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TOUGH LOVE; a short H & N story by MJnet
Topic Started: Nov 8 2008, 04:21 PM (1,952 Views)
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Nikki Wade’s lips kissed at Helen Stewart’s navel before moving down further to devour what was hers. The thrill, the excitement, the passion of making love was always of the same incredible intensity and both lovers always felt overwhelmed a little afterwards, then they were fulfilled and every desire was distinguished, at least for a little while.
Nikki held Helen in her arms as tears formed in her eyes. Two whole weeks away from each other, the thought alone was unbearable! How were they going to manage to survive it? Nikki and Helen lay silently, not a thought in their minds for the first time all evening. Just grateful to have this time together and finally relaxed after an evening of packing and pretending to be strong for each other when really they could have both said sod it and ran away together where no one else could find them… alone, safe, happy.

When they finally came back down to earth Nikki moved her arm a little, feeling it go dead under the weight of Helen’s head.
Helen turned and looked up at the sexiest woman she had ever seen in her life and with her voice barely audible she said, “You okay?”
“Yeah just a bit stiff.” Nikki half smiled in the semi-darkness, only a street light outside showing the outline of her face.
“Well, I need a drink, can I get you anything?” Helen asked as she positioned herself upright in bed and reached for her t-shirt and knickers that had been carelessly thrown to the bottom of the bed in the heat of passion.
“Coke… thanks.” Nikki replied as she brushed her fingers through her hair. Helen got up and slapped her leg playfully, “Be right back.” Then she made her way to the kitchen for their much needed liquid refreshment.

Nikki rested back against the pillows that she had pushed back against the headboard. Her mind began to fill again with all the things that were causing her so much pain… She hated being away from Helen even for a day, what was this going to do to them? And no matter how many times she told herself she was lucky to have any time with Helen after being in prison all those years, she still felt that aching feeling in her heart, homesick before she had even stepped out of the front door.

“This is sh!t!” she mumbled to herself as Helen walked back through the bedroom door and closed it behind her with her foot.
“I know it is sweetheart… but we’ll get through it.” Helen smiled softly and got back into her side of the bed before handing a glass of coke to Nikki.
“I wish I had your optimism.” Nikki said before taking a long sip from the glass.
Helen rested back with a glass of water in one hand, “I guess being away from you for so long in the past makes me realise just how lucky we are now.”
She turned and looked to Nikki, “So this is nothing compared to what we have already been through.”
“That’s true enough but before…” she paused ”It was different, we weren’t as connected as we are now. Back then I wasn’t even sure there was an us.” Helen put down her glass and ran her hands through her shoulder length dark blonde hair.
Nikki put her glass down on the side and moved back down under the duvet, “You gonna join me?” she asked looking up at Helen with mischievous eyes.
“Only if you promise to ravish me.” Helen smiled.
Nikki took hold of Helen and pulled her down, then she lent across her and looked down into her beautiful green eyes, “I want to make love to you all night long…”
A smile curled up on Helen’s lips, “I’d like that.”
“But first you need to help me… “ Nikki told her and her voice was barely a whisper.
“Mmm… I’ll have to think about that…” Helen grinned up at her and as she did so her left hand moved under Nikki who happily rolled onto her back. Helen lent over her and green eyes locked with her deep brown eyes, her hand reached slowly downwards, past the firm breast, to the slender toned stomach muscles until her fingers finally found the centre of Nikki’s desire…

”Please Helen…” came the soft quiet response.

“Please what?” she asked. Knowing exactly what she wanted but needing to hear it.

Nikki’s whole body tensed in anticipation and the warmth between her legs became more apparent to her, Nikki knew she was so aroused that she could come within seconds but she didn’t want to, she needed Helen for longer than that.

“Make love to me.” She whispered back, “Slowly.”

Morning came far too soon as the alarm rang loudly in Nikki’s ears. She turned it off quickly and looked to Helen who had just groaned and pushed a pillow over her head to hide the noise.
Nikki’s hand gently touched Helen’s hair as the pillow was replaced with Helen’s head rested back on top of it.
“Hey… time to get up.” She told her sleepy partner.
“Oh just a few more minutes…” Helen groaned again, she hadn’t even dared to open her eyes yet.
Nikki laughed to herself and moved to get out of bed, “Okay tell you what, I’ll go get a shower and make some tea and toast for us both, then I’ll come and wake you.”
“Sounds good.” Helen mumbled before pulling the duvet back over her fully to keep out the chill.
Nikki shook her head then put on her robe before disappearing out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom.

Nikki threw the last of her bags into the boot of the car and smiled over at Helen who was looking at her with those sad eyes. She watched as Helen turned around and locked the front door to their house. Helen’s tension was palpable; breakfast had been quiet with an air of unease. It always felt that way when either of them had to go on a trip, alone. Nikki looked away and closed the boot before walking around to get in the passenger seat, as she was opening it Helen sneaked up behind her…

“Hey!” Nikki laughed as she felt Helen’s hand touch her bottom.
“I love it when you wear jeans.” Helen smiled at her seductively and added an extra little squeeze.
“Don’t!” Nikki warned her playfully, “Unless you want me to miss my flight because I had to take you back to bed.”
“Oh if only.” Helen groaned as she stood back and took the car keys from Nikki. Then she sighed, her sweet smile replaced by a frown.
“I hate when you have to go away.”

Nikki sighed heavily and got into the car. The feeling was mutual but she had to try and be strong for both of them. Helen was always the one who was strong when she was locked up in Larkhall… Nikki made it her duty to be there for Helen now, through everything they were going to face together.

Helen walked around the front of the car and Nikki watched her as she buckled up in the passenger seat. Nikki’s thoughts weren’t on her journey or her work, just on the woman walking in front of her view… In Nikki Wades mind Helen was the most perfect, beautiful, sexy woman that she had ever known. And being apart from her for just a day was going to be unbearable. Her stomach secretly churned in anticipation of being away from Helen for two whole weeks.

