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  • News:
  • Discord is now our main hub with this website for information storage and news mainly.
  • AQ3D Territory now open and recruiting sign up today!
  • Warframe and Paladins teams now operational! Please check them out on discord!
  • Massive forum roleplay "The Guild Hall" still going! check it out here!

Donations for the website or contests.

Hey guys, Rioku/Shadow here. In the past I've never asked for donations as I always put my own money up towards the guild, but recently some guild members had asked if they could donate. So I'm making it possible for you guys to donate to me via Paypal if you would like to. These donations will allow me to:
  • Buy the custom domain for our website.
  • Provide prizes for future contests.
  • Pay for site upgrades if we need any.
If you'd like to drop a donation feel free via this ko-fi button!

Thanks for your interest in supporting this website!

Donations for Discord and a possible unturned or minecraft server

Hey guys, it's Kequo here. I am one of your council members and one of the developers of the guild. This here is my Ko-Fi link, where you will be able to donate through me, to your guild LycanFang. Through these donations, I will be able to:
  • 1: Develop and sustain Faolana, our guild's custom coded bot for Discord.
  • 2: Develop and host game servers, including Minecraft and Unturned.
  • 3: Provide prizes for guild events and contests as well as anything guild related.