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Oct 4 2006, 05:42 PM
Hey e, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the two versions, the relative merits of the song choices on the original broadcast vs the dvds, what we miss in the dvd version (a level of irony perhaps?).  I've never been a viewer particularly attuned to soundtracks (which is strange, because I think of myself as being very musical, but I guess it's because I'm not that into pop music), so I don't necessarily feel qualified to jump in on this subject.

I thank you for asking me (was it my painfully forlorn tumbleweed?) & I'd like to get a discussion going but was hoping to hear from others first (so we're kinda in the same boat) because I'm *so* allergic to this song it's hard to overcome my feelings (apologies, I'm sure there are people on the board who like it, it's just not my thing). But I'm guessing we can agree on this: it's relentlessly chipper. So yeah, as you said, I'd have to say my basic observation stands, Walking on Sunshine seems a deliberate, very heavy-handed bit of irony, given we're talking about the mood after Rachel's death. Presumably part of the idea is that life-goes-on, and things like irritating pop tunes do tend to punctuate things (as it were), like it or not. Ahem.

As for the other tune, I'm really hoping for more help with that from other people, one of the reasons I posted it. The soundtrack is low so you have to turn it way up; it sounds like another diva-type pop-tune to me, I don't imagine its Meaning is very heavy on any measurable scale except subatomic.

But in general, it does seem the music in Helen's apt (during the talk with Sean in ep1--different there too) & throughout, esp around Helen, is, thus far, ALL women's voices. I don't think that's Shed saying anything significant about Helen's sexuality, there are loads of people (especially women) who simply like listening to women sing, & prefer it to men. Most of them are straight. So that's bollocks. But in terms of just kinda... I don't know, texturing, layering the mood? I am finding it oa much subtler, much more effective than the stuff on the DVDs. So now I've got to get myself an Original Broadcast set of discs.


But I knew THAT all along.

ps: JAMBF says the women who sang Walking in Sunshine is a dyke.
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