They arrived at the airport about ten minutes later and soon Nikki was checked in and saying her goodbyes to Helen. They dropped their bags and pulled each other into a hug, they didn’t care who was looking as they kissed.

“I love you so much.” Nikki told Helen softly as she moved her head back and looked to Helen’s eyes. That was when she saw the tears, she raised her fingers to Helen’s cheek and brushed them away as much as she could, “Hey, I’ll be home before you know it, its only two weeks.” She said cheerfully, trying hard to be brave for Helen’s sake.
“Two weeks, it may as well be two years.” Helen replied looking back into Nikki deep brown eyes.
Nikki frowned, “I know its not easy… but at least we can come and go as we please these days and don’t have to worry about being caught.”
Helen looked down and then nodded, “I know Nikki…” she sighed, “But that doesn’t take the pain away now.”
Nikki reached her finger to Helen’s chin, making her look up at her, then said with meaning, “I’m going to miss you so much.”
Helen began to smile as she noticed the effect her current mood was having on Nikki… “I’m sorry… Just take care over there and phone me every night okay?”
Nikki half smiled, “As if I wouldn’t!”
They were then rudely interrupted by the announcement that Nikki’s flight would be boarding shortly.
“I have to go.” Nikki sighed as she let go of Helen and picked up her rucksack and slung it over her shoulder.
“I know.” Helen smiled and kissed Nikki one more time. “Bring me back something nice.”
“Will I do?” Nikki grinned.
“You will do perfectly.” Helen laughed.
“Well, how about me and some of your favourite perfume?” Nikki asked with one eyebrow slightly raised.
“Even better.” Helen replied as she let go of Nikki’s hand.
“I love you.” Helen told her as Nikki walked away.
“I love you too.” Nikki called back proudly.

And as both women walked away from each other, the gap seemed huge, and the feeling in their hearts was tearing both of them apart.

Helen walked back to the car park and got straight back into her car, then she rested her head in her hands on the steering wheel, letting her tears run there course.

Nikki had found her seat by the window on the plane and she was very pleased to find no one was sitting beside her so she had a little extra room to stretch out. Nikki hated these small jets, her legs were too long for comfort and so a cramped and uncomfortable journey lay ahead, but at least it was only going to take a few hours to reach her destination… the south of France.
Her work within the prison reform service had allowed her a lot of things other ex-cons would never have, and one was to be allowed to travel abroad. It was required for her work and after much consideration she had been given permission to apply for a new passport. The first thing she did when she had the passport in her hands was phone for two flights to San Francisco, where Nikki and Helen had then gone on to spend a wonderful 4 weeks. As Nikki rested back in her seat and gazed out of the window, down at the tiny little buildings she fondly remembered that trip, they had called it their honeymoon… now all they needed was to get blessed.

What a good idea!

Nikki began to smile to herself as she started to plan her extra special present to Helen on her return to the UK. I’ll get the ring in France, then propose when I get home… well once we take a rest from making up for lost time. A smile curled up on her lips as she imagined making up for lost time… before she knew it the plane was on the landing strip in the south of France.
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The hotel had a very modern contemporary feel to it, on light walls hung photographs from the local area, as Nikki Wade made her way down the long hallway to her room on the 3rd floor. She finally found room 28 and put the key in the door with one hand whilst she held her suitcase in the other and a rucksack hanged down from her shoulder. She pushed the door open with her foot and walked inside.

“Nice…” she smiled and dropped her suitcase to the light grey carpeted floor. Her eyes took in the rest of the room, a large double bed with a white duvet and two pillows, cable television on the wall, drinks cabinet, walk in wardrobe and a dresser with 5 drawers to one side of the bed. The on-suite shower was opposite the end of the bed. Nikki took off her jacket and shoes and relaxed back on the bed against the headboard then she picked up the phone and started to dial…

“Hi… Nikki and Helen are not home right now, so if you would like to leave a message after the beep and we will get back to you.”


“Darling are you there? Pick up babe…” Nikki paused and waited… when no reply came she continued, “I guess your not there so I will try your mobile. Love you, miss you.” Nikki pressed the end call button and began to dial Helen’s mobile instead.

“Packet of gum please.” Helen looked across the counter at the Asian guy who was looking at her amazed. A woman in a suit buying a packet of gum? As she handed over some small change to pay for it her mobile began to ring in her briefcase.

“Damn.” She muttered under her breath as she struggled to get it open and moved away from the shop counter. She pulled out the nokia 3310 and held it to her ear whilst closing her briefcase at the same time.

“Hi gorgeous…”
“Nikki!” Helen said brightly and realising people were listening in she made her way outside of the shop and onto the pavement, finding a quiet spot in the chaos outside of the morning crowd going about their business.
“Did I catch you at a bad moment?”
“It’s never a bad moment for you to call me.” Helen replied, “But yeah I was in the middle of a newsagents.”
Nikki laughed, “Sorry… guess I better not talk sexy to you then.”
“Don’t you dare!” Helen laughed, “I still have to walk to work.”
“Walk?” Nikki was wondering where Helen’s car had gone.
“Yes I just popped out for a coffee, I’m on my way back.”
“Oh I see…”
Suddenly they were both very aware of being apart and both of them had a feeling of sickness in the pit of their stomach.

Then out of the silence they both softly spoke at the same time… “I miss you…”

The rest of the day dragged on endlessly for both of them. Helen had meetings all day within her work for a lifers unit in London. The last meeting of the day was a group session. Helen sat down to start the meeting and looked to her left half expecting Nikki to be sitting there… memories of those days when she was working for the lifers unit at Larkhall came flooding back and the memory of Nikki’s smile as they exchanged secret glances.

“Miss… what does this mean?” A young woman called across the room to her.

Helen looked up and realised she had been miles away ever since she had sat down.

