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Cupcake with an eye patch
Name: Yorune Mimi
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (Just released earlier this month)
Height: 5'2" feet (158 cm)
Likes/Dislikes: Likes any food that is sweet, trying to confuse people, and nighttime. Dislikes Being teased about her hair curls/name and boring people.
Group: None
Personality: Mimi loves to observe people and how they act. She has a tendency to try to confuse people to see what they do. It is usually by riddles and saying nonsense. She hates it when people tease her about her name and how it means "ear". Being teased about her hair curls also ticks her off. If you do actually make fun of her name or her curls, you will have to sleep with one eye open...
History: -
Appearance: Signature has chibi version of Mimi

~Copypasta from wiki page~
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