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Cash Related

+ Trade-able NX & Cash Item Trading Room
Before I start off talking about the Cash Trading Room, I'll settle a few things down. All cash items are tradeable unless it's on the Event Tab. However, there are limitations to it being tradeable. It can only be traded ONCE. Once an cash item is given to a new owner, the item can no longer be tradeable (Sorry merchants!). The Cash Item cannot be traded if it was used. Meaning, if you equip a Cash Equip, the item is no longer tradeable. This also applies to bundles on cash items. Once one item in the bundle is used, the rest of the bundle can no longer be traded. Lastly, you cannot trade cash items if they were bought via Maple Points. To trade cash items, you will either need to put it on a shop permit/merchant or use the Cash Trading Room.

Unlike in GMS and many other versions, KMS does not have MTS. Instead, we have the Cash Trading Room. Just like a regular trade request, a popup will appear on the bottom of your screen

When you accept the trade notification, you will be asked to enter either PIC or KSSN.

After that is done, the Cash Item Trading Room will open.

In here you can trade mesos, cash items, and non-cash items.
Please also note that raw NX Cash CANNOT be traded. This is strictly only for cash items.

+ Cash Items sell back
Because in KMS, all items are permanent (except for the items in the Event tab), eventually you'd get tired of the same clothes EVENTUALLY, right? Well, to get SOME (Some, meaning only 30% of what you paid for) cash back, you can resell your items back in the cash shop. In the Cash Shop, highlight the Cash Item you wish to sell in the cash shop storage and press "페이백" or "Payback"

You will then be prompted to enter your 2nd pass/PIC. Then after you'll receive this popup

Box 1 is indicating that you will receive only 30% cash back.
Box 2 is indicating the amount you will receive. Please note that if you DO happen to sell an item back, you will receive Maple Points not NX Cash.
Box 3 is OK button

However, there are some items that you cannot sell back in the cash shop. It cannot be the following:

-Event Tab items
-Limited time items
-Items in a package

+ Pet Skill System
Unlike GMS's pet system where there is Meso Magnet, Item Pouch and such, we do not have that in KMS. Instead, we use skills. Which, in a sense, work like GMS's pet system with a few differences. Basically you get one of the skills and you use it. A pop up will appear telling you which pet would you like the skill assigned to. Once you assign it to a pet, it will permanently be stuck with the pet. The following are the given skills able to be bought in Cash Shop:

Auto HP. Costs 1,600 NX
Auto MP. Costs 1,600 NX
Loot Range Increase. Costs 900 NX
Run to Items&Mesos. Costs 900 NX
Pick Up Items. Costs 1,900 NX
Item Ignore. Costs 2,000 NX
Loot Non-owner Items & Mesos. Costs 900 NX
Deletes "Loot Non-owner Items & Mesos" Skill. Costs 500 NX

You may have noticed that there is no skill to loot mesos. That's because every pet already comes with Meso Loot skill. In fact, some pets may already have some skills with them. The chart below shows each pet with the skills they have.

Pet NX Price Item Loot HP Pouch MP Pouch Pick Up Non-Owner
Items & Mesos
Auto Pick Up Increased Range Auto Buff

Brown Puppy

Dino Boy

Dino Girl

Black Pig

Brown Kitty

White Bunny

Black Kitty

Pink Bunny

White Tiger


Mini Kargo



Mini Yeti

Jr. Balrog

Sun Wu Kong


Jr. Reaper


Package only

Package only

Persian Cat
Package only


User Interference

+ Quick Move
The Quick Move feature was put in KMS during the beginning of the Legend patch. It's use is basically for quick moving (just like what it's called). When you are in a town, you will see this under your Mini Map

When you click on it, you'll have a couple of icons shown as below

Of course, it will vary depending on what town you are and which NPCs are available in that town. When you click on one, the corresponding NPC's chat window will show up for you to use. Extremely helpful window that's quick and easy to use.

+ Event List
The Event List window is useful to keep track of what events are ongoing and what events are to come. To access it, the default Hotkey is "V" or you can find it on the Menu bar.

The icons on the left are stated as below:
a 2x event.

a timed event. Scroll over this icon to see what time this event runs on.

+ Party Search Window
Recently in KMS the party search window was revamped to make it much more useful and easier to use. Here's how it looks and what it shows

And to the second tab

Easy enough, right?
The third tab (Expedition Search) isn't shown because nothing changed in it.

Game Content

+ Buy back items
This handy feature, which has been already been in place in thousands of games is finally in Maplestory! For those of you who are unfamiliar to this, it's basically if you accidently sell an item to the NPC, you have the option to buy back the item for the same price you NPC'd it for

You'll see a new tab as shown above labeled "Repurchase."
You are able to buy back any item until you log out. Once you log out, you will not be able to buy it back.

+ Monster Park
Monster Park is basically a party zone place for levels 13 and up. Meaning, for every party member, you'll get a 50% party EXP bonus. Monsters inside the park DO have a lot of HP.

To get IN the Monster Park Dungeons, you'll need a ticket to get in.

For levels 13 through 69, you'll need a Zebra striped ticket
For levels 70 through 119, you'll need a Leopard spotted ticket
For levels 120+, you'll need a Tiger pattern ticket

To get these tickets, there are two ways, buying them from Mary (seen below) or collecting 10 ripped pieces and exchanging them for a full ticket from Mary. You can collect ripped ticket pieces from monsters on their respective levels.

Let's start off on how to enter Monster Park.
Go find the Monster Park Cab

Once you accept to go to Monster Park, you will be warped to the entrance along with being switched to the proper channel depending on your level.
Levels 13-69 will be warped to channel 3
Levels 70-119 will be warped to channel 6
Levels 120 and up will be warped to channel 9

This way is quite helpful to find a party around your level. Plus, there wont be THOUSANDS of people in one tiny map.
Once you are warped, you'll be sent to the follow map.

Let's get to know the NPCs first.

Mary is in charge of Monster Park tickets. Talk to her and here are the following options

If you wish to buy tickets by clicking the last option, this window will appear

Please also note you can only buy 3 tickets from her daily.

Next to her, you should see "Raku"

He is a pot shop and coin exchanger. If you click on the second tab, you'll see the rewards possible

30 Coins for a Spiegelman Badge Box. Inside you can get a temporary badge (New equipment slot)
50 Coins for a Spiegelman Mustache. Gives 5 Magic Attack/Attack and 100 Charm & Charisma when equipped. Lasts for 5 days.
100 Coins for a Spiegelman Autograph. It gives 3 All stat, 2 Magic Attack/Attack and lasts for 7 days.
70 Coins for a Spiegelman Hot Air Balloon that lasts for 7 days.

These coins randomly drop from monsters inside the Park. You can also get coins from doing Spiegelman's quests.

Finally! It's time to enter Monster Park. Once you are ready and have a party set up (from either you soloing or up to 6) go to the correct door on the right.
First Door

Second Door

Third Door

Once you pick the stage you want, you'll be sent inside!

Inside Monster Park, you'll have 20 minutes to finish 5 Stages and 1 Boss Stage. All equipments that are dropped from monsters inside Monster Park have unidentified potential. The boss has a chance of dropping a Mineral Bag and/or a Herb Bag along with Mineral or Herb pouches.

+ PQ Revamp