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Full List of Ranks and Specialty Badges
Topic Started: Aug 21 2013, 08:09 AM (2,010 Views)
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Ranks (Ordered in Least to Greatest)
Posted ImageRecently Bit
The starter rank of Lycanfang. Congratulations on joining the guild!
Posted ImageLycan Pup
You've gotten around the website and started diving into our community! Aw, look at you taking your first steps! (Requires 15 Posts on the website to unlock.)
Posted ImageBattle-Ready Lycan
For those who aren't exactly new but definitely not elders yet. People know your name but you've still got that air of "new person" around you. (Requires 75 Posts on the website to unlock.)
Posted ImageLycan Knight
You have made a name for yourself within our community and you're pretty active and chatty with your fellow guild mates. (Requires 175 posts on this website to unlock.)
Posted ImageBlade Wolf
Description missing. (Requires 300 posts on this website to unlock.)
Posted ImageShadow Wolf
Description missing. (Requires 560 posts on this website to unlock.)
Posted ImageElder Wolf
Description missing. (Requires 1000 posts on this website and Golden Wolf of Loyalty achievement badge to acquire. Talk to the guild staff if you meet these requirements and would like to have this rank.)
Posted ImageLycanthrope
Become the werewolf! You're a pillar of this community and (Requires 2000 posts on this website and Golden Wolf of Loyalty achievement badge to acquire. Talk to the guild staff if you meet these requirements and would like to have this rank.)

Staff Only RanksYou need to be a staff member to acquire the following ranks, descriptions of their jobs are as follows:
Posted ImageDeath Jackal
Death Jackal's are the global moderators of the website, they oversee and deal with members on a site basis. They can edit posts, deal out punishments to members, and can host site side events like writing contests etc. Death Jackal's answer to the Blood Wolves and Dark Wolf.
Posted ImageTerritory Overseer
These guys oversee the different territories (games/platforms) that Lycanfang has expanded to, like Death Jackals they can host events and deal out punishments but mainly on a in-game side of things. Each Overseer manages a different game (or platform if its Xbox One) and curates things for that specific game. Current overseers are T7388 who handles AQW, Thadei who handles Xbox One, Kequo who hosts a Minecraft server, and Kami and Shadow who deal with AQ3D. Territory Overseers answer to the Blood Wolves and Dark Wolf.
Posted ImageBlood Wolf
Blood Wolves are the members that form a council of elders within the guild that make administrative decisions, and will deal with members who need to be banned. They can do both of the jobs of Death Jackals and Territory Overseers and some members of the council have double duty as territory overseers. These guys answer only to the Dark Wolf
Posted ImageDark Wolf
Title reserved for the leader of the guild.


List of Ranks
Posted Image Holly-Wolf!
Hey, nice videos film maker! :O (Requires at least 3 videos, AQW related in some way.)
Posted Image
Van Lycan
You're artistic! You make drawings, gfx, signatures, etc (Requires an art gallery, signature shop, or some other way of showing off your talents.)
Posted ImageAristotle Wolf
You love to write poems, stories, anything! (You have to post at least 5 written works on the guild site.)
Posted ImageBlood Lust Lycan
You love to battle in the Player vs Player battle grounds, and your lust of winning has earned you this title! (Requires 10 points. You get 1 for normal members and a 1/2 point for Shadow. You may not use classes considered OP or cheap, such as VoT, Pyro, DBSK, Alpha Omega etc. If you aren't sure just ask. You will need to screenshot your wins and post them here.)
Posted ImageInsatiable Blood Lust Lycan
A rank to show of your mastery of pvp! Requires 500 Combat Trophies.
Posted ImageSure-Wolf
Your love of hunting treasure and soloing monsters as earned you this treasure hunter award! (Requires soloing more then 5 bosses with more then 20k health on AQWs with screenshots or videos.)
Posted ImageMock-Battle Wolf
You actively participated in the roleplay forum! (Requires active participation in at least 1 roleplay.)
Posted ImageRecruiter Wolf
Awarded to those who've helped recruit a new member into the guild.
Posted Image KamiKampi's Wolf ChampionMust complete a certain amount of KamiKampi's challenges to earn this rank.
Posted ImageSure-Wolf Elite You will need to have earned the previous Sure-Wolf rank, and slay 5 monsters of over 75k health.
Posted ImageShadow's Monthly Challenge Winner!
On a random saturday once a month Shadow will host a random challenge ranging from soloing to scouring the depths of the seas for treasure! :O
Posted ImagePvP Sundays!
This is awarded to winners of the random sunday pvp challenge! This badge will expire in a week! >:D
Posted ImageMonster Slayer Time Trial Winner
Winner of the every so often Monster Slayer Time Trial! Every so often the boss list will be updated and those who remain with the best times before the update keep their badges! The list may update every 2 or 3 time trial events. (In other words if you gain the badge the first trial and someone beats your time during the second or third before a revamp of the list, they steal your badge.)
Posted ImageCommunity Wolf
Award to outstanding members of the community, who are both helpful and contributing to the overall atmosphere of the guild. They understand the importance of the rules and are overall positive and mature members.
Posted ImageBronze Wolf of Loyalty
You've been an active member of the guild for over 3 months!
Posted ImageSilver Wolf of Loyalty
You've been a active member of the guild for over 6 months!
Posted ImageGolden Wolf of Loyalty
You've been a active member of the guild for over a year!
Posted ImagePiggy Banker
You've got quite a bit of guild credits to waste, eh?
Posted ImageGolden Banker
You've got 1 Treeeli- *cough* You've got 10,000 guild credits!
Posted ImageTreeel*cough*Trillionaire!
Did you steal this from Kami?! (Must've earned previous credit related badges.)
Posted ImageLemon Squad
Awarded to the "sour pusses" who voted against having an 18 and up chat added to our Discord server.

Contest/Event Badges

List of Rare Badges
AQW Art Contest 2013 (All levels)You would've had to finish in the top 3 in this contest to receive a badge.
G.O.U.L SlayerOnly those who helped out in our 1vs1 war on G.O.U.L, received this badge. We targeted them due to their unfair challenge declared on our allies, in which they demanded to fight them that day right then and if they didn't show up they'd automatically lose.
Moglin PunterThese will be added yearly around super bowl time when we have the moglin punting contest.
Dark Hearted ValentineAwarded to those who've declared their hatred for valentine's day! Only available around Valentine's Day.
Posting Contest (All levels)This was awarded to the winner and finalists of the posting contest!

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