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The History of Alterra; Common IC Knowledge about the history of Alterra
Topic Started: Jun 4 2011, 02:42 PM (559 Views)
Alterra. Once a world of wondrous technology, it is now home to a variety of races in near constant conflict with each other. A thousand years ago, the world was populated by only one Sentient race, the Na'zer. A thousand years ago, the world was peaceful, with the Guardian Council leading the nations of Alterra to a brighter future. A thousand years ago, the world broke out into war.

Cathorius, the largest continent and home to the Council, was where the majority of trade and international events were handled. No where else could you find the diversity and yet unity that was shared by those who lived there.

Marsenor was a more militaristic continent, with the majority of its people believing that there is no greater honor than to die in combat.

Utosar was a tropical paradise, and often a favorite vacationing spot for tourists.

Ethium was the wildest of the continents, largely dominated by its beautiful forests, massive mountain ranges, deep valleys, and countless tribal societies.

Burgown is the northern-most continent of Alterra, though located close enough to the others to not be covered completely in snow and ice like its counter-part Stirsea. It was a largely unexplored land, used as a neutral ground to resolve conflicts quietly when the parties did not wish to involve the Council.

Stirsea was a sparsely populated continent of ice and snow located almost on top of the southern pole of the planet. Barely habitable, only the most resilient or determined lived there, and few dared to visit its cold lands.

The true cause of the war has been lost to history. At the dawn of the war, the Council attempted to calm things and maintain order, but things quickly devolved into chaos and anarchy as the war built up steam. While most of the details have been lost to the ages, a few things are still known. Much of the war was fought using the time's advanced technology. Weapons unimaginable to the current Alterrans, vehicles able to traverse the entire world in what would seem to be the blink of an eye, and near the later stages of the war, it is even rumored they had powerful machines capable of thinking for themselves.

Large areas of Cathorius were destroyed in the war by their weapons. Sections of Ethium's beautiful forests were burned to dust. Utosar threw itself into the war freely and with the full might of its military backing it. Utosar was largely destroyed. Of all the continents, only Burgown and Stirsea were left mostly alone.

The Hundred Year War culminated in one final battle between the continents in a chaotic battle at the heart of Cathorius. No one quite knows what happened that day, but all know its effects. At what is said to have been the very peak of the battle, a wave of what we now know was Magic burst from the very center of the battlefield, sweeping over not only all of Cathorius, but all of Alterra itself. The point The Wave emerged from caused a large chasm to open in the ground, now known as the Devil's Scar. The Magic Wave imbued everything with Magic, infusing itself into all matter, both living and not.

It seems that with the passing of this wave, the Fog of War was also cleared, and the people realized what madness they had unleashed. The machines, built for war, terrified the now clear-minded Alterrans. Over the next hundred years, technology became a taboo. It is said that for the first 20 or so years, the world was briefly united in its stand against technology as they worked swiftly to destroy any remnants of the war machines they themselves had created. But that's when the changes began.

Slowly at first, and with swiftly increasing numbers, people began to change. The natural green skin of a Na'zer might became a light pale color, or they might gain a scalely appearance, or blue skin, or any number of other changes. By the 50 year mark, the Na'zer were no longer one race, but many individual races. There were still Na'zer, but now they stood beside Val'dyr, or Magena, or any number of other races, all confused and scared of what was happening.

By the time the destruction of most technology was finished, people were terrified of the sudden changes their world was under-going. Over the next few hundred years, the continents changed dramatically in relatively short periods of time.

Cathorius, the largest continent and once home to the Council, became a mostly desert continent, surrounded by dangerous mountains and forests along its edges, and eventually a land for the banished. Many areas across its land are what we now call "Dead Zones", areas where magic does not function normally, if at all.

Marsenor remains a militaristic continent, but now it is dominated by various races all fighting amongst themselves for the right to rule. Death in combat is still the greatest honor, but killing one's enemies in a show of might is viewed as a sign of one's incredible skill.

Utosar is now a mountainous continent, largely dominated by Na'zer who have grown hateful of the other races, and isolate themselves in fortress cities located atop the many plateaus of the continent.

Ethium has become even wilder than ever, now dominated almost exclusively by some of the more savage and uncivilized of the new races of Alterra.

Burgown has been moved slightly more south than before by the magical energies of the wave, causing more of its land to become snow free most of the year. It is now the last recognized neutral land, and the only place where you are likely to regularly see the races getting along.

Stirsea has become the strangest anomaly of the continents. It is still an ice and snow-covered continent, but it is now located only just south of Cathorius. It is continuously surrounded with and covered by a magical snow-storm that keeps the continent in its icy temperatures, despite no longer being at the pole. The continent is now home to many races that find the cold more comfortable than the warmer temperatures of the other continents.

Thus, we now come to the present. The great wars of a thousand years ago are long over, but the races have fought each other almost continuously since the Wave of Rebirth swept over the world. Trust is rare, unity among the people rarer still. It is a time of great Magic, constant small-scale fighting, and a series of mysterious events that have ultimately brought you together.

This is the Legend of Alterra.
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