Nikki got changed into a pair of blue jeans and a grey sports t-shirt then took a walk down to the restaurant to grab some lunch. She walked up and joined the queue with a tray in her hands. And for a moment she was reminded of Larkhall… She shook the image from her head and smiled to herself in relief that she was no longer in that hellhole.
She was miles away daydreaming about Helen when a woman entered the restaurant and walked towards the queue. She was about the same height as Nikki with long blonde hair and blue eyes, with a smile that could light up a room. The woman stepped up behind Nikki and admired the way her dark brown hair curled at her neck. She licked her lips for a second uncontrollably…

Nikki stepped forward and picked out a chicken salad on a plate. Then she moved on and ordered a coffee, her soft London accent was unmistakable.

The woman behind her put her hand over her mouth in shock… It sounds like her… It must be her… the blonde tapped Nikki on the back to get her attention as Nikki stood there and waited for her coffee to be poured.

Nikki turned around slowly to see who it was and what they wanted… her eyes widened in shock as she did so…



“What? How?” Nikki muttered as Caroline looked back at her equally as confused. She was about to reply when the woman behind the counter called to Nikki that her coffee was ready and she was holding the queue up.

Nikki turned around and apologised to the woman, she placed her coffee on the tray and took out some money to pay. Then she waited for Caroline to get a drink.

“Coffee please.” Caroline ordered. She took it and stood beside Nikki then asked, “Should we find a table?”
Nikki nodded, still in shock and followed Caroline across the restaurant to a table in a far corner where they could talk privately.
Both women sat opposite each other and as Nikki fiddled with the salad with her fork Caroline broke the uneasy silence.

“You are probably wondering why they didn’t lock me up forever uh?”

Nikki looked at her, “The thought did cross my mind. So what the hell are you doing here?” Nikki added with a frown.
“They had some new evidence and they let me go. Just like you.” Caroline explained.
Nikki nearly choked on her coffee, she put her cup down and stared at Caroline in disbelief, “No Caroline, you are nothing like me.”
“I just meant…” Caroline replied.
“I know what you meant.” Nikki frowned and tried to tuck into her food. You could have cut the tension with a knife.
“Look Nikki, you don’t know the whole story… I am innocent. I was arrested for taking photos of… God I cant even say it, it disgusts me so much.” She stopped when she saw Nikki cringe. “But I wasn’t involved I swear… my boyfriend at the time was and he used my camera to take the pictures, so I got the blame. He even owned up to it. I honestly knew nothing about it.”
Nikki looked across at Caroline and thought she had to give her the benefit of the doubt, after all at the time she couldn’t imagine Caroline could have done anything so despicable.

“So what are you doing here?”

“Working for the prison reform service, as a spokesperson for women who are wrongly charged.”
“You are joking?” Nikki said shocked for the second time that morning.
“No why?” Caroline asked puzzled.
“I work for them too. Different department but still… what a coincidence.” Nikki trailed off and fell into deep thoughts. It was all too weird.
“Well I always wanted to let you know how happy I was for you… that you were released.” Caroline smiled.
“Thanks.” Nikki smiled back and took her fork to get some food from her plate.
“So… how are you?” Caroline asked curiously.
“I’m fine… actually…” she looked up at Caroline and smiled, “I’m great… never been so happy.”
Caroline grinned, “Oh yeah, so who is she?”
“Helen Stewart.” Nikki replied without a second thought.
“Hang on wasn’t that the governors name at Larkhall?” Caroline asked amazed.
“Same one.” Nikki replied and began to eat.
“Christ… no wonder she gave me those dagger eyes.” Caroline said thoughtfully.
“Uh? What?” Nikki looked at her.
“Helen… every time she saw us together she didn’t look too pleased about it, that time in the library for example.” Caroline explained. And she now wondered how she hadn’t caught on at the time.
“Yeah well we weren’t together at that time, she broke up with me.” Nikki told her.
“After the riot?” Caroline asked.
“Yep… that didn’t go down too well.” Nikki smiled.
“So how did you get back together?”
“When I was released Helen came to find me, to tell me she still loved me. We have been together ever since.” Nikki replied proudly.
“Well, I’m happy for you Nikki… that’s really good news.”
“What about you?” Nikki asked.
“Me? I have a partner back home, Mandy… she stood by me through everything. We met in prison.”

“Good for you.”

Nikki half smiled and tucked back into her food. But in the back of her mind she was wondering how on earth she was going to tell Helen about all this without her getting jealous, or concerned and worried.

Helen got home around 6pm to an empty house. She could still smell Nikki’s scent in the air, especially in the bathroom. Helen made some tea and sat down in front of the television, she began to watch anything to help take her mind off the fact that Nikki wasn’t there. Nothing worked… and her head was constantly full of Nikki and how much she wanted to be with her again.

“Oh for heavens sake!” Helen called out an hour later to no one. She stood up and threw the remote control down onto the sofa. Then she made her way to the bathroom… “Time for a good long soak.”

Nikki’s day had been quiet, all the work began tomorrow and so today was a day for settling into the hotel and just having a casual look around. She left Caroline after lunch and made her way to the seafront stores and it was there that she found the perfect ring for Helen in a jewellery shop on the front. It cost just over £500 and she had to get two, one for each other… so Nikki left the shop with her bank balance a grand lighter.

Helen was just getting into bed when the phone rang.

