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HALLOWEEN STORY; a short H & N story by MJnet
Topic Started: Nov 8 2008, 04:31 PM (1,591 Views)
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Helen walked into the bedroom, her face pale and drawn, her emotional state ragged and torn… “Why did you do this to me Nikki?”
Nikki stood across from her in the room, “What did I do?”
“Leaving me like that… how could you leave me.” Helen sat on the bed and began to cry, soft painful sobs.
“But I’m here Helen…and I love you.”
Helen didn’t reply.
Nikki couldn’t bear to see Helen in so much pain… and so she left the way she came in, through the door and down the hall to where their 5-year-old girl lay sleeping in her bed.
Nikki knelt beside the bed and looked at her little girl… then she softly stroked her hair, carefully as not to wake her.

The next morning Nikki woke… Helen lay beside her sleeping peacefully… and for once this week, Helen looked rested, but still there were the signs of tears that had rolled down her cheeks in the night.

Helen woke around two hours later and made her way to work, so many people had told her to take time off… after all she had been through she shouldn’t even be contemplating working. But Helen felt better when she had something to concentrate her mind on other than Nikki.

Nikki stayed home with Sophie, their child and Claire Walker their friend, who had come over to baby-sit on Helen’s insistence.

Claire sat on the sofa with the television on and watched Sophie play with her toys on the soft African rug in front of her. A rug that Nikki had brought for Helen on a trip out there together a few years back. Claire wiped a tear from her eye as Nikki entered the room.

“What’s wrong?” Nikki asked her, she then walked over and sat beside Claire on the sofa but Claire ignored her. Nikki looked away, despairingly, “I wish I knew that I had done to deserve all this.”
Claire put her head in her hands, “Nikki… why did you have to go and do this to us all.”
Nikki sighed and looked at Claire, “I don’t understand…”
Claire looked at the child playing, “Poor Sophie…”
Nikki looked at her daughter, “Sophie…” she whispered slowly and then got up and went over to her, sitting down beside her she began to tell her a story.

Nikki decided to meet Helen from work… she got into Helen’s car and sat in the passenger seat.
“I thought you might like some company, and some help with the shopping.” Nikki told Helen.
Helen ignored her.
Helen then got in the drivers seat and started up the engine. The car decided to have other ideas and spluttered a few times before starting up… Nikki listened to her lover as she cursed…”The bloody useless pile of junk” – then they were off and on their way to the store for some groceries that had been forgotten about since last Friday. A whole week Helen had hardly eaten a thing… and her best friend had been the odd glass of wine or vodka before bedtime. Although she was careful not to drink too much, she had responsibilities in her life and the most important person to her in the world right now was her daughter Sophie. She had to be strong for her.

Helen walked down the shopping aisles with Nikki beside her, and almost instinctively or out of habit, she picked up the things Nikki liked, her favourite treats, the wine she enjoyed… the chocolates they loved to share.
Then as she turned down the final aisle she frowned, “What the hell am I doing?”
Nikki looked at her, “Shopping?” she smiled.
Helen’s brow creased and her heart started to thump, “Why am I buying these things for you?”
“Because I like them?” Nikki replied.
“I must be insane.” Helen muttered before making her way to the check out with Nikki behind her. Helen couldn’t be bothered to put the things back… no matter how much it pained her to take them… she was too tired.

Once home Nikki went to watch Sophie while Helen unpacked. Claire was still there and joined Helen in the kitchen, knowing that Sophie was okay.

Claire stepped up to Helen and helped her unpack, “How are you coping?” she asked.
Helen frowned at her friend, “The simple answer to that is I’m not.”
Claire walked to the kettle and filled it up with water, “I think you need a cup of tea.”
“That would be great.” Helen said with some relief as she finally sat down at the kitchen table.
Claire switched the kettle on and pulled two cups down from the cupboard, she added milk and waited for the kettle to boil.

