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MISTAKEN; a short H & N story by MJnet
Topic Started: Nov 8 2008, 04:24 PM (1,638 Views)
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voted (best short fic 2002 in the BG leaf awards)


She left me… I’m alone again… just like I was when I was locked up in that damn prison cell.
Nikki sat at the table in the kitchen and read the note over and over again in disbelief.
“I am so sorry Nikki but you left me no option. Don’t call me.”
The note was scribbled quickly without much care or so it seemed. Jotted down by the hand of the woman who professed to love her.
Nikki slowly stood and left the note on the table. She couldn’t bear to throw it away and she couldn’t be bothered to hide it away, so she left it, as a reminder of what her life had become… one mess after another.
Nikki made her way upstairs to the bathroom and faced herself in the mirror. The reflection of someone who had been through far too much, the dark shadows under her eyes, the deep sadness in the pools of brown, and all the signs that the reflection in the mirror was tired. She washed water over her tired face and remembered the night before and as she recalled the events tears began to sting her eyes. Nikki walked back through to the bedroom and slumped down onto it. Nearly all Helen’s clothes were gone… a few pieces of silk lay strewn on the bedroom floor where Helen had thrown the offending underwear in the direction of her case and missed. Nikki reached down to pick them up and placed them to her cheek.

Oh Helen…

Nikki’s pain struck her heart like a knife.

The day before had started like any other. Helen woke up in Nikki’s arms, warm, comforted and loved. And in her eagerness to express that love she had woken Nikki who was only too happy to share in her desires.
Helen went to work in her new job as she did 5 days out of 7 every week and Nikki had planned a morning of housework and an afternoon of gardening. On her way home Helen picked up some groceries and arrived back at about 5.30.
“Nikki I’m home.” She called out.
“Hey babe, I’m in the kitchen.” Nikki called back.
Helen took the bags of shopping with her and joined Nikki in the kitchen where she was overwhelmed by the smell of cooking.
“You made tea!” Helen beamed her sweet smile over at Nikki who was stirring something tasty in a pot.
“Come over here and taste this.” Nikki smiled back at her.
Helen walked over and took some from the wooden spoon that Nikki held out to her.
“That is delicious.” Helen spoke enthusiastically with her mouth half full.
“Oh and your bath is run…” Nikki told her through seductive eyes.
Helen went to walk away but before she did she looked back at Nikki with equally seductive eyes, “Care to join me?”
“Oh I wish I could but…” She looked to the pots and pans that were simmering away.
“I guess we’ll have to save our energy for later then.” Helen grinned and kissed her lovers cheek.
Then Nikki watched with longing as Helen walked out of the room.
I love you Helen Stewart, so very, very much.

After her very relaxing bath in the most luxurious soapy bubbles Helen dressed in something casual, black slacks and a silk red shirt then made her way downstairs to Nikki. Their meal was a quiet affair, laced with looks of longing and want. It didn’t seem to matter how long they had been together they always desired each other. It was a love so deep that no one could touch… but on that night something did.

When Nikki was getting dressed for work Helen stepped into the bedroom and admired her lover. She looked at her, eyes focused on the black suit and the matching dark hair that touched on black, especially after Nikki had worked her magic with the hair mousse. Beneath the suit lay a silk black shirt unbuttoned at the top revealing her smooth neck. The lips were currently being applied a little lip balm, kiwi flavour and her eyes were eye lighted by a tiny amount of black eye liner. Helen stepped closer and marvelled at the sight before her very eyes.
“Nikki Wade you are such a handsome devil.” She drawled in her Scottish accent.
A smile curled up on Nikki’s lips as she met Helen half way across the bedroom. There were no more need for words and soon Helen could taste the kiwi on her own lips.
Some minutes later Nikki pulled away from the kiss reluctantly and highly aroused. “I really have to go.” She apologised with her eyes.
“I know.” Helen tried to remain calm and sensible but all she really wanted to do was take her lover to bed.
“I’ll be home around 1 am.” Nikki said before placing a kiss to her lover’s head. “I love you and I am so going to miss you.”
“I love you too and don’t be late!” Helen told her before kissing her goodbye.