“Hi Nikki.” She said instinctively.
“How did you know it was me?” Nikki laughed.
“Now who else would be calling me at eleven pm?”
Helen sat up in bed and lent back, she was naked because it was so hot and the summer breeze gently blew against the curtains where there was an open window.
“I love you.” Nikki breathed. Then caught her breath… just saying it was hard at the moment because they were so far apart.
“I love you too.” Helen softly smiled back into the phone. “So how are you? You settled in?” Helen asked, determined that they should try to talk and not dwell on the fact they were miles apart.
“Yeah, the hotel is great.” Then Nikki paused for a moment, should she tell her about Caroline? Nikki decided not too, she would only worry. “The foods good too… God I wish you were here so much.” Nikki sighed desperately.
“I wish you were here, this weather is making me feel… well you know.” Helen smiled sexily but it was pointless when Nikki couldn’t see her. If she had seen her, she would have ravished her in a second.
“I know how you feel, this whole city is so romantic and I have no one to share it with.” Nikki smiled back. “I want to make love to you so much right now…” she added, her voice a little quieter and a little deeper.
Helen’s stomach flipped at the very suggestion of it. She wanted nothing more. “I need you.” She replied breathlessly.
“How much?” Nikki asked as she herself took the phone and got into bed.
“So much I’m aching…” Helen groaned.
“What do you want me to do?” Nikki asked, her voice quiet and gentle.
“Touch me… with those gorgeous hands of yours.”
Nikki felt goose pimples appear on her skin as she was getting turned on.
“Touch you… where?”

“You tell me…” Helen replied with a sexy smile.

Nikki did exactly that…
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Two days later.

“Hi Nikki.”
Caroline called over from the pool where she was sunbathing and holding a fruit juice in one hand and waving with the other. Her smile was radiant, obviously a woman who was very happy with her life and very sure of herself. Nikki looked in her direction and smiled briefly before tucking her hands into her pale sand coloured shorts and walking in another direction.

It was a free day for all the employees who had been sent on this trip by the prison reform group. The intent of the two week trip was to visit a reform group in the south of France and make comparisons with their own back in the UK and to also learn a few things. There had been special seminars, visits to women’s prisons and a major prison reform conference planned in the two weeks. The conference was on the following Monday. The past two days had been spent working on a local project to help young offenders. Nikki and Caroline both gave talks to the youngsters and hoped to make a difference. The talks went down well and knowing what Nikki had been in prison for had impressed a few of them.

They had days off to do as they pleased in between the special visits and group get-togethers, but Nikki just felt that it was wasted time… all she wanted to do was get the two weeks over with as quickly as possible and days off just made the days drag out even longer.

Caroline watched Nikki walk away with a glum look on her face. She sat up and looked thoughtfully over at her.

I think miss Wade needs cheering up… she grinned to herself and placed the fruit juice down beside her, then stood and pulled on a white robe around her. Her hair was wet and so was the bikini that she wore, a pale peach colour that almost matched her slight tan. With half a smile she made her way back to her hotel room to get changed, but not before a quick exchange with Nikki Wade.

Nikki was sitting outside the hotel drinking something cool and refreshing, her hair was short, dark with that just got out of bed look to it. Her t-shirt was white and showed off her tanned arms beautifully; the black raybans covered her brown eyes and kept out the glare of the sun. She was about to reach for her drink and bring it to her lips when a shadow was cast across her view. Nikki squinted and pulled down her raybans to take a look.


An awkward silence fell for a moment.

“Do you have any plans for the day?” Caroline asked bravely.
“To go home…” Nikki joked with a slight smile.
“Why? It’s so beautiful here… I think someone needs cheering up.” Caroline replied cheerfully.
“Caroline… look I appreciate the offer but…” Nikki began but was interrupted.
“You don’t know what I was going to suggest yet…” Caroline laughed and held out her hand to Nikki. Smiling, Nikki looked up at Caroline curiously before taking the hand offered to her. What the hell she thought, anything to make the hours pass that much faster.

Some twenty minutes later they were heading towards the beach in a hired jeep. Both dressed very casually in shorts and t-shirts. The cool breeze was welcoming against their skin as they sped down the lanes. When they reached the seafront it wasn’t that busy, Caroline had picked an area that wasn’t a tourist trap, a place where they could be alone…

Helen shoved the papers into her briefcase as she stood before her desk. Working within the prison service still had its problems and it still had its old boys network. Helen had spent the morning in meetings with them and found herself banging her head up against a brick wall metaphorically speaking. She couldn’t take much more or maybe Nikki being away was making all her problems turn from molehills to mountains. She closed her eyes and rubbed them, as if trying to make some of the pain go away as she thought of Nikki… I miss you so much…

“Miss Stewart, leaving already?”
A young secretary stopped midway down the corridor as she caught Helen locking up her office for the day. Helen turned to her and shoved the keys into her trouser pocket.
“My works done here for today, oh can you give this to Di Williams.”
Di Williams was the current Governor at the women’s prison where Helen worked with the lifers unit.
The secretary took the envelope. “Yes of course Miss Stewart.”
“Please call me Helen.” Helen always got a little frustrated with the formalities. The secretary smiled, “And I’m Karen. I will make sure she gets these.”
“Thank you.” Helen turned and walked down the corridor towards the exit. She needed to get home and make a booking as quickly as possible… a booking for a flight to the south of France!

“Mmm…” Nikki lay back on the blanket with her hands behind her head, thoroughly enjoying the warmth of the sun, but her mind was miles away. Caroline looked down at her, she was more beautiful than she had remembered, or maybe life on the outside had made her that much more complete and so it showed in the way she looked. Her heart skipped a beat remembering the short time she had spent with Nikki whilst in Larkhall Prison… the stolen kisses, their rendezvous in the potting shed…

But nothing could have been further from Nikki Wades mind.

“Do you think if things had turned out differently, we could have made a go of things?” Caroline asked casually.
Nikki was well aware of the question and the person asking it and she had a feeling in the back of her mind that Caroline was still interested in her. She remained uninterested, her eyes closed and hidden behind her raybans.
“I don’t know…”
“Oh come on you must have some idea?” Caroline laughed and moved a little closer to Nikki on the blanket.
“The way I see it, Helen and I were meant to be… I can’t see that anything would have worked with anyone else, not for long anyway. I was still in love with Helen. It was something that would have effected any relationship I had.”

Caroline placed her hand closer to Nikki’s so they were almost touching, “Are you sure?”

Nikki’s head moved as she turned to look at Caroline who was now hovering over her and she could feel that Caroline’s warm hand had been strategically placed on top of hers.

