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A LOVE OF FOOTBALL; a H & N story by MJnet
Topic Started: Nov 8 2008, 03:28 PM (4,306 Views)
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The Semi-Final match against Italy continued at the large stadium in Munich but neither team could score that all important goal. It finally came to the point of extra time and the golden goal. After 30 minutes the score was still the same at nil-nil.
“Come on!” Karen Betts shouted to her team encouragingly as they all lined up to take penalties.
Kat Slater was first to take a penalty. Left corner... she thought as she ran towards the ball at speed and kicked the ball brilliantly into the far left corner and past the Italian goalkeepers fingers.
“Yes!” Karen and Helen both stood and shouted at the same time. And from that moment they remained on their feet.
The Italian team lined up to take their first penalty... Cassie adjusted her gloves and waited in the middle of the goal. And as the ball came flying at her she tipped it with her fingers to the side, but unfortunately it still went into the corner of the net. Cassie got up off the ground, “Sh!t!” rubbed her hands and moved to make way for the Italian goalkeeper.
Nikki stood and prepared herself to take the next kick. Helen could barely watch. Come on Nikki... you can do it.
Nikki ran up to the ball and placed it expertly into the top right corner. After celebrating she looked to Helen and smiled. Helen whistled at her in return. The next shot by the Italians was crucial and so when they missed it the england fans erupted in cheers.
If England scored the next one they were through to the final...
Michelle Dockley placed the ball on the spot and without another thought she ran and kicked the ball. The ball it the bar!
“Sh!t!” Karen Betts put her head in her hands. Helen looked over at Nikki who was still stood on the pitch with her team mates. Michelle joined them and her team mates gave her some sympathy.
The Italian team had to score the next penalty or they were out.
Cassie prepared herself and this time as the ball came towards her she was ready, she punched the ball out.
“YES!” Karen shouted and ran towards her team, Helen was close behind her and heading in Nikki's direction. “Nikki..” she called her name and Nikki turned to see Helen and wrapped her arms around her. A kiss followed, neither of them caring who could see them.
“Were in the final... i cant believe it.” Nikki hugged Helen tightly then Helen pulled away and looked into her lovers eyes, “I love you and you were brilliant. Nikki wrapped her arm around Helen's shoulder and they walked off the field together, “Lets go celebrate!”
“Wait!” Helen stopped and looked to Nikki, “Wouldn't you rather go back to the hotel?” and she said it with a suggestive grin.
“Yes.” came the simple reply from Nikki followed by an equally suggestive grin.
“Thought so...” Helen grinned.
That evening the team partied at a club in town that many footballers frequented. But after an hour Nikki wanted to leave.
Nikki and Helen were dancing together when she suggested to call it a night. “But its only 9pm.” Helen looked at Nikki surprised. “I know,” Nikki said stroking Helen's hair, “but I really just want to spend time alone with you, just you and me.” Helen agreed and the two said their good byes.
Back at the hotel they spent some time at the bar before going to their room. And while they were stood at the bar they talked.
“Helen have you thought what you are going to do now you have retired from management?”
Helen sipped her beer and looked thoughtful. Nikki watched her and a smile curled up her lips. To her Helen always looked gorgeous but tonight she had a glow about her, she was happy. Helen was dressed in black trousers and a loose green shirt, Nikki wore a grey wool suit with a black shirt beneath. “I was considering writing a book.”
Nikki looked at her surprised, “A book?”
“Yeah, about my father. An official biography.” Helen told her.
“I didnt know you were a writer.” Nikki picked up her beer bottle and took a drink from it.
“Well, I am full of surprises.” Helen grinned.
Nikki laughed back at her, “Yes you are.”
“So... why wont you marry me?”
Nikki was surprised yet again by Helen's question. “What?” her eyebrows knotted.
“Why? A blessing...why not? You love me don't you?” Helen asked pointedly.
“Of course I love you, but Helen we have had this discussion before... I thought we were going to let it drop.” Nikki turned away and Helen could see she had yet again touched a nerve. “Nikki..” she grabbed her arm, “Look at me, why do you have such a problem with this?”
Nikki turned to look at Helen, “I don't want to talk about this.”
“I thought you could talk to me about anything.” Helen said bewildered and upset by Nikki's reaction. She knew Nikki was keeping something from her but what?
Nikki just put down her drink and walked away without another word and Helen followed her.