Nikki arrived at the nightclub she owned with her ex-girlfriend of nine years. Trish. She had always been happy for Nikki but she couldn’t help but feel jealous every time she thought about Helen Stewart. Nikki had found a new life with someone else and that had hurt. But for Nikki she always put on a brave face, pretended that everything was fine… until tonight.
“Hi Trish.”
Nikki strolled up to the bar and took her place behind it. “How are takings?”
Trish beamed a smile at Nikki, “Hiya your late!”
“I was occupied sorry.”
“Oh yeah need I guess who with?” Trish said a little bitterly.
Nikki picked up the tone but decided to ignore it because Trish had been in a funny mood with her for weeks now.
She served a few customers and then a few more. The club was busy, packed in fact; well it was a Friday night.
A few hours into the evening Nikki had needed to rest, her back was beginning to ache from standing at the bar for two hours straight. Their new barman Gareth took her place and promised not to scare off the customers. It was when Nikki took her break that everything began to unfold.
She entered the office to find Trish in there and she wasn’t alone.
The blood rose to Nikki’s cheeks at the scene before her, Trish half naked across the desk with a strange woman positioned on top of her. Nikki quickly turned to leave embarrassed and angry by what she saw.
Trish shocked and bewildered dressed quickly leaving her lover waiting in the office while she chased after her ex.
Nikki didn’t turn around. She wasn’t exactly an angel herself but this was the work place. Nikki had principles and they included no sex on the job.
“Nikki!” Nikki felt Trish pull at the back of her jacket and turned around to face her, anger flashed in her deep brown eyes.
“Trish how could you?”
“It wasn’t what it looked like.” Trish protested.
Nikki laughed at how stupid that sounded and went to turn away.
“Honestly Nik, I didn’t know what I was doing… I haven’t been myself these past few months…”
“Oh I noticed!” Nikki replied with a sarcastic tone.
“Please Nik.”
“Please what? Go back to your lover.”
“I don’t want her, I want you Nik.”
“What?” Nikki eyebrows knotted in amazement and horror.
“I love you.”
Nikki sighed. “Trish!”
That was when Nikki found herself crushed against the wall, Trish had her hands firmly placed on either side of her as her mouth covered Nikki’s mouth. She forced her tongue inside Nikki’s lips that had parted in shock and Nikki tasted the alcohol, the reason Trish was acting like this.

“What the fu…”
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The two broke apart to find a shocked looking Scottish woman who was very familiar to both of them, standing there, unable to move.
“Nikki don’t even say anything!” Helen spat back at her.
Nikki removed herself from Trish and stepped towards Helen.
“Please Helen this isn’t what it looks like.”
“I knew something was going on with you two, your always having meetings, always working overtime, now I know exactly what that work entails!” Helen glared at Trish and back at Nikki.
Nikki dared to step forward, she knew that it looked bad, very bad, she had worked late… a lot and it was because Trish had kept her back with excuses to go over the books or more help needed in the bar, Nikki now realised that Trish had just desperately craved her company.
“Helen…” Nikki’s voice was desperate but Helen didn’t even hear the tone, she lashed out with her hand as it came crashing against Nikki’s left cheek.
When Nikki regained her composure Helen was gone… almost like she had dreamt the whole thing and for a fleeting moment she thought she had. Then she felt Trish’s hand touch her shoulder. “Sorry Nik.”
Nikki span around and glared at her, “Sorry! You have probably just ruined the best thing that ever happened to me. And you’re sorry?”
“Yes I am, I didn’t mean it…” Trish sounded horrified by the events. “You should go after her.”
Nikki needed a drink. She headed for the bar and sank down a glass of Vodka and ice before driving home. She was dreading what she would find when she got there… it had been 30 minutes since Helen had left and Nikki was hoping this would give her partner time to calm down and think rationally.