Helen sat quietly contemplating the last week, the way Nikki had left on Friday… without any warning, the way it tore her apart… the agony she felt and then all the paperwork she had to deal with. With Nikki gone there was a lot to sort out, those overdue bills in Nikki’s name, having to tell others that Nikki had left her… the most heartbreaking thing she had ever had to do, and then explaining to Sophie that her mother had left her… a child at five years old could never fully understand but Helen had tried her best to explain it in a way that Sophie would understand.

“Nikki loved you.” Claire said softly as they both sat drinking tea.
Helen wiped another tear from her eye, “I know.”
“You’ll be fine, you and Sophie.” Claire added gently.
“I know we will in time, but right now all I want is Nikki back.” Helen replied, holding back the tears.
Claire felt the lump in her throat, she had to be strong for Helen, her hand reached across the table to her friends, she placed it on top of Helen’s and they looked at each other…”I’m here for you.” Claire said gently.
Just at that moment Nikki walked through the door, she gazed at Claire’s hand placed over her lovers and felt her stomach turn over, the words that left Claire’s mouth just accentuated that feeling…”Helen…” she said quietly.
Helen looked to the door and then to Claire as she shifted her hand away.
“What is it?” Claire asked.
Helen shook her head and smiled a little, “Nothing…”
Nikki walked over to them and frowned, “Nothing, I’m nothing to you now?”

Helen seemed to gaze right through her. And Nikki walked away. Helen looked to the door and felt a chill down her spine.

Nikki had been so preoccupied with Helen that she had taken time off work. But as the second Monday came along she felt she couldn’t put it off any longer. She worked at a University nearby, teaching English Literature to Degree students.

Nikki walked over to Helen, where she was stood at the window to their apartment, looking down at the street below… apparently miles away in thoughts of her own. Helen looked in Nikki’s direction and her eyebrows knotted… Nikki could see deep concentration on her lovers face, “What is it?” Nikki asked.
Helen let out a sigh and looked back out of the window. Nikki felt the ache in her heart, Helen was constantly turning away from her, treating her like she just wasn’t there.
“Christ sake Helen I only went out for a few hours… all the crap we were arguing about was doing my head in, I need to get some air, all I did was take the bike for a ride… jeez I wish you would acknowledge my existence!”
And as Nikki turned to walk away Helen’s lips parted and she spoke Nikki’s name… so softly that Nikki wasn’t sure if she had spoken at all, but it made Nikki stop and look… “Helen?” she replied hopeful.
Helen was still turned away from her and facing the window, her arms were folded now and she seemed to be cursing herself for being so stupid. Then she turned around and walked towards Nikki… Nikki smiled thinking that Helen was about to hug her and kiss her and tell her she was sorry for overreacting but Helen just walked straight past like she hadn’t even seen Nikki standing there in her smart black suit all ready for work.

Later that morning Nikki arrived at the University to find her class was being taken. No big surprise there, she hadn’t been in and hadn’t felt the need to call them because she had heard and seen Helen already ring in and say that she was phoning to let them know… then there had been a pause… and Helen continued to thank them and quickly say goodbye.

Nikki walked into classroom 410 on the third floor on the old school building that was being used by the University. It dated back to the mid 1800’s and still smelt old no matter how many pieces of modern furniture and equipment now graced the building. Nikki stood at the front of the class beside the stand in teacher… Miss Parker. However, Nikki was a bit puzzled as to why Miss Parker hadn’t said anything, surely she could see her standing there, surely she had heard her walk in the room? Nikki frowned and looked at her class, mostly 18 and 19 year olds but a few older students too. Then she noticed a younger boy sitting at the front and smiling at her.
Well at least someone as noticed I entered the room… Nikki thought to herself amused that he was the only one who had. Am I so uninteresting? she smiled.