Dominic McAllister had all that he needed to see an end to the happy couple. One bomb, just big enough to blow up a vehicle. And in the night he made his way over to Helen and Nikki's house to plant the device. By this point he didnt care who it killed as long as it was one of them because if one were left alive the other would suffer greatly. He grinned as he attached it to the car in Helen's garage. Helen trusting him with her keys to the house made his job easier.
Helen slammed their hotel door behind her, “Okay Nikki you had better tell me what the hell is going on!”
The fiery green of Helen's eyes looked into the deep brown of Nikki's eyes as they stood facing each other. “Okay I'll tell you, just calm down.” Nikki told her and moved a little closer. “Please.”
Helen took a deep breath and nodded then Nikki took her hand and led her to the bed, where they both sat down together.
Then Nikki let go of Helen's hand and started to entwine her own fingers together nervously. It was obviously something that Nikki found difficult to discuss but Helen waited quietly.
“Trish and I, when we were together... we planned to have a ceremony.” Nikki began and Helen listened, turning on her side to look at her lover. “Well we set the day and it was to be the best day of my life but it soon turned into the worst.”
Helen looked at Nikki concerned, “Why?”
Nikki looked to Helen, “Because Trish never turned up. I was left there with all our guests looking like a complete idiot!”
“oh Nikki, I am so sorry.” Helen moved closer and took Nikki's hand. “But I am also not sorry, because you may have still been together if it weren't for her leaving.”
“I know.” Nikki smiled, “But Helen I'm scared to death of it happening again and if it happened to us I don't think I could take that.”
Helen pulled Nikki into a hug, “That would never happen to us, we are soul mates... for always.” Helen reassured her. Nikki rested her head on Helen's shoulder and held onto her, “I know that deep in my heart but there is still that dreaded fear...”
Helen pulled away and looked to Nikki's eyes, “Look at me Nikki, this is me... Helen you are talking to. I love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Do you really think I wouldn't turn up?”
Nikki began to smile, “No of course not.”
“Well then.” Helen said finally.
“Okay, lets do it but we are not inviting too many people.” Nikki replied.
Helen's eyes twinkled with delight then she hugged Nikki with tears in her eyes. “Thank you.”
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The day of the final arrived and the team although happy to have got that far were very nervous as they waited in the changing room before kick off. Nikki was putting on her boots when she looked up to see Helen enter the room. She signalled Nikki over to her and once her boots were laced she made her way over to Helen.
“Hi babe.” Nikki smiled.
Helen leaned forward and kissed Nikki's cheek. “I just wanted to say good luck.”
“Thanks.” Nikki rolled her eyes, “But you already said good luck about 5o times this morning.”
Helen laughed, “I did not.”
Nikki lent to whisper in Helen's ear, “I love you.”
Helen grinned and whispered back, “I love you too.”
The two struggled to part when it was time for the team to go out on to the pitch.
“I am so scared.” Nikki said before letting go of Helen's hand.
“Nikki... you don't do scared! You show em who's the best.” Helen told her.
“I'll do my best.” Nikki smiled back before disappearing out of the room and down the long tunnel to the pitch. Helen made her way down behind them with the manager Karen Betts.
The opposition were Germany and playing in their own country definitely was an advantage. The crowd was huge and mostly made up of German fans and supporters. The English crowd was considerably smaller but just as loud. “COME ON ENGLAND!” They chanted continuously.
Helen sat beside Karen and both women were excited and nervous. They looked to each other and grinned, both happy to be there but anxious at the same time.
Nikki ran up to the centre spot, she had won the toss and was ready to start the match off. She looked to Denny to her right and as the ref blew the whistle she passed the ball to Denny who took it and ran with it until she spotted Michelle Dockley running forward in the centre. Denny kicked the ball across to her avoiding the opposition and Dockley took it and was tackled heavily by the German defender. The whistle blew for a foul just outside the goal area. Nikki and Kat both ran up to take the free kick and had a very quick discussion about who would. Nikki won the war of words and took aim... Far left corner. The ball went over the wall of German players and smashed into the far corner of the net.
The England fans jumped up in joy and the German fans hanged their heads in shame and disappointment. Nikki ran with the rush of scoring the opening goal in the women's world cup final. Denny and Shell caught up with her and wrapped their arms around her pulling her to the ground, quickly followed by the rest of their team mates.
“Yes!” Karen was on her feet and looking on at the team, “Now we need to hold onto that lead and get a few more.”
Helen sat on the bench after just jumping up and going mad for a few seconds with the joy that the goal had bought them. Her heart was accelerating in her chest and she needed to calm down.
Half-time score


