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Apr 18 2011, 01:37 PM
The visual aspect of 'Godquest' is magnificent, only challenged by the narrative efficiency and the empathy provoked by such sympathetic protagonists. What are your precise inspirations? Is that Maya-type faces I'm seeing?

You seem to work with a voluntarily limited range of colors. How many are you using?

What is Wakfu's influence over this Adventure?

there are 10 colors for the gods, 26 for the demons, various blood colors (but primarily three shades depending on freshness), three shades of gray (and an added fourth sometimes), and black and white. and then of course the halftone filter comes in.

the story was originally supposed to be RTS-like, with Volt being sort of the commander and his army running around.

I dunno what I was thinking cuz that fell out really quickly.

the demons were, weirdly enough, halfway inspired by pesterhandles--I love how Homestuck used the GCAT letters for handles and I'm so OCD I'd love to do that with stuff of my own. but when making handles for the gods I couldn't distribute 10 handles around enough to make it work, so I opted instead to give each one a unique abbreviation, using no letter twice (VW, GD, CN, LB, TH, SQ, MO, PI, FE, AU). that led me to think, "hey, what if there was an alphabet theme?" and bam, suddenly the demons grew from "Oberus" to "26."

The Meek is one of my favorite webcomics and inspired me to develop a lot of the mortal cultures. made me realize you can have races that look human but you can make a culture so different it's like nothing on Earth.

Wakfu reminded me how much fun it was to have separate (humanoid) races, and made me realize gods could be fun. that 'verse has 12 races modeled after 12 gods, but more in a class context; I decided to go for elemental affinity instead. also a lot of the class names in Wakfu are backwards (Sadida <-> Adidas for instance) so I sort of nodded to that with Rixile (elixir).

I had a story when I was around 14 with elemental races, and decided to build off that and streamline it. back then I didn't want to use "god" and used "spirit" instead because in my head gods had to be super orderly and all powerful and basically very boring and, well, godmodded. so Wakfu made me revisit it because I realized "hey, I can have fun with a pantheon and their followers."

I have to say Wakfu (especially the cartoon) more has an influence on non-god-focused Rixile stories...earthen are basically Iops, haha.
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