“No…” the young boy replied.
Nikki gulped, “What did you say?”
“I said no, your not uninteresting miss. In fact I love sitting in on your classes.” He grinned and knelt forward on the desk.
Nikki frowned, she was confused, the kid only looked about 14 and was way too young to be in one of her classes, “Uh?”
The boy laughed, “My name is Joe, I often sit in and learn… I didn’t get much chance to do that when I was alive.”
Nikki’s heart skipped a major beat and her eyes were wide in shock, “Your dead?”
“Yeah,” he laughed and stood up from his desk.
Nikki was fully concentrating on the boy now, and the rest of the class and the teacher seemed to merge into the background, “What?”
The boy approached Nikki and poked her in the ribs.
“Ouch!” Nikki whined in surprise, “What the hell did you do that for?”
“Cos I felt like it.” The boy smiled then turned to the door, “You wanna know a secret?”
Nikki was still frowning, and even more surprised that she was going along with talking to a dead boy! But her curiosity got the better of her and she followed him out of the classroom and into the corridor. He stopped, she looked down at him, and suddenly noticed the strange clothing he wore, Grey shorts, with a white shirt buttoned to the top with a black and yellow striped tie, with a grey jacket and a cap to match, “Your clothes…” Nikki said softly. Aware that what she was seeing was very odd indeed. The old wooden floors and echoes down the corridors just added to the surreal feeling of it all.
“I told you,” Joe replied, “I’m dead, died in 1903…”
“So what’s the secret?” Nikki asked carefully.
“Your dead too.” He replied casually, almost flippantly.
Nikki’s face went a ghostly shade of pale…

Helen packed up Sophie’s belongings and grabbed her case to put them into her car. Then when they were placed in the boot, she went back to get Sophie.
“Where we going mommy?” Sophie asked as Helen walked her out and down the garden path.
“Where going to stay with Auntie Claire for a few days, and she’s promised to get you plenty of things to play with and do.” Helen replied as cheerfully as possible.
After losing Nikki in a motorbike accident just over a week ago she realised that she could no longer cope on her own. Claire had offered her full support and a place to stay, away from the painful memories of Nikki and Helen had thought about it, at first she didn’t want to leave her, their home… but it felt so lonely, especially at night that she couldn’t stand another night of it. She needed company and it wasn’t fair on Sophie to see her mom so upset all the time.
Helen placed the seatbelt around her daughter in the passenger seat.
“Where’s mommy Nik?”
Helen’s heart splintered once more into tiny pieces, that question always got to her the most, “She’s gone away sweetheart.”
Sophie looked to her mother, her brown eyes so like Nikki’s, “When is she coming back?”
Helen turned her attention to driving the car; the sooner she got to Claire’s place the better for all of them.
Sophie turned to the window and sulked… her heart also aching to see Nikki again.

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“What do you mean I’m dead?” Nikki touched herself in confusion.
The kid looked a little sad, “You really didn’t know did you?”
Nikki frowned, “I’m not dead… your winding me up!”
“I wish that were true.” Joe replied and then turned thoughtful… “I really liked you as a teacher too.”
“Thanks.” Nikki replied running her hand through her hair… then she looked to a door as a woman she knew stepped out, Nikki called to her, “Sandra?” The woman didn’t look her way, she walked past her, just like everyone had, without any acknowledgement of her existence…”So it is true…” she said quietly watching her co-worker walk away and down the corridor. Once she turned the corner Nikki looked back at the kid, “Okay I believe you…but why am I still here?”
“Your love for your partner was so strong that you couldn’t let go.” The boy replied, “Before you ask, I am just visiting.”
“Oh…” Nikki replied looking at the boy, “You must the only kid that couldn’t get enough of school.”
“Yeah well, like I said, I missed out on a lot.” The kid smiled and tugged at Nikki’s jacket, “Come on…”
“Where are we going?” Nikki asked.
“To have some fun.” The kid winked.