Nikki didn’t expect to find Caroline’s lips touching hers soon after…

“Caroline what are you doing?”

Nikki moved and sat up quickly and removed her shades. The feeling on her lips fresh from the kiss that she had no part in, but still a feeling of guilt overwhelmed her. The look in her eyes said it all, surprise and fear mixed with anxiety. She couldn’t bare the thought of kissing anyone other than Helen and now it had happened against her will. She ran her hand across her lips to wipe away the memory.

Caroline looked unconvinced by Nikki’s gallant behaviour, “Having some fun… lighten up a bit.” She smiled and stroked her hand through Nikki’s hair. Nikki took her hand and pushed it away from her. “Caroline, your charms aren’t going to work on me this time. I love Helen.”
“So? You said you loved her before but you still went off with me.” Caroline replied a little confused.
“You just don’t get it do you?” Nikki shook her head and looked at Caroline despairingly. Then she got up off the blanket, brushed the sand off her legs and began to walk away.

Caroline called after her, “Where are you going?”
“Back to the hotel… alone.” Nikki called back without looking.
“Christ sake Nikki… I drove you here remember.” Caroline called after her.
Nikki stopped and looked back at Caroline, “And so, I’ll get a cab.”
Caroline rushed up to Nikki, desperate not to lose her.
“Look I’m sorry for what happened, it wont happen again I promise.”
“Forget it.” Nikki frowned and turned to walk away.
“Please Nikki… you can’t blame a girl for trying, look at you… you’re bloody gorgeous!” Caroline laughed.

A small smile curled up on Nikki’s lips but Caroline couldn’t see it because Nikki had her back to her. She wiped it off her face before turning to face Caroline.

“Okay, but don’t try it again. I’m serious Caroline… I am most definitely spoken for this time.” Nikki replied with a frown.

“Great… well, lets go get something to eat I’m starving.” Caroline grinned as she grabbed hold of Nikki’s hand and pulled her towards the jeep. Very relieved to have calmed Nikki down, she knew her best bet was a few drinks at the bar… That should loosen her up a bit. Caroline’s devious mind went into overdrive.

Helen Stewart stood at the departure lounge at Heathrow Airport. She had managed to secure a seat on an evening flight out to the south of France… her destination Marseille, right on the border with Monaco. She couldn’t believe she was standing there at Heathrow with a first class ticket in her hands. She fingered the ticket lovingly and smiled to herself… Helen couldn’t wait to see Nikki again. Her mind briefly imagined walking along the beach at sunset, holding her lovers hand, then standing there on the soft sand kissing passionately where no one could disturb there moment. Her hands making there way through Nikki’s short dark hair, pulling her closer, deepening the kiss. Then falling to the warm sand together…

Her thoughts were turning to erotic as the call for her flight came through.

Soon she was going through with business people and tourists onto the flight, her apprehension building by the second, the butterflies in her stomach were flying wildly, uncontrollably and so when service came with drinks she took a very big shot of vodka and tonic.

Nikki will either run into my arms and kiss me or she will lose it and tell me I am completely mad for doing this… either way she’s as sexy as hell so I don’t care. Helen smiled and sipped back the vodka some 20 minutes later. And as she began to relax she fell back into her fantasy of her and Nikki on the remote beach making love.

As night time fell upon Marseille Nikki and Caroline had made their selves very comfortable at the bar.
“So Nikki how long have you and Helen been involved?” Caroline asked over her 4th glass of wine.
Nikki lifted the beer in its glass to her mouth and took a drink before answering with a far away look in her eyes, “Hard to say… We were interested in each other long before anything actually happened.”
“Because you were in Prison?” Caroline asked curiously.
“Yeah… Helen was the Governor when we first met. I’m not really sure who started it or when it started, it just seemed to happen.” Nikki took another sip of her drink.
“So how long have you been together then?”
“Hard to say but roughly, counting prison time, about 4 years.” Nikki replied. Caroline watched Nikki’s lips move as she spoke, she couldn’t get enough of her, she was simply stunning and Helen Stewart was the luckiest woman alive.

“Well, Helen’s lucky, I hope she realises just how much.” Caroline commented as she sat at the bar and looked over to the barman, “Can you put the same in there please?” she told him, pushing her wine glass towards him.
He nodded and went to get the wine bottle. Nikki looked on and realised that Caroline had a fair few drinks. She looked at her watch a little nervously, for some strange reason she was feeling anxious.
“Look it’s getting late, I’m going to call it a night.” Nikki told Caroline, she stood from her bar stool and picked up her jacket from the empty seat beside her.
Caroline thought quickly, she didn’t want to be saying goodnight to Nikki like this… “Wait!”
Nikki looked at her as she put the jacket across her arm.
“How about a last coffee?” Caroline smiled.
“I don’t know… I need to call Helen.” Nikki replied unsure if she wanted to spend any more time around Caroline, she still wasn’t sure if she was a good influence or a bad one.
“Please…” Caroline begged playfully, “Just one coffee.”
Nikki sighed and nodded, “Okay.”
“So your place or mine?” Caroline asked grabbing her own coat.
“Uh?” Nikki asked confused.
“Well I don’t know about you but I’d rather go back to the room.” Caroline told her and began to walk towards the exit of the bar, Nikki followed.

An hour previously…

“I’m Helen Stewart I phoned earlier. Nikki Wades partner.” Helen stood frustrated at the check in desk of the hotel trying to explain why she wanted a key to Nikki’s hotel room.

The French lady eventually handed over a spare key after a briefcase full of ID was provided. Helen walked off bemused by it all.
It’s not like Nikki is the queen or something… but at least security is tight here which cant be a bad thing. She walked to the elevator and made her way up to the third floor where Nikki’s room was situated, as she did so, she took in her surroundings with interest, beautiful photographs decorated the long corridors and indoor plants broke up the space neatly.
She eventually found Nikki’s room and made her way inside finding it unoccupied, she had been hoping to surprise Nikki but it looked like she was out. Helen hung up her jacket and unpacked her clothes and then she began to strip… she needed a shower after the long journey and the erotic thoughts that had filled her head for the past two hours.

