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  • Discord is now our main hub with this website for information storage and news mainly.
  • AQ3D Territory now open and recruiting sign up today!
  • Warframe and Paladins teams now operational! Please check them out on discord!
  • Massive forum roleplay "The Guild Hall" still going! check it out here!
Not following the rules could result in...
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These will be edited and changed as needed. No rule is more important than another therefore the order in which they appear doesn't change their significance.
Thank you for taking the time to read the Guild Rules. These rules exist to create a fun, safe, friendly, and mature environment for the guild and the website as a whole. As multi-gaming clan a Zetaboards website, we have to follow the ToS our webhost defined here.

Guild Site Behavior
1.1 Do not spam unless the forum section you're posting in specifically allows spam.
1.2 Do not flame, argue, curse in an excessive manner, post violent or 18+ content, and in general you should be friendly to your fellow guild mates and members of this website in both your guild site interactions and your in-game interactions.
1.3 Do not post hate speech, towards any one religion, belief, person, thing, idea, or race.
1.4 Do not post illegal content, hacking materials (bots, viruses, and the like, and anything that harms or bothers another persons privacy. Anything that is illegal and infringes upon any rights an laws in the USA or elsewhere is illegal on here.
1.5 This website is 13 and up, if you're under 13 your parent or guardian will have to send in a form to zetaboards headquarters or the board admin to receive the ability to post. Lying about your age could get yourself and the guild in trouble, and you will be banned if you do.

In-game Behavior
2.1 Keep all online interactions with your guild mates civil and friendly. (See 1.2 for expanded rule.)
2.2 Do not bot or hack the game.
2.3 When we're having meetings in #guild-meetings on discord do not interrupt for non-guild related conversations. If you must talk to someone during the meeting talk in #general or DM them.
2.4 Do not share your account information or give away your password to anyone. (This includes "account trades".)

Graphics Rules
3.1 Images bigger then 600px need to be linked. If unsure right click an image and click view image info (in firefox) for google chrome you'll have to install a plugin called image size info unless you simply download the image right click the image in the file menu and click properties. A window will pop up and you can then click the details tab.
3.2 Forum signatures need to be no bigger then 500x200 and you're allowed to put more images in one spoiler below your signature. Please to not post excessive amounts of text either, those need to go in said spoiler as well.
3.3 Posting behavior rules apply.

Misc. Behavior Rules
4.1 You will not ask to be a member of the guild council, to be an officer, or to be a staff assistant. If we're hiring we'll ask you. (And for the record, if you start "I'd do a better job then them.." I will never. EVER. Consider hiring you.)
4.2 Impersonating a staff member of this guild, or acting on behalf of this guild without permission from Rioku/Shadow is not only extremely confusing to other guilds but damning to our reputation. Do not do this. Do not go off on your own doing things like this. You're only causing the council and officers more problems.
4.3 We have multiple games and guilds under our community and as such have different rules regarding "multi-guilding":

  • For AQW/AQ3D we do not allow multi-guilding.
  • For GW2 we only request guild representation during guild events.
  • For other steam related games like CS:GO and Unturned you're welcome to be active in other communities besides ours.
  • For our Xbox team as long as you show up to meetings and participate we're fine with you being in another community.

Discord and the territories
Discord specific rules, along with rules for our differing territories can be found inside their respective hubs if there are any. For Discord it will be in #rules.