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These rules were last updated on 13 May, 2012.

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1) No adult content. (No pornography, profanity/cussing, sexual connotations, violence, gore, overly-mature topics, etc.) Some more mature topics may be posted in the Restricted Section of The Library, which is open only to those older than 13. (PM purpleangels/Bitey. if you are interested in seeing this forum.)

2) Respect other members and staff. (No flaming, bashing, spamming, or bumping topics). Please avoid double posting.

3) No illegal material (nothing may be hotlinked, no cracks or serial codes, no links to illegal sites, no plagiarism, etc.)

4) Avoid IM chat abbreviations and punctuate your writing as this is a writing board rather than a chat room.

5) No discrimination is allowed. This means we do not allow topics on racism, sexism, religious discrimination, extremism, or any other form of discrimination.

6) Advertising is only allowed with permission from the Admin. You may not advertise using the Personal Messaging system. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to PM advertising. You will lose PM privileges if you PM advertise. You may not advertise websites or forums that compete with the KWC.

7) Any discussion of a banning, suspension, or warning of a member is not allowed in the forums. Such threads will be closed.

8) You may only have one registered account. We do not allow shared accounts under any circumstances, and will delete any multiple accounts upon discovery.

9) Signatures should be of a reasonable size. To help this, we ask that you have one picture only in your signature unless (together) they are not exceeding size limits.

If you do not understand the rules, please start a topic in Feedback and Support, and we will help you.

<i>These rules have been created and modified by the KWC Administration and Staff. They were originally written by the root administrator, Katie, and have been edited since by Carissa/Bitey, and Megha.</i>