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Day One; A new incomplete story
Topic Started: Jan 31 2011, 10:14 PM (56,330 Views)
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I thought twice about posting this one on here because it is, at this point in time, not complete, and I don't actually have a concrete plan for exactly how it will end. I also can't guarantee speedy updates. But with how quiet the boards have been lately, I felt like injecting some life back into them. So, for anyone still reading, here is the start of a new story I've written called Day One. It's set after the end of S3, although the final episode of s3 has been altered a bit (artistic licence).

Disclaimer: Shed Productions made the characters, wrote the original stories, and have full copyright to them. We are using these characters simply for non-profit, entertainment value.

I am happy to accept feedback openly by readers. BOARD NOTE: we would recommend if any length i.e. more than a couple of points, it is done privately away from the story itself.


Nikki woke up slowly, stretching under the soft bed sheets as she opened her eyes. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d woken up feeling like this: rested, comfortable, safe.
She glanced around the room and took pleasure in the lack of green paint, the lack of concrete, the soft mattress beneath her and the warm, luxurious duvet above her. She revelled in the sunlight streaming in through windows that were not barred by iron poles, and were considerably larger than a square foot. She took a moment to appreciate her surroundings, and suddenly felt overwhelmed.
She forced herself upright, swinging her long legs over the side of the bed until her toes met the plush carpet. Her head felt hazy, her brain was swimming and her heart had started to race. Am I having a panic attack? she wondered as she gripped the edge of the mattress and attempted to control her breathing. After a moment, it passed.
Nikki was a free woman. If the room wasn’t enough evidence, there was the document she had been handed upon exit from the courthouse the day before, now sitting on a table a few feet away. Her court suit was draped over a nearby chair. She once again had a wallet, and a watch, and a set of keys. The belongings she had taken into Larkhall sat on the other side of the room. Trish had thoughtfully decanted them from the clear plastic bag into a designer holdall. She stared at it for a moment, considering burning it. It was time for a change. It was time for the future, for everything new and fresh and forward-thinking.
But first, a shower was in order. She made her way into the bathroom, unaware that she was about to enjoy the best shower she’d had in the last three years.

~ ~ ~

Helen woke up in a far less pleasant manner. Having spent the latter portion of the previous night drowning her sorrows, she was somewhat worse for wear. She woke up feeling dizzy, hazy and sick, with a banging headache and the sudden realisation that she was about to throw up.
She lurched out of bed and into the bathroom in time to be sick into the toilet, and then stumbled into the shower seeking revival as much as cleanliness. She stood under the hot spray for longer than usual, drifting into her own thoughts.
She hadn’t gone to the courthouse. Somehow she couldn’t face it, after Thomas leaving her in that restaurant and then her inevitable alcohol consumption. She remembered seeing Nikki on the news and crying in a bar somewhere in London.
“She always believed in me, no matter how tough things got…” came Nikki’s voice in her head, like a looping reel of film forever engrained in her memory. She felt overwhelmed just thinking about it, but she knew she didn’t deserve half of the praise Nikki had bestowed upon her.
She’d gone to Chix, still slightly drunk, hoping to see Nikki, but had arrived to find the dark-haired woman sitting close to Trisha Harris and had presumed the obvious. She suddenly felt very silly for even going and left before Nikki had seen her.
Of course Nikki wasn’t going to chase her now - not in the real world. She had a gorgeous, blonde, rich girlfriend (stroke-business partner) to go back to. She had a life to re-enter. Helen wasn’t a part of that life – she lived in a small semi-detached in the suburbs and rarely went out of an evening. Nikki and Trisha ran one of the most successful clubs in London. She had a future, a life, already. Helen realised that she’d been an idiot to consider herself a part of that outside of Larkhall. Inside of the prison, she knew she was a lot more appealing than outside of it. She was in a position of authority, and always smartly dressed. She was one of the very few people Nikki ever got to see, at all, in Larkhall. It wasn’t the same now; she could take her pick of the London Lesbian Elite and Helen wasn’t about to stand in her way.
That wasn’t to say that it didn’t hurt. It hurt more than anything Helen had ever experienced to know that Nikki was going to move on without her, with Trisha. It killed her to know that she’d never again be a part of the raven-haired lifer’s world. But she was being realistic.

