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I-I've been somewhat experienced in the role play world, and, although rules and objectives may seem to be a bit descrptive or too much in terms of "application-accepting", I'll make this sheet so that everyone can fill out the basic information without feeling overwhelmed.

N-Now, ideally for a role play, users must fill out a character outline, or sheet, so that others may evaluate their characters. In this case, I'll create a fairly easy one so, again, people won't feel overwhelmed with writing so much.

... ... I love using commas and not making sense. ; u ;

Name: (The name of your UTAU.)
Gender: (Male or female? Hermaphrodite?)
Age: (How old is your character?)
Height: (How tall is your character?)
Likes/Dislikes: (List a few things that your character(s) likes doing, their hobbies, dislikes, etc.)
Group: (The organization or affiliation, if any, with a group of some sort? Such as SRSloids, RVLoids, etc.)
Personality: (Now, this is one aspect of the sheet that will create the livelihood of your character. Go into detail if you wish, or create a brief summary [but not too short] of his or her personality. Bring your character to life!)
History: (This is the area where you may, if you wish [being optional], release background information of your character.)
Appearance: (If you have an image of your UTAU, you may put the link here, or type it out.)
Extra: (Any additional information?)

This sheet was created for the use of UTAU world role play, however if this thread is possibly useful for another character sheet recruitment topic [such as another role play], that's fine by me. o w o!

I-I'm sorry if it isn't the best application, I tried to make it short and not too... Um... D:
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