Helen found herself crying into her third glass of red wine that evening in Claire’s company. She was sat curled up on the comfy sofa in Claire Walkers living room, Claire was right beside her and right at that moment offering her support with a comforting hug.
“Hey it’ll be alright in time, you’ll see.” Claire said gently, knowing deep down that it was never that simple but needing to show Helen, her best friend the most support she could.
Helen wiped her eyes again, they were bloodshot and sore, “I love her so much Claire, I don’t think I can carry on.”
Nikki appeared in the room, having been giving a few pointers on how to walk through walls amongst other things by the young boy she was finding it a lot easier to get around. She overheard the conversation between Helen and Claire and it tugged at her heart, leaving a deep wound there…”Helen…” she whispered softly as she walked over to the sofa, “I’m so sorry for leaving you…” she knelt down beside the sofa and placed her hands over Helen’s.
“Brrrrr, its getting chilly in here.” Helen suddenly said taking her hands and rubbing them together…”My hands are freezing.”
Claire couldn’t feel the cold at all, the house was pretty warm in fact, “You must be coming down with something.” Claire said concerned, she touched Helen’s hands and was surprised at how cold they were, “You weren’t joking were you?”
Helen looked at her friend, “Told you…”
Nikki knelt back and looked at Helen, then said…”I love you Helen.”
Claire noted Helen was now sitting forward with a look of surprise on her face, “Helen, what is it?”
Helen looked confused, a little shocked, she turned to look at Claire beside her, “Didn’t you hear that?”
“Hear what?” Claire smiled a little.
“I heard her…” Helen said softly.
“Who?” Claire asked puzzled.
“Nikki.” Helen replied honestly.

Nikki stood up in surprise, “She heard me!” Nikki began to smile, “Helen?” she said again.
This time there was no response, but Nikki thought it could have been because Helen was being distracted at the time… Claire was currently mocking her and telling her not to be silly.

“I think you’ve had enough of that wine…” Claire stood and took Helen’s glass from her, “I’ll make you some coffee.”
Helen frowned as Claire walked away, she was sure she heard something… but maybe she was hearing things, the wine must have been stronger than she realised. She shook her head, “I really need to get a grip. For Sophie’s sake.” She rested back on the sofa thinking about Sophie… the daughter she and Nikki had always wanted… the image of Nikki from the day she was born. She smiled at the memory of Nikki holding Sophie for the first time with tears in her eyes and the biggest smile she had ever seen…”I miss you…” she said quietly remembering good times.
Nikki sat down beside Helen on the sofa and looked to her, “I miss you too…”
Helen looked to the empty space beside her, “Nikki is that you?”
Nikki smiled, delighted that Helen had heard her again, “Yes, darling its me.”
Helen looked both pleased and a little frightened, “Why can’t I see you?”
“I’m told,” Nikki remembered the boy telling her that if the living believe, then they will see, they need to open up their minds to discover, “That you have to concentrate, just let go and believe in me.”
Helen looked slightly puzzled, “But you know I never believed in this kind of stuff.”
“Yes but your mourning still… your open, much more so that usual.” Nikki explained, “Helen it really is me… we made love the night before I took that bike out… we had a stupid argument about work… I told you I had to go away for the weekend.”
Helen was stunned, it was all true, it had to be Nikki… she found herself believing the impossible and just as soon as she thought it she could see Nikki sitting there beside her…”Oh my God, it is you.”

“Who are you talking to?” Claire asked as she walked in with two mugs of steaming hot coffee.

Nikki disappeared and Helen looked to Claire….”No one…” she replied quietly.

A week went by without further incident and Helen had given up hope of hearing from or seeing Nikki again. It was the day of their daughters sixth birthday when all that changed…

“Have you got the cake?” Helen called to the kitchen.
“I have…” Claire called back.

Helen proceeding towards the table in the dining room and placed the plastic mugs and plastic bowls onto it. She then neatly placed each one along both sides of the long wooden table. Helen stood back and smiled at her hard work completed, well almost, there was just the matter of the birthday cake. She turned to the kitchen doorway and shouted, “Claire!”
“Alright I’m coming!” Claire shouted back. Soon after she came rushing carefully holding a Barbie birthday cake with six pink candles in her hands on a silver tray. She walked over to the table and placed it down. “There you go…” she smiled proudly, having baked and iced the cake herself.
“It looks wonderful, thanks.” Helen smiled in Claire’s direction and then looked at her watch, “All the kids should be here any minute, I better check on Sophie.”
“You stay there, I’ll go and get her, you need to be here to greet your guests.” Claire told her and headed towards the dining room door that led to the hall. “We’ll both be right back!”