Nikki’s head was spinning just slightly from the effects of the alcohol as she made her way down the long corridor to her room, Caroline had made herself at home on her arm and anyone passing would have mistaken them for a very happy couple.

“We there yet?” Caroline grinned and kissed Nikki’s cheek.
“Almost.” Nikki replied, raised her eyebrow and moved herself away from Caroline as she realised the woman was getting a little bit too friendly, drunk or not.

Nikki placed the key in the door and realised it was already unlocked. She looked puzzled and Caroline noticed, “What’s wrong?”
“Shhh… I think there might be someone in my room.” Nikki whispered.
“Don’t be daft.” Caroline giggled, “Why on earth would someone be in your room? Unless of course it’s the hotel staff?”
“Yeah you could be right.” Nikki carefully and slowly pushed the door forward and open, she noticed the only light was a lamp and the glow was coming from the corner where the bed was to her left. Caroline grabbed her arm as they walked fully inside…

Nikki’s eyes shot open and she sobered up quickly at the sight before her. Helen Stewart in a silk vest and shorts lay sprawled across her bed. Her hair tied up with pieces falling down to frame her face, she looked beautiful, stunning... sexy! She took Nikki’s breath away in an instant… but slowly Helen’s smile turned to a look of horror.


“Nikki… what the hell...”
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“Helen I… it’s not…” Nikki stumbled for the right words as Caroline wrapped her arm around her shoulder and smiled in Helen’s direction.

Helen shot off the bed and grabbed her robe, pulling it on in anger.
“Save it Nikki!”

Nikki looked to Caroline and as she did so Caroline smiled and spoke to her, “Well looks like you may as well go back to my room, and finish what we started eh…” Her hand rested against Nikki’s hair, entwining it between her fingers.
Helen stepped up to them both and could see the look of shock on Nikki’s face and her reaction to Caroline’s words.
“So,” Helen faced Nikki angrily, “This is why this conference was so important to you.”
Nikki frowned at Helen and pushed Caroline’s away at the same time. Then she faced Helen, “You can’t believe her?”
Helen laughed sarcastically, “Then what else should I believe, your all over each other, it’s making me sick.” Helen couldn’t stick it a moment more; she pushed past Nikki and headed for the wardrobe that housed her clothes.

“Nikki, forget her, I’m much better for you than her.” Caroline told Nikki who was watching Helen pack her things into her suitcase.
“Nikki.” Caroline placed her hand on the tall dark haired woman’s shoulder. She didn’t expect the reaction she got in return.

“Piss off!”

“What?” Caroline replied stunned.
“Caroline just leave will you.” Nikki glared back at her.
Meanwhile Helen was zipping up her case and almost ready to put on her coat and leave.
“You don’t know what your missing Wade, and anyway, what as she got that I haven’t?” Caroline replied stubbornly folding her arms and unmoving.
Nikki shook her head in despair; she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Then just as she was about to stop Helen leaving the room Caroline stepped forward and pushed Nikki up against the wall, kissing her hard on the lips. Helen looked back at them; her anger overrode the tears that were stinging her eyes.

“She’s all yours!” she called back as she closed the door behind her.

Helen made her way down the corridor as quickly as her feet would carry her, everything felt ten times heavier.
Including her heart.

She was only stopped in her tracks by the sound coming from behind her some seconds later…she turned to see Nikki throwing a punch at Caroline, sending the blonde flying to the floor in the corridor.

Helen looked on in shock… “Nikki… what the hell.” She dropped her bags and rushed towards her.
Nikki’s shirt was ripped where Caroline had tried to pin her down and her hair was ruffled like she had been dragged through an edge backwards.

Caroline tried to get up off the floor, the bruise to her eye already starting to show. The bruise to her ego was much worse.
“You hit me!” She said horrified holding her hand to her face. “I can’t believe you did that!”

Helen approached Nikki and put her hand to her face, stroking her cheek gently, “You okay?”
“Fine.” Nikki muttered quietly. Obviously shaken.
Helen looked down at Caroline and stepped up to her, “Get out of here before I call the police.”
“You what?” Caroline laughed, “She hit me!”
Helen looked from Caroline to Nikki and pointed to her ripped shirt, “And what exactly were you trying to do before she hit you?”
Caroline glared and stood up slowly, “Showing her what she’s been missing, she obviously doesn’t get it from you.”

Helen had to hold herself back from slapping the woman hard across the face. She just looked at her and told her to leave, “I wont tell you again… now do I get the police or not?”

“Alright, alright, I’m going… Nikki’s not worth it.” She spat back before trudging off down the corridor back to her own hotel room, her dignity in tatters and the pain of where Nikki’s fist had hit her finally sinking in.

“What are you doing here anyway?” Nikki asked Helen puzzled once Caroline had gone.
“I wanted to surprise you… looks like I did.” Helen replied with a frown.
“Yeah, well she came on to me.” Nikki said frustrated looking down at her designer shirt.
“What is she doing here anyway? I didn’t know she had been released?” Helen asked confused.
“It’s a long story, but she was found not guilty of all the charges, they let her go.” Nikki sighed… what a nightmare this trip had turned out to be.
“I’m sorry.” Helen told her as she stepped a little closer to her lover.
“You had every right to react the way you did… I would have done the same.” Nikki replied. It was true she would have blown a gasket if it had been the other way around. Helen placed a hand on Nikki’s arm. “I love you Nikki…” Helen said softly, their eyes meeting.

Nikki took her hand, “Come on, let’s go inside.”
Helen took one last look down the corridor to make sure the mad woman had definitely gone then she followed Nikki back into her hotel room.
Once inside Nikki hugged Helen warmly, “I missed you so much.” She said into her ear. They moved apart slightly and looked to each other. The pain and frustration of the past week was still there, the tension in the room almost unbearable.