Nikki walked inside their home and searched for her. When she didn’t find her she collapsed on the sofa and for the first time since the day she was released she cried like a baby, but this time they weren’t tears of joy.
It was when Nikki decided to go to bed that she noticed the difference. The room seemed emptier but her smell still lingered. The beautiful perfume and the scent that was Helen.
She looked into the wardrobe apprehensively and found all of Helen’s clothes had gone. Then she looked down at the floor and strewn across the carpet lay pieces of Helen’s clothing, obviously left behind in the rush. And as she sat helplessly on the edge of the bed she found the note…


Helen Stewart had been torn apart by the events of the evening and in her fury had packed a suitcase quickly with no idea where she would run too. Family would never understand because quite frankly they never cared much for Helen’s alternative lifestyle anyway and so there were only two places she could go.
The only two friends she had in London apart from Nikki Wade.
Thomas Waugh looked at Helen Stewart in complete puzzlement and shock, she looked dreadful, suitcase in one hand and make up that had run through her tears. He asked her inside quickly.
Thomas led a very quiet and distraught woman through to his sitting room and made her sit down on the sofa. And as Helen sat she remembered the first time she had sat on that very sofa, the night she made a big mistake. Helen became conscious of where she was and wondered why on earth her feet had led her here. After all her best friend was Claire and she would have been the obvious choice. But no… Thomas understood more than Claire ever could.
Thomas returned to Helen with two glasses of strong alcoholic liquid. He handed a glass to Helen who was shivering slightly and she sank it down in one.
“Helen what on earth happened?”
Thomas sat beside her on the sofa with one arm stretched across the back.
Helen lifted her head but couldn’t meet his eyes.
“She’s been having an affair Thomas…”
An emotion caught in his throat, one of deep sadness for a couple he truly liked.
“Are you sure?” He asked carefully.
Helen looked to him then.
“I found them together, tonight. It was quite obvious. If you had seen them…” she trailed off and the hurt stabbed her, she couldn’t continue and her tears fell once more.
Thomas just took her glass from her hand and held her tight until her sobs subsided. “Hey… it’s going to be alright.” He whispered as he rocked her in his arms and Helen slowly began to let herself go, to let herself be comforted by the man she considered her friend.
Helen woke the next morning in a bed that was familiar to her. Sh!t! What am I doing here? Thomas? Oh God no! We didn’t, did we?
Helen was having trouble remembering anything except for the fact that she drank about half a bottle of vodka.
Then she heard a polite tap on the bedroom door, she sat up in bed and noticed she was wearing a black t-shirt with Guinness written across the front.
“Can I come in?”
She smiled with some relief as Thomas opened the door. The answer to the question was No, we never slept together, Thank God!.
“How you feeling?”
Thomas walked into the room and in his hands lay a tray and on the tray lay some food and a cup of tea.
“Well I can tell you this… as much as I appreciate it, I can not eat that!”
Thomas laughed and placed the tray down on a cupboard.
“Just tea then?”
“Thanks.” Helen smiled weakly taking the cup from Thomas.
Thomas sat on the edge of the bed as Helen continued to sip her tea.
“Look Helen about Nikki.”
Helen’s heart ached at the sound of that name and she had to take a deep breath of which he noted.
“You must be wrong about this; I have seen how much she loves you. She completely adores you.” Thomas knew he was risking it telling the cold hard facts but he had to do something.
Helen sighed. “Yes I thought so too… until last night.”
“What exactly do you think you saw?” He asked in a professional manner that he couldn’t help. He was so used to talking to patients not friends.
Helen smiled at him, “Thomas I know you care but you weren’t there.”
“So tell me about it.” He urged.
Helen finished her hot tea and placed the cup down on the side.
“Nikki and Trish with their tongues down each others throats in a corridor at the club.” She told him coldly.
He sat back a little and looked thoughtful.
“But how do you know it wasn’t a one sided attempt?” he asked.
“What do you mean?” Helen looked at him puzzled.
“You may have caught the act at a moment that made it look worse than it was.” He suggested tactfully.
Thomas was taken back by her anger. He just looked at her amazed.
“You sound just like Nikki, that’s what she said… it’s not what it seems.” She said bitterly.
“And what if it wasn’t? Are you going to let a mistake ruin your lives?”
Helen looked at him and the pain hit her again, that pain of missing Nikki, the anger and hurt of thinking she had been betrayed.
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Nikki spent the morning trying to get a grip. When that failed she put on some old jeans and a shirt and made her way out into the garden. She always found peace there, where she could just escape for a while. But all she could think about was Helen. Nikki had phoned Claire around lunch time and having had no luck seeking Helen she tried to switch her emotions off and forget, at least for an hour or two. She didn’t know who else to call, she couldn’t think where Helen had gone and nothing seemed to make any sense to her anymore.
Her life had unravelled in a matter of hours. Nikki just had a faint hope that her life would come walking back through that door at any moment and take her pain away.
How could you leave me Helen? How could you mistrust me like that? Christ, after all we have been through!
Thomas left Helen to get changed and whilst washing up the phone rang. He quickly dried his hands on a towel and picked up the wall phone in the kitchen.

