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Quiet Meadows Briefing; So yeah, training forest.
Topic Started: Jul 11 2011, 10:19 AM (384 Views)
Town History: Quiet Meadows is just what it says it is, a Quiet Meadow that most people come out to on there days off to lay in the sun and have a picnic. But unknown to most of the people Quiet Meadows is actually a training grounds for people that don't want to be noticed or a place that someone can fight at.
Town Description: Quiet Meadows is a long open grassy field with a very tree's around it, But after the field is a patch of dense trees that covers about 3/4 of the land. The normal people don't know what happens in the forest, inside the forest is a few houses here and there, Inside the houses are nothing special just some beds and a pit so that a fire can be started. Mostly it just a forest that is used to train in so that the person doesn't get noticed, if the person is smart they could stay there for sometime if they hunted and kept themselves fed. A little ways into the forest there is a creek with fresh flowing water.

Roaming the forest are bears and other dangerous creatures that never leave the safety of the forest from fear of humans, but they will attack if they see humans in the forest. The biggest animal in the forest is Ol' Blacky, he is a Black bear the stands at 8 feet tall and weights a good 500 pounds he is usually seen deeper into the forest.

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