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Rules and Regulations
Board Rules:

-No spamming the board what-so-ever.
-Only troll in Gen. Threads, anywhere else and you get a warning.
-Fill out the required spaces in your profile for roleplay purposes.
-No pictures or links to erotic content please.
-Have a registered and active email account attached to your board account.
-Don't send threatening PMs. You can save that for the Gen. Threads.
-Only ONE account per person unless the Admin says otherwise.
-Write professionally during role-playing. (Correct punctuations, capitalize proper nouns, use proper English, utilize spacing properly, etc.)

Game Rules:

-All factbook information must be filled out and approved by the Admin or Mods.
-All players must follow the process of obtaining missions/contracts. [The Diplomacy section will have the rules for conducting these actions in the descriptions of the subsections, however the processes will be listed below as well.]
-All players must reply to a story roleplay forum they are affiliated with within seven days of the previous player's post unless they claim a leave of absence. If one fails to post within seven days, the next player will post and you must wait for your turn to come again.
-Players can only participate in one thread at a time (For Roleplaying), and cannot start/join another thread until their current one is finished. (Reasoning is so that everything stays linear and chronological)
-The processes for roleplaying are as followed:

-Roleplaying: One person begins, and this person is usually the aggressor. Depending on who gave the assignment, a few things must be decided:

-Contract: Admin or Mods control events and NPCs.
-Mission: Admin or Mods control events and NPCs.
-Campaigns: Admin or Mods control events and NPCs.
-Story: Involved players control everything within reason as determined by the Admin or Mods.

The thread must include the type of assignment [Contract, Mission, story], the name of the assignment, and the creator's force name. Roleplaying will be done in a Round-Robin fashion unless circumstances say otherwise. At least one specialist in each player's factbook must survive unless said player wishes to form a new factbook. The Admin/Mod/employer decides if the roleplay was successful or not once the goal is met and gives a summary including the given reward. Every roleplay must be archived into a word document upon completion [By the Admin]. They must also be pinned/archived and closed for posting. Edits to posts must be announced within the thread as ( ) posts. If the next player to reply does not post, the player after them may reply after the seven day waiting period. All roleplaying will be moderated by the admin and mods, and they will decide if some unreasonable action has been taken. Story arcs created by players must have obvious plots and must eventually end, but can span over many separate threads and many different characters. The events in story arcs are included in galactic history and happenings, and story activity is controlled by the players alone.

-Contracts: Contracts are created by players and NPCs and act like the common 'quest'. If you wish to preform a contract you must comment on it and wait for a reply from the employer. They may send you a PM with private information, so be prepared. A contract will have a type of goal such as bounty, transportation, pirate, etc. and will have a payment set by the employer. If the goal is not met in the parameters, you may receive a penalty. Once you are on a contract you must start a thread in the Roleplay section with the contracts name in the title. All actions/transactions will be monitored by the Admin and Mods. A contract thread with multiple contracts will be called a campaign. Campaigns have greater rewards but are generally much longer, and generally have a story.

There are many types of contracts that you can accept. It is important to know the differences between them.

Bounty: Bounty contracts involve you hunting someone down. Generally the goal is to take them alive and transport them back safely to your employer, but on occasion you will have the option of killing your target. Bounties tend to pay quite well, as some of the targets are very difficult to get a hold of.

Transport: Transport contracts are some of the easiest in the game. They involve you taking on cargo and safely transporting it to a destination specified by your employer.

Assassination: Assassination contracts involve hunting someone down, much like bounty contracts. However unlike bounties, they involve you killing your target.

Escort: Escort contracts involve you and your crew protecting a convoy of transport vessels until they reach their destination.

Research: Research contracts generally take the longest, as they involve you and your crew working with teams of scientists (Either private or government based) in discovering new things. They can vary between your crew doing the physical research, or simply protecting scientists.

Mercenary: Mercenary contracts allow you and your crew to fight in a war without joining any particular side. They tend to be long missions involving military protocol.

-Missions: Missions are given to players directly from factions they are aligned or are affiliated with. Once a player receives mission details they must start a roleplay thread with the mission's title in the thread title. Missions may have penalties for not being completed within certain parameters. Upon completion, players will receive a reward and be on better/worse terms with some factions. All missions are administered by the Admin and Mods unless a player is serving under another player.

-Free Market: The Free Market has a growing and changing list of equipment, personnel, and vehicles that you can purchase from the various venders around. If you wish to make a transaction you must comment with what you wish to buy, and the Admin will play as the vender. Once a transaction is made, you must subtract the appropriate amount of credits from your balance and add what you've purchased. Remember: The Admin is watching. Players can also open up shop if they have old equipment they wish to sell but not to venders. All you do is simply start a thread with the title being your shop name, the description being what you might be selling, and a list of items and prices that you are willing to buy and sell!

-Recruiting Drive: NPC factions or other players may begin recruiting. Joining a faction will raise their perception of you, but it may lower your standings with other factions. You will receive missions from factions you've joined that will reward you considerably. Choose wisely however, for if you leave a faction without just cause, it may make them dislike you even more than before you joined them!

-The Com.: You will be able to make announcements and have conversations with other players and NPCs in a roleplay fashion in the Com. Just start a thread or read another and see who wants to talk to your specialists!

-Specialists: Specialists are your main characters and have advanced training in specific areas such as combat, espionage, leadership, trade, charisma, etc. Every force may begin with two specialists. After the two initial specialists more may be hired from the Mercenary Forum section of the Free Market for a sum of credits. Specialists may have extensive backgrounds and information in a player's factbook.

-Reputation: Your reputation with different factions is determind by your actions in RP. Each player will keep track of their reputations with different factions in their factbooks. The most common way to receive/lose reputation points with factions is upon completion of an RP in the report post.
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