Back in England a very troubled young man was having second thoughts about his plans. Dominic McAllister wandered around Helen Stewart's home taking a look at pictures in frames and he could see the evidence of her happy life with Nikki and with her father. At first he had a pang of guilt at wanting to hurt Helen but then he began to feel angry again when he noticed a love letter from Nikki to Helen which was neatly tucked amongst the books on the shelf. He read it to himself and just got more and more jealous. Then he ripped up the letter and threw it... the pieces of love written by Nikki's hands scattered across the carpet. He sank down on his knees and weeped and for what he didn't know.

A deep in a dark basement of a house a man was tied up and gagged. He struggled and tried to get free of the rope that was wrapped around him but it was useless. I have to get out of here, before he does something crazy... oh God what if he already did? The man was helpless and continued to struggle in the darkness, the only light was the sunlight that shone through a broken window but he was glad of it, for when night time fell it was pitch black down there and cold. He slowly manoeuvred himself across the floor towards the window and after about twenty minutes he finally made it and to his delight he found some loose glass that was shattered on the floor and he began to rub the robe on his arms against the sharp bit that stuck out in his direction.

The second half kicked off to roars of approval from the England fans and some very subdued German fans. England kept the pressure up and didn't let go of the lead. Well not until the 85th minute when a flying tackle sent their forward flying to the ground in the penalty area. The ref blew her whistle for a penalty and the England team protested but the protesting did no good. The German striker took her place and ran towards the ball on the spot and luckily for England Cassie Tyler was on her best form as she threw herself at the ball, her hand pushing it away, it was quickly taken by Denny Blood up field and passed to Nikki to her left who ran with it almost half the length of the pitch until she took a look before her, it was just Nikki and the German goalkeeper, she aimed and fired.
2 nil!
The crowd went crazy and so did Helen and Karen as they ran of the bench. Then the whistle blew for full time, just on time.
After celebrating with her team mates Nikki ran up to Helen who gave her the biggest hug of her life. “You did it! You only won the world cup!” Helen laughed. “I know... I cant bloody believe it!” Nikki replied. There exchange was disturbed by her team mates Cassie Tyler and Kat Slater who jumped on her, “Well done Nikki.” Cassie shouted at her. “Hey well done yourself, you saved us out there.” Nikki said as she hugged her.
The team posed for fans photographs around the stadium and then prepared themselves to lift the cup. It would be Nikki's job to lift the world cup and one that she would never forget...
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DC Thomas Waugh looked up from his desk to the clock. Where is Dominic? He's late. Thomas had been drinking buddies with Dominic McAlister for years and it wasn't like his friend to miss a meet up and a chat over a few pints in the local pub. They were due to meet at Thomas Waugh's office an hour ago. Thomas picked up the phone and dialled Dominic's home number. Damn it, pick up the phone Dom . When he got no response he tried his mobile.
The man in the basement struggled against the shard of glass, trying desperately to cut the rope that kept him there, trapped. The blood on his arm trickled down his shirt sleeve as the glass kept missing the rope and cutting his arm. And as he continued to struggle the mobile phone in his trouser pocket began its familiar tune and vibrated against his leg. If only I could answer the bloody thing!

Nikki Wade stood proud and looked across and down at the adoring fans as she lifted the trophy high up into the air. This was the biggest moment of Nikki's career and the beaming smile on her face showed just how proud she was. Helen watched from down on the pitch with so much love and admiration for her lover and for the team.
The trophy was taken down onto the pitch and passed around while more photos were eagerly taken by press and supporters and when the celebrations were over Nikki met up with Helen and walked off the pitch and towards the changing rooms. “Time to get a quick shower!” Nikki pulled off her shirt and revealed her lean body to the fans nearby, she threw it into the crowd beside the tunnel and a girl screamed as she caught it. Helen laughed and then looked at Nikki who was walking off the pitch in no more than her shorts and a sports bra.
The showers was another celebration as the team sang and opened champagne in the changing room. Nikki was enjoying the feeling of the warm water rushing over her body when she was greeted by a corked champagne bottle in the hands of Cassie Tyler, the whoosh of fizzy liquid heading her way, she ducked but the champagne spread and rained down on Nikki before she could escape.
Helen and Karen sat in an office nearby talking about the match and Karen was doing her hardest trying to get Helen to see sense.
“Helen you cant leave football, it would be a waste of talent.” she told her. “I want more Karen... I want to have a child for one.” Helen replied and sipped from the glass of champagne she had been given.
“Why cant you do both?” Karen asked puzzled.
“Because if I have a child with Nikki I want to devote my time to it, not leave it with a child minder 24/7.”
Karen nodded that she understood but still couldn't see why she had to retire. “You would make such a great England manager one day.”
“I love football, but really I have other plans and I think I have been obsessed with the game long enough. I want to write a book about my dads life. That is going to take up most of my time and if I have a child as well...”
“I guess you could always come back to football later.” Karen said thoughtfully.
“You don't let go easily do you Karen?” Helen smiled.
“Nope.” She smiled back. Then she had a thought, “Wait.. Nikki isn't leaving football as well is she?” she looked worried.
“No, well she hasn't said anything to me about leaving, she loves it too much.” Helen told her, “Don't worry Karen I don't think you will be losing your star player just yet.”
“Phew.” she replied and took a sip of her drink.