“I love you Helen.” Nikki said as she stroked her hand down the side of Helen’s face gently. Then she kissed her once and moved away, not letting Helen continued the kiss. She diverted her eyes away from Helen then let go of Helen’s hand and slumped down onto the side of the bed, she ran her fingers through her hair to try and tidy it.

Helen waited for a moment, just watching Nikki, not sure what to do or say, she felt awful for thinking Nikki would cheat on her.

Then Nikki looked up at her, she could see the worry etched on Helen’s face as she stood there in a black leather jacket over a red blouse, a black skirt showed legs covered in stockings, “Come here.” She smiled softly.
Helen made her way across the room to Nikki and stood between her legs. Nikki wrapped her arms around her and held her close, pressing her head to Helen’s stomach, the silk of the red blouse so soft against her cheek, Nikki took in the wonderful smell of her lover and the warmth of her body against her. And she could have stayed there forever.

After a moment Helen moved out of Nikki’s grip and knelt down before her, then she carefully began to unbutton Nikki’s shirt, carefully slipping it from her shoulders.
“She hurt you…” Helen said softly as she noticed a few bruises appearing on Nikki’s shoulders. It was where Caroline had dug her fingers in as she held Nikki down on the bed.
Her eyes met Nikki’s.
“I’m okay… I think I paid her back.” Nikki half smiled remembering the punch.
Helen’s lips slowly touched the shoulder and then moved to the other, covering the bruised area with gentle kisses.

Nikki sighed in response, how good it felt.

Helen stopped and looked up into Nikki’s eyes before having her lips captured by Nikki’s eager mouth.
“I love you.” Helen gasped between deep kisses.
“I want you.” Nikki responded pulling the jacket open that Helen was wearing, she slipped it from her shoulders and Helen let it fall. A smile curled up on Helen’s lips as she stood, then her lover stood too and they gazed into each other’s eyes before continuing.

Nikki’s hands reached for the buttons on Helen’s blouse, taking it off quickly, placing gentle kisses along her shoulder blade as she did so. Then she removed Helen’s skirt, pushing it down her legs to the floor, Helen stepped out of it and moved back onto the bed, lying back onto the soft pillows she removed her own bra and silk panties before relaxing back and waiting for her lover to join her. Nikki smiled down at her and unzipped her own trousers then she sat on the edge of the bed to remove her shoes, socks and trousers and bra, before pulling the duvet open and getting inside. She pulled the duvet over them and wrapped her right arm around Helen’s waist, gently stroking her fingers up and down her back. Helen was positively glowing from the touch, feather like movements were sending shockwaves down to her toes.

They lay there silently looking at each other for a moment before their lips touched in a kiss that was so sweet… but soon turned to passionate. Two souls were connecting on a level that not many people could really understand as they shared their love for each other over and over again.

After her third orgasm of the night Helen layback exhausted and completely fulfilled as Nikki moved back up the bed to join her. They embraced tearfully before moving apart.

“I can’t believe the way you make me feel Nikki Wade.” Helen smiled and turned over onto her side to face Nikki.
“You mean the way you make me feel?” Nikki smiled back with raised eyebrows.
Helen moved close to her again and rested her head in the crook of Nikki’s shoulder. She kissed her shoulder tenderly and then closed her eyes. “I never thought I would ever feel this content, so at peace with someone.” She whispered thoughtfully.
“Same here.” Nikki replied. “I can’t explain it but, with you its like nothing I have ever experienced before…” she paused, “You mean the world to me Helen.” Nikki said it with so much feeling that Helen felt it, her heart contracted in response and she felt elated. She couldn’t imagine ever feeling so happy… then Nikki reached in the darkness to the cabinet beside the bed, she opened it and pulled out a box.

“Nikki what are you doing?”
Helen giggled then she shifted out of the way.
Nikki handed the box to Helen in the darkness.
“Open it.”
Helen laughed, “I can’t see a thing!”
“It doesn’t matter…” Nikki replied with a grin on her face.
Helen did as she was told, she sat up in bed and opened the tiny box, reaching inside she pulled out what felt very much like a ring with a jewel in it.

“Nikki…” Helen gasped in surprise.

“Will you marry me Helen?” Nikki asked as the moonlight filtered through the curtains and shone against her face.

Helen had to take a deep breath before replying…

“Yes I will.”


Claire wrapped her arms around Helen and hugged her. Then she whispered in her ear, “You have impeccable taste, even I question my sexuality when I look at Nikki.”

Helen looked at her friend in mock horror, “Well I got there first…”
Claire smiled and kissed Helen’s cheek before noticing the woman she was talking about was standing behind her. She turned to look at her, “Nikki… we were just talking about you.”
Nikki moved forward and let Claire kiss her cheek, a glass of wine in one hand lingered beside her.
“Oh is that why my ears are burning?” Nikki joked and stood beside Helen, her free arm moving around her waist lovingly.
Claire took out her camera from her handbag, “Stay there.” She told them as she lifted it up to take a picture of the happy couple.

“Cheers!” They both called out and the camera did its job.

Just then a tall dark haired man walked up behind Claire and smiled over at them, “Great wedding.” He smiled.
“Thomas! I didn’t think you would come.” Helen said surprised. She hadn’t noticed him throughout the ceremony.
“How could I miss this…I’ve never been to a gay wedding before.” He smiled and stepped towards Helen, giving her a friendly kiss.
Nikki watched curiously and Claire thought she definitely could see a hint of jealously in Nikki Wades eyes.

Claire walked up beside Nikki as Helen chatted with Thomas, “Hey you okay?”
“Uh?” Nikki took her eyes off Helen and Thomas and looked to Claire, “Yeah… just surprised to see him here.” She frowned.
Claire smiled and looked over at Helen and Thomas who were now talking and laughing. Then she turned back to Nikki.