Helen let out a sigh of both relief and sadness. Once Claire had gone upstairs to collect Sophie from her afternoon nap and get her ready for her birthday party, Helen took a breather and sat down with a glass of water in her hands, she took a sip.

“Helen…” she heard Nikki’s voice as plain as day right beside her.

Helen looked to the seat next to her and there she was… Nikki Wade, looking as handsome as the day they first met, with lips that would melt ice and a smile to match.
“Nikki… what are you doing here?” she paused, “I thought…”
“I realised why I so desperately didn’t want to leave this life so fast… Sophie’s birthday, I couldn’t miss her birthday…” Nikki replied softly, and then placed her hand on Helen’s shoulder, “I need to see her today and then I have to go.”
“Please don’t go.” Helen replied tearfully, the strings of her heart tugging terribly.
“Helen…I have to, this isn’t my place anymore.” She paused and gently moved in to place a kiss to Helen’s cheek.
Helen immediately noticed the difference, it was a warm kiss, tender… she looked right into Nikki’s soulful eyes and found it hard to believe that she wasn’t real… at least not as she knew it…her hand reached to Nikki’s cheek and gently stayed there… no words were spoken, they both just sighed deeply, and the love between them just seemed to spread like a warm blanket around them both.
“I will always love you…” Nikki whispered. “And we will meet again… I promise you.” Her hand moved to gently take Helen’s in her own, and then she took it to her lips and placed a kiss to it. Helen sighed again and closed her eyes.

“Mom!” The scream of an excited child made Helen open her eyes quickly… her heart was beating so hard she thought it might break out of her chest, the first thing she noticed was that Nikki was no longer there… she shook her head, like a cloud had formed around it, was she imagining all this or was it real? She couldn’t decide… then again she had always been the sceptical one in the family. Then Helen turned and watched Claire with her daughter… they walked over to Helen and stood before her…
Helen smiled with delight and held out her arms to Sophie, “Oh don’t you look beautiful.”
Sophie ran into her mother’s arms and gave into a hug birthday hug. Then she stepped back and looked to Claire, “Auntie Claire helped me get ready.”
Claire smiled, “Not that I had much say in it, she had already decided which pink outfit she wanted to wear.”
Helen laughed, “Mmm that’s one trait she definitely doesn’t get from Nikki!”
Then they heard laughter and the knocking of the front door…
“Here they are!” Helen stood and took Sophie’s hand, “Are you coming with me to greet your guests?”
Sophie nodded. Then they made their way to the front door where they greeted all the guests, however the last one was a bit of s surprise to Sophie… no one else could see, no one else needed to…”Mom?” she said slightly puzzled.
“Hi sweetheart…” Nikki smiled and handed her a present, “This is for you… I have to go now… but remember I love you.” With those words Nikki faded away, leaving a very startled child standing there holding a wrapped up present.
Helen had been so busy with the guests that she hadn’t noticed any of this… then she realised Sophie wasn’t with her, “Sophie?” she called out.
Sophie ran through holding the present. Helen looked at her puzzled, “Where did you get that from?”
“Mommy Nik gave it to me…” Sophie said excitedly unwrapping it.
Helen looked shocked… luckily none of their visitors had heard the exchange of words. Then she continued to watch Sophie unwrap her gift, “Look mom!” she squealed in excitement, “Its fairy Barbie.”
Helen smiled, “Wow…” she said inspecting the gift carefully. “It is.”
Sophie looked up at her mother, “Why did mommy Nik leave again?”
“I’ll explain later…” Helen said avoiding the inevitable, “Go and play with your friend while Claire and I get your jelly and ice cream sorted out.”
Sophie looked happy enough with the reply and rushed off to show her friends her new Barbie doll.

