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  • The FFKT, Realm of Expressive Imagination, and RPG categories have been condensed into one category known as Member Creativity. That should de-clutter the main index a bit to make it easier for people to navigate.
  • 7.7.17

  • Due to Photobucket wanting a bulk payment of $400 a year to host images with no other payment options, we are currently looking for another site to host our forum graphics. We appreciate your patience until this process is over.
  • 7.6.17

  • Kaiju Section is going through an overhaul again. We'll be splitting it back into franchises, since not all franchises have the Godzilla series' Showa/Heisei/Millennium split.
  • Check out and vote in our poll in the Kaiju Galaxy Forum section regarding whether we should add a section for the Kamen Rider franchise!
  • 7.1.17

  • Age of Heroes will be getting a reboot! Join in on our superhero RPG!
  • 3.13.17

  • A very late happy 2017!
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