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Official KWC Rules
These rules were last updated on January 25, 2011 by Bitey.

By posting, you agree and accept that you will follow these rules.
Staff reserve the right to warn, suspend, ban or punish you if you do not follow these rules.
Staff reserve the right to edit or delete posts, signatures, and profiles at any time.
The rules can be changed at any time without member consent.
If you do not understand the rules, please start a topic in "Need Help? Have a comment?," or PM a staff member.

Posting Guidelines:

1) No adult content. (No pornography, profanity/cussing, sexual connotations, violence, gore, overly-mature topics, etc.) The more mature topics may be posted in the “Restricted Section” of “The Library,” which is open only to those older than 13. (Approval must be requested before granted access.)

2) Respect other members and staff.

3) Any of the following found in a post, will be removed upon sight:
-Racial, ethnic, gender insults, or discrimination.
-Rude or inflammatory behavior toward other members/staff of the site.
-Posting private conversations including: PM's, IM conversations and/or E-mail .
-Short, useless posts or repeated posts, i.e- spam.
-Pornography, or any other illegal activities. (nothing may be hotlinked, no cracks or serial codes, no links to illegal sites, no plagiarism, et cetera)
-Personal or contact details of anyone else. Including: E-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and IP addresses. If you wish to share your details, please do so with caution.

4) If you want to post large images or several images in a row, please leave links. Please be kind to others with slower internet access.

5) Bumping topics older than six months, can result in consequences, which vary. Please avoid double posting.

6) Avoid IM chat abbreviations and punctuate your writing in the Library forums.

7) We reserve the right to edit or remove any posted content. Topics may be deleted or closed to keep the board organized and to prevent any form of spam.

8) If you have a complaint about a staff member, please contact an Admin.


1) Do not post threads in which involve any sort of advertising.

2) Advertising through PM will result in serious consequences (such as loss of PM privileges.

3) Advertising in signature is not tolerated.

4) Deviant Art, Blogs, Fan fiction and any other sites that allow you to share your work are considered to be "advertising" in some shape or form.


1) Please do not have large images in signatures. Signatures should be of a reasonable size. To help this, we ask that you have only one picture in your signature, unless you are granted permission from an Admin to have more than one.

2) Please keep avatars and signatures family friendly. The staff reserve a right to remove any content found to be unnecessary.

Contest Entries

1) All entries must be in by the deadline, no excuses, or they will not be accepted under any circumstance.

2) All entries must be approved by a staff member. Please see below for further information.

3) All entries must meet the requirements of the particular contest you wish to participate in (Please see the specific contest's thread for further information and detail).

4) All entries must not contain any kind of profanity and/or inappropriate language/content.

5) All entries must not contain any more than 5, 000 words.

6) All entries must not contain any sort of bashing against race, gender, age, other websites, books, et cetera.

7) All entries must be original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

8) All entries must not contain any sort of sexual preference (such as rape) or inappropriate terms.

9) All entries must be readable to members of the KWC community.

When submitting entries to a staff member, please include the following in this order:
* Title of the contest
* Your username
* Your e-mail (this will NOT be posted on your official submission thread)
* Title of your piece
* Word count
* Your actual submission piece
* Any other specifications in which can be found on the official contest's thread


1) Voting must be anonymous.

2) Votes can not be cast for yourself.

3) Creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself will not be tolerated and will result in serious consequences.

4) Do not persuade other members to vote for your entry.

Banning/Warn System

If any of the above rules, under any category, have been broken, the following consequences will apply:

First Warning: You will receive a note explaining the reason for your warning, followed by an hour long suspension from KWC.

Second Warning: You will receive another note explaining the reason for your warning, followed by a day suspension from KWC.

Third Warning: You will receive yet another note explaining the reason for your warning, followed by a week long suspension from KWC.

Fourth Warning: You will receive an e-mail and a note explaining the reason for your warning, followed by a month long suspension from KWC.

Fifth Warning: You will receive an e-mail explaining the reason for your fifth and final warning, followed by a permanent suspension from KWC, unless otherwise stated in the e-mail.

Warning Notes will be exactly as follows:

You have been given a warning because _____, and due to this being your ____ warning, you will receive a ___ long suspension. We hope this never happens again. Thank you for your cooperation.
-KWC Staff.

We also recommend that all KWC members read over the FAQ before asking questions in the Need Help? Have a comment? section of the site. If you find that we are missing any question that you believe should be listed, please contact a staff member through PM with your suggestion or post a new thread in the Need Help? Have a comment? section.

Thank you.
~KWC Staff.