't make voicebanks out of voice speech/synthesis softwares unless they give you permission. However, this is somewhat of a gray area due to being available readily, and the lack of enforcement. This includes voicebanks based on Microsoft SAM, and others. Out of respect, UTAU wiki does not promote usage of such voicebanks. The only seen exception here is the ACT2 voicebanks, like with Nana Macne (and her petit variant) and Coco Macne.

Restrictions 3 & 4 also covers characteristics and mannerisms of the UTAU voicebank character assigned by the author and/or voicebank source. Therefore, an UTAUloid's personality cannot be given properties that are derogatory, be it towards race, creed or policy.

The only exception to making voicebanks out of existing voice synthesis softwares are those that provide royalty-free usage, as in the case of the Macne Family, FL Studio and Iku Acme. If in doubt, always ask permission.

5. Reverse-engineering of UTAU in any form or kind is forbidden.

6. Do not record voicebanks of an individual (defined as a nobody, a typical person) without their consent. Even if the individual is dead, it still should not be done.

7. Do not record voicebanks of a popular figure such as (but not limited to) showbiz figures, politicians and other singers, without their consent. It is seen to be a danger to the program's survival, making the program, its author, and those who recorded it highly susceptible to lawsuits and legal action (Examples:Shakira, Megumi Nakajima).

8. As an example, Crypton Future Media discourages any pornographic, "hentai" or risque depiction (in fanarts) of its Character Vocal Series, but it is generally not forbidden (except for physical and commercial merchandises). Policies for UTAUloids may vary depending on the voicebank authors, though it is generally tolerated as long as done in a tasteful manner.

There are voicebanks that specifies their way of usage and their limitations. If using an UTAU, check for its entry on the wiki first.

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