Back in the changing rooms Nikki had finally washed all the champagne off and half wished that Helen had been there to lick it off. She smiled to herself and put on her training jacket before saying good-bye to all her team mates and making her way down to the office where she knew Helen would be waiting.
The man finally got loose of all the rope and blinded by darkness he smashed the window a little more with his hands to escape the prison he had found himself in. He threw the gag from his mouth and squeezed himself through the open window... at last free. The first place he needed to go was the place he knew his brother would be, or at least would have been. He just hoped to God that they were not back yet. He fumbled with the mobile in his pocket to see who had called him when he was tied up in the basement. Thomas Waugh... oh Christ were we supposed to meet up today? His clothes were a mess and his shirt was blood stained as he made his way down the busy London streets. Should I call the police? Call Thomas? Yes he could help me... No I can't... I at least need to try to help him first, find him, try to make him see sense... if its not too late. I blame our parents for this... for spoiling me and leaving him to fend for himself all those years... just look what they have done to him! He's bitter and twisted. Then finally having reached his destination he looked up at the house that belonged to Helen Stewart and very cautiously made his way forward.

“Darling!” Nikki opened the office door and smiled at Helen. Helen stood and walked towards her pulling her into a hug. “Sweetheart.” she smiled back. Karen felt a little embarrassed like she was intruding on something between two lovers. Then they kissed and she felt her face go hot. “Ahem.” she coughed.
Helen looked around and let go of Nikki, “Sorry. We'll be leaving now and on the plane back to England tonight.”
“We will have to meet up for drinks sometime...you have my phone number?” Karen asked.
“Yep. And we most certainly will. Its been fun catching up on old times.” Helen smiled over at her and then took Nikki's hand and looked to Nikki, “Ready to go?”
Nikki nodded and said good-bye to Karen. They left and made their way back to the hotel to pick up their bags before going to the airport for their evening flight home.

