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Forum Rules
Seeing as how most banning here happen due to a misunderstanding on forum conduct I will institute some very basic rules. 1. General Politeness. This forum has a general politeness policy. In other words, we don't mouth off to each other. In other words no flaming! Not unless we know each other REALLY well. If you're a sarcastic individual, please add smileys or something to your posts so we KNOW you're sarcastic. You don't have to like anyone .... but you don't have to go out of your way to be mean to them either. I want this to be a pleasant environment for EVERYONE, not just people who think they're smarter than everyone else! If there's someone you feel is acting badly, tell a mod. Don't go out of your way to talk badly to them; that's not helping it just makes you in violation of this rule as well! 2. Don't bump up topics. This is generally about one to two month old topics. And if you make thread that's dying ..... just let it die. 3. No SPAM. Mostly one word posts. Or complete nonsense posts. You know spam once you see it. - As a subrule, no posts just to advertise your site. Post links or banners in your sig. 4. No mini modding! If someone's breaking the rules or being an ass, then tell a mod! Don't handle it yourself. It makes you mad, it makes the other guy mad, and it's generally a bad idea. So tell a mod. 5. Respect the mods and admins authority. This is my forum and what I say goes. If I say to cut something out, cut it out. If I say a topic is over, don't make a duplicate one. Do not dodge the swear filters. Respect ma authoriath! People will usually get three warnings before a punishment. Wich is bannage (a user denial system is in place). Depending on the severity, I *might* issue only a temp ban, but you don't wanna test this. 6. No "non-virgin" material. Meaning nu nudity or anything "questionable". 7. No illegal things may be exchanged on the forum (ie: roms or warez) or through PM. These are very basic rules. Mostly for new people to know the community they're entering in. Generally, if your new to forums, you're best bet is to THINK before you POST. Type something .... read it (preferrably out loud) ..... and then ask yourself if it's worth posting. You'd be very surprised at how well you'll be respected by doping this simple excersice. I don't beleive in long-winded lists of multiple offenses and variances with a long (and ultimately useless) list of possible punishments. Instead I operate by this policy: get enough people mad and you'll be banned. And, really .... if everyone was mad at you, you probably wouldn't want to be part of the forum anyway. Just about anything is postable. I don't mind warez or rom links since this forum has no real affiliation with PMM. Talk of religion and politics is also fine, but remember to respect everyone's belifs and values (if you can't then don't post in the topic, very simple). The only thing I won't allow is anything depicting or describing sex here. It's just not something I'm comfortable with allowing on a general Megaman forum. So, treat others the way you'd want to be treated and you'll do fine. "Be cool to each other. And .... party on, dudes!" - Rufus An additional note... I consider grammar to be a pet peeve of mine, more specifically, the lack of grammar. We're all human here (well, there's that rumor that Gauntlet is actually a computer virus located in Canada, but that's a different topic altogether), and we all make mistakes. But that doesn't mean that's an excuse to lapse in the English department. There are exceptions, such as English not being your native language, but the majority of those that come here will speak English as their first language. I emplore you to type in a way that's easy to read the first time. It doesn't take much of an effort. Capitalization, spelling, scentance structure, and the like are your only way to convey your intelligence on the internet, so go the extra mile in that area. Think of it this way- if your post was the first post someone from the outside would read first, would it represent this forum well? Nobody here wants to be thought of as an idiot, I can tell you that much. Basically, we don't want to end up like certain other forums where half the crowd gives the impression that everyone's an idiot here. You won't be warned for simple mistakes like a common mispelling or two, but an illegible post can really make everyone here look bad given the right/wrong circumstances. So pretty please, with sugar on top, take the time to make a post you can be proud of. Not only will you look good in doing so, but the forum will benefit from it as well.