“Thomas Waugh.”
Hi Thomas. It’s Claire Walker, Helen’s friend.
“Hi Claire and before you ask, yes she is here.”
Oh thank god for that I was so worried, is she alright? Nikki is worried sick!
“She’s been better; Helen believes Nikki is having an affair.”
Yes I know, Nikki filled me in on the details. I can tell you now that it’s not true. Nikki is devastated by this.
“Well to be honest Claire I found it hard to believe too but Helen found her with Trisha last night.”
Nikki told me Trish forced herself onto her, she was drunk apparently and is still hung up on Nikki… its all a big misunderstanding.
“Do you want to talk to Helen?”
Yes please. Let me see if I can talk any sense into her.

It was late afternoon when Nikki heard her voice.
She turned around so quickly that she made herself dizzy. Still crouched on the ground where she was planting some new bulbs, she looked up to see the love of her life standing before her.
She almost breathed the words. A little afraid that it wasn’t real and that she had slipped into a daydream.
“I’m so sorry Nikki. For not trusting you.”
Helen stood like a guilty school child, her face full of remorse, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.
Nikki stood and brushed her hands down her jeans. She took slow steps forward and it was all as if in slow motion.
Helen soon felt two warm arms wrap around her and she rested her head on Nikki’s shoulder. The hug meant more to both of them at that moment than a lifetime of I love you’s.
They eventually slipped apart but didn’t let go, eyes met and passion and love flowed between them again. Then Nikki dared to speak.
“I thought I had lost you.”
Helen caught a stray tear that fell down Nikki’s cheek with her thumb.
“I thought that too. I am a complete idiot.”
Nikki pulled Helen to her again and they just quietly held each other for what seemed an eternity. Both realising just how strong their love had become and how hard it would be to lose it. Both hearts were beating fast.
They eventually went inside but spoke very little. Everything they needed to express was impossible to express with just words.
“I’ll just get washed.” Nikki told Helen as they both looked at Nikki’s dirty hands, they smiled lovingly at each other and she made her way upstairs to the bathroom.
Helen stood for a moment in their living room and looked around at all the things that belonged to them.
How could I think Nikki would want to destroy all this, everything we have achieved together… our home.
Then she realised she had been stressed for some time.
Ever since the Fenner trial. It was a long drawn out trial but it had been worth it in the end. Jim Fenner had finally been convicted of assault and rape. Helen’s evidence had helped Karen Betts greatly and without her she probably wouldn’t have been believed. But it had taken its toll on Helen’s emotions. Nikki had been the most supporting and loving partner she could ever wish for throughout it and she hadn’t threatened to kill Fenner once! But still Helen had to deal with the past memory of the assault on her own.
Nikki was drying her face and standing before the bathroom mirror when she felt two warm and gentle arms wrap around her from behind and soft lips brush her neck. Nikki turned in Helen’s arms and met her lips in a kiss. Between kisses she whispered endearments… “I love you so much.”
Helen with a twinkle in her eyes took Nikki’s hand and led her through to the bedroom.
“And I am going to show you just how much…“ Nikki told her.
“Well… do you mind if I go first?” Helen asked as she raised an eyebrow, pushing Nikki back on to the soft bed. Then Helen smiled as she looked to Nikki’s surprised face and straddled her on their bed.
Nikki gave her a look that told her not to ask silly questions.
Making up was easy… being apart was impossible. Both knew that whatever happened to them now, nothing could ever break them apart because they lived for each other, breathed each other and had become joined in a way no one else could understand unless they had been there too.

This was simply forever.

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G2 landing
nice =;]
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