Its was dark when they arrived back in the UK. The taxi left them at their doorstep and they carried the bags inside. “It is so good to be home.” Nikki commented as they stepped in the hallway and dropped down the luggage. Helen grabbed Nikki and held her tight then kissed her, “It sure is, I really missed home and our bed.”
“Me too.” Nikki said as she went in for another kiss.
“Get the kettle on.” Helen ordered as she made her way to the bathroom.
“Yes boss!” Nikki joked and made her way to the kitchen.
“Thomas I have a problem.”
“What is it and where were you yesterday?” He asked the caller.
“It's a long story but I really need your help right now...”
“Anything you know that.” Thomas told him.
“I need you to help me find my brother.”
“I didn't know you had a brother.” He said surprised.
“That's because I never talk about him, actually we are twins. But he's a bit unstable to say the least and well I thought he was in hospital but then I found out he had been released two years ago and all that time he's been watching me secretly and watching a friend of mine. And I am concerned for her safety.”
“What's her name?” Thomas Waugh asked.
“Helen Stewart.” Dominic McAllister replied.
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Dominic McAllisters twin brother watched the Stewart-Wade household with anticipation. The morning sun shone down across the street of houses as he approached the only house he was interested in. He waited, hidden behind some bushes for Helen or Nikki to take the car for a drive... the car that he had concealed a bomb within.
When Helen Stewart was given the position of manager at Larkhall United he had noticed her. Every saturday he was there in the terraces both home and away matches, just hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman he had become obsessed with.
Then he had watched over time as Helen became involved with Nikki and slowly become more and more jealous. His jealousy fuelled by his mental problems. Now all he wanted to do was destroy what Nikki and Helen had, because he wanted it, with Helen.
“Helen, I'm just going into town to get a few things, we need milk.” Nikki called to Helen who was still in the shower. She didn't hear Nikki due to the water cascading over her body. Nikki put on her denim jacket over her Larkhall United T-shirt, grabbed the car keys from the window shelf beside the potted plant and made her way to the garage.
Dominic McAllister drove like the devil through the streets of London with Thomas Waugh on his tail. They had both tried to call Helen and Nikki at home but the phone seemed to be out of order. Neither of them had the mobile phone numbers and Dominic cursed himself for not getting them at some point. So it meant a drive out to their home to let them know to be careful and wary of Dominic's twin brother, who was on the loose and dangerous.
Just as Dominic and Thomas were driving into their street, Nikki was driving out of the drive and they could see Dominic's twin brother in the road watching her openly... like he was expecting something to happen. Then it happened... There was an explosion and the car caught fire, a door flew across the road hitting Dominic's twin straight on knocking him to the ground. Helen was still in the shower when she heard the loud bang and felt the rumble beneath her feet. “What the hell was that?” she stepped out of the shower quickly put on her long white cotton bathrobe and grabbed a towel for her hair, tying it up. Then she rushed downstairs and out of the front door.
“Nikki!!” she screamed out as she saw her car up in flames. Then she noticed Dominic McAllister in the road... she turned to her left and saw Dominic McAllister again beside the car dragging Nikki for the car. At first she thought she must have been seeing things, she ran over bare foot towards Nikki and Dominic number two.
Dominic looked to her, “The police are on their way.” He told her, “Help me with Nikki.”
Helen lent down and helped him get Nikki onto the grass of the neighbours front garden. Helen was in shock and hadn't taken in that Nikki wasn't moving or saying anything and that her eyes were closed.
“Dominic can I have a word.” Helen and Dominic looked up to see Thomas Waugh. “Is she alright?” he looked at Nikki laid out on the lawn.
“There's a pulse. Yes I think she will be but she's unconscious.”
“What?” Helen suddenly realised what they were talking about.
Dominic looked to Helen, “Nikki... she's unconscious. But she is alive.”
Helen seemed to be miles away. Thomas had seen it a million times before, Helen was going into shock. He knelt down beside her and took her hand, “Helen, come on lets get you inside.”
She looked at him fiery, “I'm not going anywhere, I cant leave Nikki.”
“But Helen your in shock..”
“I don't care.” she turned her attention to Nikki and held her head in her lap, “Nikki... sweetheart...its going to be alright.” she told her softly, even though Nikki couldn't hear her.
Dominic looked to Thomas, “It's okay Tom.” Thomas nodded and then remembered what he had walked over to say in the first place, “Dom, bad news I'm afraid, your brother didn't make it.”
Dominic looked up in shock, “He's dead?”
“Sorry.” Thomas replied sympathetically.
“Don't be, he deserved it, he could have killed two people today the maniac.” Dominic replied taking Thomas by surprise. “Dom your just angry, you don't really mean that.”
“Don't I?” He looked back at Helen and Nikki.
Thomas walked off and left the three of them alone. And it wasn't too long before the ambulance, fire engines and police arrived. All the neighbours in the street had come out to see what on earth had happened and were shocked to see a car on fire in Helen Stewart's drive way.

Two Months Later.

Nikki had recovered from her injuries, she had spent a few days pretty much out of it with all the drugs they gave her for the pain her injuries had caused and it would be at least 6 months before she could kick a ball again. But she was lucky to be alive and both Helen and Nikki knew this. They would never take anything for granted again. Helen sold her house and Nikki closed down her small gardening business then the two of them moved to Scotland to live with Helen's father in the beautiful Scottish countryside. They didn't mind sharing the house, it was big enough to accommodate them all and the baby that Helen and Nikki were planning to have. They were lucky, the discovery that two women could now make a baby together was being put to the test with couples who were interested. Nikki and Helen had signed up for the treatment immediately and were given the go ahead... soon they would be making a baby together. Helen decided to carry their child. A child that would have both of their football genes...
“Nikki look at this.” Helen sat at the breakfast table reading her mail. Nikki walked over with a piece of toast between her teeth and took the letter from Helen's hands and she read it.

Dear Miss Stewart,
We are aware of your early retirement from football but wondered if you would be interested in a position at Glasgow Rangers? We are looking for a managing director at present. We would be honoured if you would meet with us to discuss the matter further.
*signature of present manager*
Glasgow Ranger F.C

Nikki looked to Helen, her heart was beating faster, “Oh my God! Helen you cant say no to this.”
“I know.” Helen beamed back at her.
“But the baby...” Nikki reminded her.
“I will tell them about it and see if they can accommodate a pregnant woman, if not then its their loss.” Helen told her and took the letter back and put it into the envelope. “I cant wait to show this to dad!”
Nikki laughed, “Talk about keeping it in the family, he's going to be so pleased for you.”
“And why is that?” Helen's father and ex-Glasgow Rangers footballer walked into the kitchen after a long morning out on the farm.
Helen passed the letter to her father and awaited his response. Nikki wished she had a camera on her when she saw his reaction... a grown man crying was a rare thing.

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Down the Block
Great story
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G2 landing
really really good story :)
thank you :)
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