“Thomas is a good man, he only wants the best for Helen. She invited him as a friend and that is all.”
“I know.” Nikki sighed. “So why do I feel so jealous seeing them together… now after all this time.”
“Nikki you are bound to feel something… don’t worry too much.”

Claire reassured her as best she could.

“I just hate it when I feel like that.” Nikki frowned. Just as she did, Helen made her way back to her, smiled and drew up to kiss her on the lips. Then she pulled away and looked to Nikki’s deep brown soulful eyes, “You okay sweetheart?”
“Yeah just a little tired, it’s been a long day.” Nikki smiled back weakly. She eyed Thomas in the distance getting a drink.
“We can go soon… then it’s The Canadian Rockies here we come.”

Helen smiled.
“Oh God, I cant wait.” Nikki replied excitedly.

Helen wrapped her arms around Nikki, their lips met in a tender kiss. “I love you.” She whispered before pulling away. “But we need to spend a little more time with our guests before running off into the sunset.”

Nikki watched Helen walk away into the crowd of people, greeting old friends and new ones. Helen’s father had refused to have anything to do with it and Nikki hadn’t even contacted her family, it was pointless, she hadn’t seen them in years. Their family was the circle of friends that they had both found over the years.

Nikki was miles away in her thoughts when someone tapped her on the shoulder. “Miss Wade.”

Nikki shot around to see Barbara Hunt standing there, “Barbara… what are you doing here?” she asked amazed.
“Helen invited me, sorry I’m late.” Barbara smiled up at the tall woman, the same one she used to call her cellmate.
“Bloody hell Barbara, you know how to surprise me.” Nikki laughed and wrapped her arms around the smaller, older woman, giving her a hug.
They parted and Nikki looked at her curiously, “I didn’t even know you had been released.”
“Yesterday.” Barbara replied.
“That was good timing.” Nikki smiled.
“I noticed Thomas Waugh is here… are you okay?”

Nikki looked to Barbara and a smile curled up on her lips, Barbara always did seem to pick up on her moods very well and after all this time she was still doing it.

“Well I have to be honest, it was a shock seeing him here, I haven’t seen him since I was in Larkhall… I didn’t think I would have to face him again.” Nikki looked down at her glass.
Barbara rubbed her hand on Nikki’s back comfortingly. “I spoke to him just now, he seems very happy for you both, why don’t you go and talk to him?”
“Me? Are you joking?” Nikki laughed.
“No I’m serious, you can’t hide from things your afraid of.” Barbara replied.
“I’m not afraid of Thomas.” Nikki replied with a frown.
“No but your afraid of the way he makes you feel.”
Nikki looked at Barbara, “How do you know so much?”
Barbara smiled, “Older and wiser?”
Nikki smiled, “Thanks.”

She made her way through the crowd to where Thomas was standing with a drink. It was time to put this particular ghost to rest.

“Hi Nikki…” He smiled as he saw her approach him at the bar.
“Hi… look why are you here?” Nikki frowned.
“Helen invited me.” He smiled a little puzzled.
“Oh…” Nikki looked away. Why the hell would she invite Thomas to our wedding?
“Nikki… look about before… I didn’t know about you and Helen until well the last moment, if I had known I wouldn’t have… well you know.” Thomas trailed off feeling a bit lost for words.

Nikki looked back at him, “It’s okay, I understand.”
Then she went thoughtful, “All that must have hurt you too…”
He nodded, “It did, but Helen was never in love with me, she loved you, she still loves you, I can see that. Her eyes are sparkling, she looks radiant, gorgeous, whatever it is Nikki… that you have got, you should bottle it and sell it.”
Nikki laughed and shook her head, “You’re okay.”
“Thanks.” He laughed back, “Can I get you a drink?”
“No thanks, I have a new wife to find.”

Nikki looked around the room and she caught Helen watching them both from across the large room.
Nikki waved to her and smiled helping to reassure Helen that everything was fine. Helen smiled back with relief as Nikki walked over to her and greeted her with a kiss.

“Time to go.” Nikki told her.
“You can’t wait to get me all to yourself can you?” Helen grinned up at her and placed her hand across Nikki’s bottom.
“Nope. So lets get moving.” Nikki told her with a sexy smile. “Or we might have to forget about going back home and just go into the office.”
“Nikki, we are not spending our wedding night in the office of this club.” Helen said amazed.
“Why not, I have a really comfy leather sofa up there you know.” Nikki said through narrowed eyes that showed passion and desire.
“I dread to think what you have used that for.” Helen commented quickly.
“Hey, what do you take me for?” Nikki’s eyebrows knotted.
“The mug that married me, so are we going or staying here to talk it out?” Helen replied.
“I wasn’t thinking of doing much talking.” Nikki grinned.
“Nikki… control your hormones.” Helen laughed.
“I cant, they cant… I’m totally in love with you.” She replied running one hand behind Helen’s neck, making goose bumps suddenly appear on Helen’s skin.

“I know how you, they feel… lets go.”

After saying their goodbyes to their guests and friends Nikki and Helen got into a waiting taxi that took them from the club Trisha and Nikki’s owned back to the comfort of their own home.

Clothes were strewn from inside the front door, down the hall and to the living room… and a couch that was once very empty was now very much occupied with two lovers in a passionate and loving embrace.

Between breathless kisses they spoke…

“I can’t believe I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, how lucky is that?” Nikki breathed as her hands found Helen’s breasts.
“I can’t believe it either… and tomorrow we will be on a plane to Canada.” Helen smiled and gasped as Nikki’s lips met her neck.

“Yes all that snow to roll in together.” Nikki looked up into Helen’s eyes and smiled.

“Only if you want to cause an avalanche!” Helen laughed.

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I have read this several times & I still love it...Love your talent***
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G2 landing
This still as good as it was the first time I read it. Thanks :clap
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G2 landing
mmm canada.. i can see them there ;)
nice story
thx ;)
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