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History: Era 1
Topic Started: Nov 4 2012, 05:42 PM (834 Views)
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ERA 1 – The Formation of -LR- // Madcow- Takes Arms
Madcow- was a member of Forgotten SiNs back in the day andwas quite aggressive when going after his goals, pulling many tricks on the clan leader Sinful. As Cow changed and reformulated everything to get the clan into gear, Sinful observed silently and began to improve his leadership methods. The two being both quite clever individuals were stuck in a perpetual chess match between each other; Cow fighting for more power within the clan as Sinful sought to slow him down while benefiting as much as possible from what he had to offer.

Finally things boiled over when there was no higher rank left for Cow to achieve, as Sinful had made it clear that he would never grant anyone with the clan leader rank. Cow organized a giant coup d'état, where he and the majority of the members left the clan to make a new one. Funnily enough, this was only done to prove a point to Sinful and convince into granting the Clan Leadership position. As Cow had recruited most of SiN's newer members and bonded more with them, they all followed him, leaving Sinful in ruins. Sinful developed a great anger within him and set about at achieving vengeance. As a real man of honor he didn't care if he only had 4 members left, he would not bow to Cow's demands just because he'd been shoved into a tight spot. Fueled by rage Sinful began to ladder the clan single handily into top 10 and managed to recruit tons of new members.

The 5 founding fathers Madcow-, Josae, Kevinaruto-12, Harito and Konjuar all agreed on the name -Legends Rebirth-. Harito wanted us to be Legends while Madcow- opted for using the idea of a rebirth since the clan represented a rebirth of our ideals. Madcow- continued leading in his new clan while constantly attempting to negotiate a deal with Sinful to get back into SiN. Sinful had managed to make his clan successful again and the hate had relinquished slightly. Madcow- had missed the clan so much he agreed to merge back in without Clan Leadership. Cow presented his "temporary clan" -LR- with the good news that they were returning to the home clan only to be told by everyone that they'd fallen in love with -LR- and had no desire to return. Naturally one reaps what one sows. To Cow the smear campaign against SiN was just a means of manipulation to get back in but unfortunately it worked so well that the members could not remove the image in their minds of SiN as the "devil". It suddenly dawned on Cow that he has to lead a clan all the way from the bottom of the ladder to the top and that all the members were looking to him to lead the way..

ERA 1::Part_ 2:: – The Seduction of -LR- // Yondaime10101 Snatched
One good friend that Cow had met was Yondaime10101. Cow was absolutely smitten by her. She was the first player he had ever met with a +30 streak! And what more to boot? The only female player he'd ever met in this game! Since the days of SiN, Cow's great scheme was to convince Yonny to merge her clan Senbon Zakura Reborn into SiN and for Madcow-, Sinful, and Yondaime10101 to lead together like the Legendary Sannin.

This dream of a trinity of leadership fashioned after the legendary sannin, remained dear to Cow even in -LR- so that he could have a diverse clan and prove to Sinful that he wasn't just a raging despot. Once Cow had been told by his members that -LR- was the clan they would stay with, Cow began cutting deals elsewhere. He continued hunting Yon as well as other clan leaders like Angel21 and Portgas to try to score a successful merge. This was accomplished with Angel21, but the otherworldly drama stirred up by Harito on a daily basis sent her running (she later on rejoined and still remains a loyal retired member). Portgas was also a short lived success but left with his entire clan again two days later because things didn't feel the same. The 3rd time was the charm Yon had been the one Cow was pursuing the longest and wanted the most. All the months of cyber stalking had caused the members of SZ-R to become very close to those of -LR- and Yon had developed a great friendship with Josae.

Yondaime10101 finally breaks down and takes a vacation from leading SZ-R. Her clan questioned her on her departure. "I'm supposed to lead a clan not be the clan. I gfx, type, ladder, manage, and regulate all the drama you force on me. I need a fucking break." Her members quite confused about what to do, all decide to flock to -LR- while Yon takes off to chill in Shinkan Mokushi. At this point in time Cow was also facing a similar pressure to that of Yon where he felt like he was "the clan". He was pushed to a breaking point with the never ending Harito bitchfits that stirred the clan into a constant vortex of insanity. One ill fated day Cow could take it no more and had his mouse lingering over the disband clan button. With the support of people like Josae, he managed to stay strong and throw Harito out of the clan instead of disbanding. This decision would facilitate the beginning of an -LR- ready to make a name for itself on the scene.

Meanwhile, as Yon spent her 'vacation' at SM, she came and went without heavy notice and she enjoyed it. She didn't bother setting a date for when her proclaimed 'vacation' would end. Arguably -LR- was every bit as drama filled as SZ-R, if not more, which is why she hesitated to join for so long. Josae and Madcow- knew though that with all her ex-members already in -LR- it would be only a matter of time before she came. They frequently chatted her and joked about her joining. Sadly the drama from SZ-R followed her on vacation and she finally realized that unless she ditched these people permanently, she would never escape the drama. The absence of Harito in -LR- gradually created a more relaxed and appealing environment, Josae then snatched her into -LR- where Madcow- then persuaded her to lead the clan with him as equals.
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