Helen then walked to the hall and opened the front door… she looked around for a sign of Nikki still around but saw nothing… then she looked to the floor and saw a note…she picked it up and carefully opened it to read… the note read…

“To my dear Sophie…” the note was to Sophie, a note written before Nikki’s death… and one that was on her in her pocket the day she died. Nikki had to return to make sure Sophie got the note. It had been written in case anything happened to her. When Helen placed the note into her pocket she found another similar note that wasn’t there before…also written by Nikki, but this time starting with the words, “To my dearest Helen…”

Helen read it there in the hall and tears rolled down her cheeks… she didn’t know if to be happy or sad. She held the note to her chest and cried her last tears… from that moment on she knew Nikki was waiting for her in another place and that she was finally at peace. And with that, she tucked the note into her pocket and walked back down the hall to the dining room to join the party that was in full swing.

And at that moment the curtain fell to clapping, whistling and loud cheering from around the University campus theatre hall. And as the curtain rose again for the performers to take a bow there were a few wolf whistles too, for Nikki Wade and for Helen Stewart…. Or maybe they were for Claire Walker!

Backstage afterwards Helen thanked Claire for helping them out at short notice and standing in for one of their theatre students. Claire thanked Helen for giving her and Sophie the chance to do something different. They had both loved every minute of it. Just then Thomas Waugh, Claire’s long-term partner walked in and congratulated Helen on a fantastic play.
“You were great, who wrote it?” he asked.
“Nikki… she does nothing else these days, especially with being a literature teacher, she gets a lot of practise.” Helen smiled.
“And you produced?” he asked.
Helen nodded, “And acted of course, I teach drama at the University too.”
“Claire kept you two quiet…” he looked at Claire and then at Sophie, his little girl, “Hey Sophie you were amazing.”
Sophie ran to Thomas, her father and he picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek…”You’ll be an actress when you grow up I am sure of it.”
“Well I’ll leave you guys to it, I need to find Nikki.” Helen said her goodbyes.

She rushed up to Nikki in the corridor of the theatre that led to the car park and stopped her, “Hey…wait for me.”
Nikki was putting on her coat at the time, she turned around and looked at Helen, “You were fantastic on that stage tonight.” Nikki told her with a warm smile..
“Fancy a drink to celebrate our final performance of the first University Contempory Halloween Play?” Helen smiled seductively.
“You bet I do, my mouths so dry after all that talking.” Nikki smiled and pulled Helen into her arms.
“You should be used to talking with all those classes you take.” Helen told her with a smile.
“We wrote and performed our own play Helen… a play using our own names and Claire’s daughter no less… quite an achievement… just a shame we didn’t have a child of our own who could have taken part too.” She added the last bit with a hint of sadness.
Helen raised her eyebrows and tried to hide a smile then looked to Nikki’s proud face, “Aye we did… so do you fancy coming up with a contempory play for Christmas too?”
“I don’t know… this one was pretty time consuming.” Nikki replied seriously. Her mind now on the child they never had.
Then Helen grinned at her and touched her own stomach, “I could play Mary for real.”
“Uh?” Nikki looked confused.
Helen just continued to smile at her and rub her tummy.
“Your pregnant?” Nikki said hardly daring to believe it. They had been trying for so long with a sperm donor that they were about to give up and try for adoption.
Helen nodded and said softly with a huge smile, “Yes I am.”
“Oh my God!” Nikki replied shocked, “Are you sure?”
Helen frowned at her and half smiled…”Of course.”
Nikki laughed and pulled Helen into a big bear hug, “That’s bloody fantastic!” then she started to kiss Helen’s face until their eyes met once more, “Do you know how much I adore you?”

Helen nodded and then closed her eyes as she lent in closer for a kiss.

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:dazzler Hey, I am so glad you have your own section for all your wonderful N&H stories!!!...I truly enjoyed this one...Will you be putting ALL your stories here???...I sure hope so...You have such a wonderful talent...Thank you for all the time you put in...I've read so many of your stories I don't remember if I have left feedback to all of them...I just know that I love reading them over & over...Thank you for sharing them with your readers...I'm going to keep a list of all the ones that I read***THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!
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Out of Dorm
Loved it!!!!
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G2 landing
sad story, fortunately only the first part ;)
thank you =;]
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