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  • The FFKT, Realm of Expressive Imagination, and RPG categories have been condensed into one category known as Member Creativity. That should de-clutter the main index a bit to make it easier for people to navigate.
  • 7.7.17

  • Due to Photobucket wanting a bulk payment of $400 a year to host images with no other payment options, we are currently looking for another site to host our forum graphics. We appreciate your patience until this process is over.
  • 7.6.17

  • Kaiju Section is going through an overhaul again. We'll be splitting it back into franchises, since not all franchises have the Godzilla series' Showa/Heisei/Millennium split.
  • Check out and vote in our poll in the Kaiju Galaxy Forum section regarding whether we should add a section for the Kamen Rider franchise!
  • 7.1.17

  • Age of Heroes will be getting a reboot! Join in on our superhero RPG!
  • 3.13.17

  • A very late happy 2017!
  • KaijuGalaxy Rules and Guidelines
    This site is dedicated to kaiju movies, games, etc.. Flaming of other members will not be tolerated, and it could result in a warning or being banned from the forum.

    We want people to have a great time, and to not be discouraged, everyone should be treated with respect. There should be no remarks on religion, race, or gender at all what so ever.

    Unethical actions, pictures, or objects are not allowed. The one that is probably the worse, is pornagraphy, there is no need for it here, we want to keep this forum clean. If someone is caught posting pornography, they'll be immediately banned. No severe vulgar language, it is inappropriate, and some people might take offense towards it, so keep the speech clean.

    As for signatures, you may use them, but don't make them unnecessarily large, for they do take up a lot of space. Warnings will not be issued for this problem, instead, you'll recieve a private message, saying that you must make your signature smaller.

    We want people to enjoy being on this forum for dicussing and debating about kaiju. If we agree with the rules, then everything will run smoothly.