~ ~ ~

“Morning,” Trish greeted her as she emerged from hibernation. “There’s coffee in the pot.”
“Thanks,” Nikki replied gratefully, pouring herself a cup and delighting in the smell, the taste of real coffee. She even enjoyed drinking it from one of Trisha’s hideous mugs. Suddenly she realised that everything she had disliked or criticised the blonde for prior to Larkhall was irrelevant. It was completely meaningless. A mug is a mug is a mug, she told herself. Little things like this just don’t matter the way that they used to - not now.
“Sleep well?” Trish asked.
“Brilliantly,” Nikki confirmed with a smile. “Everything is so… fantastic. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, for letting me stay.”
Trish frowned. “Nik, don’t be daft. Of course. I mean… any time. You know that. Whenever you want, as long as you want. This is half your flat, after all.”
Nikki nodded her head thoughtfully from side to side. “Yeah, I know, but… it’s different now. And I’m grateful.”
Trish nodded, knowing she wasn’t going to be able to talk sense into the taller woman any time soon.
“I wanted to talk to you, actually,” Nikki began, in that tone of voice that she reserved for apologies and bereavements.
“Nik, don’t. Honestly, it’s fine. Really it is. Stay as long as you like. There’s no need for explanations or…”
“I feel like there is,” Nikki insisted.
Trish settled herself in for The Talk, uncomfortable and wary. Nikki reached across the table and took her hand.
“You know I love you, right?” she began softly.
“I mean, it’s never going to be like it was before. I think we both know that. But I do love you – you’re still my best friend, my business partner… I wouldn’t have traded what we had for the world, Trish. If I could take it back and do it over, I’d do the same thing again. You’re so important to me, I hope you know that.”
Trisha nodded, bracing herself for the “but”.
Nikki sighed, clearly struggling. “It’s different now. I know I probably can’t explain it to you properly, but it is. Things are different. I’m different. It changes you, you know? And that’s not your fault and I’m sorry…”
Trish couldn’t take it any more and interrupted, “You’re sorry? Fuck’s sake, Nikki, I’m the one who cheated on you… I know things can’t ever go back to how they were. You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. You were only in that place trying to protect me, and I fucked it all up, if we’re being honest! I know the deal here; it’s fine. You don’t need to apologise or explain. I know. It’s okay.”
“It’s not okay,” Nikki insisted.
“No, it’s not,” Trish agreed, squeezing her hand. “But it is how it is.”
“Is it going to bother you, me being here?”
“No, not at all, of course you can stay here,” Trisha offered graciously, although on the inside she dreaded the thought of seeing Nikki every day and not being allowed to touch her, of catching her coming out of the shower or falling asleep on the sofa, of eating her home-cooked meals and falling in love with her a little bit more every day. She was a realist above all else but she wasn’t made of ice. This was going to be hell.
She steeled herself before taking a breath… she knew she had to tell Nikki the truth.
“Helen came by, yesterday.”
Nikki’s eyes narrowed in wary confusion.
“At the club, I mean. She came in, but then left right away. I was going to tell you but…”
“But you were hoping we’d get back together,” Nikki finished for her.
“Yes,” Trish admitted. “I’m sorry.”
“Thanks for telling me.”
Suddenly, her first day of freedom had an agenda.

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Down the Block
Good so far. Cant wait for the next chapter :)
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Down the Block
Thanks for coming back to the board. You write great stories. The Bond was one of my favorites. Post when you can, I will be here waiting.
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Nikki's only luvver
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Up to Basic
I can't wait for the next chapter either. Will Nikki go looking for Helen?
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Down the Block
Come on Nikki...go look for Helen. Great start.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
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WOW. Just... wow.

This is amazing. In less than 24 hours, this thread has received 4 excellent replies from lovely people and a phenomenal 84 views!!!
I'm just astonished and overhwhelmed by this response. Granted, it's nothing like back in the heyday of BG but it's now 2011, and the boards are a lot quieter now.

A massive THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has read and/or commented - I don't discriminate against lurkers, you're welcome in my book (I even got thrown off BGE for saying so LOL)

Next part to follow VERY soon - I'm just getting it beta'd by somebody who can correct my mistakes :)

[email protected]
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Up to Basic
fantastic start! looking forward to read the next chapter :) :tumbup
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Nikki's only luvver
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Up to Basic
Feb 1 2011, 08:17 PM
WOW. Just... wow.

This is amazing. In less than 24 hours, this thread has received 4 excellent replies from lovely people and a phenomenal 84 views!!!
I'm just astonished and overhwhelmed by this response. Granted, it's nothing like back in the heyday of BG but it's now 2011, and the boards are a lot quieter now.

A massive THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has read and/or commented - I don't discriminate against lurkers, you're welcome in my book (I even got thrown off BGE for saying so LOL)

Next part to follow VERY soon - I'm just getting it beta'd by somebody who can correct my mistakes :)

Yep its 2011 and we're still Nikki and Helen mad and we still can't get enough of them. So, keep it coming Terri :D
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Great work, thanks Terri.
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Down the Block
wow! Great start. Glad you posted it!
Looking forward to the next bit :)
"I want a woman"
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obsessed with N&H
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Out of Dorm
Wow Wow Wow...great start. Looking forward to more soon!
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Out of Dorm
Feb 1 2011, 08:17 PM

A massive THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has read and/or commented - I don't discriminate against lurkers, you're welcome in my book (I even got thrown off BGE for saying so LOL)

Next part to follow VERY soon - I'm just getting it beta'd by somebody who can correct my mistakes :)

I got thrown off too! :rofl

Yes great start Terri, looking forward to more.

I must admit I don't come here very often anymore, I am noe ready Dynasty fanfic instead! :eek
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G2 landing
I love your writing terri. so glad to see another story by you. I'm really looking forward to your next update. and the emotional rollercoaster thats sure to follow. but isn't that the mark of a good writer, to make us feel something emotionally. :h5
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Hello again everyone,

So sorry for the delay in posting this update - I thought I'd have it up last week but unfortunately life got in the way as usual!

Usual disclaimers apply and thanks again for your lovely comments on the thread and your personal messages and emails. They mean a lot. And thanks to all you lurkers too, I know you're reading because the view count is now above 500 which is just unbelievable. I know 410 of those were me hitting refresh, but still! :-p


Day One

Part Two

Helen cursed as she spilled sugar all over the kitchen counter attempting to make herself a reviving cup of coffee.

She braced herself against the work surface, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She wasn’t even sure any more if the alcohol could be solely blamed for her current state. She was all over the place, and it couldn’t be entirely dismissed that the collapse and loss of the last good thing in her life was probably more than a coincidence. Please, God, let this be over soon.

The doorbell rang, rousing her from her silent prayer. She opened her eyes and glanced at the time. She wasn’t expecting visitors and couldn’t imagine who, of the people who had been known to call at her house, would be ringing her doorbell at 10am on a Thursday.

She padded through the hallway barefoot and opened the door to reveal Nikki Wade stood on her doorstep, looking for all the world like she had stepped out of the pages of a magazine, or off a catwalk. She was stood tall, relaxed and confident in designer sunglasses, which she courteously removed as the door opened. Helen stared stupidly at her for a moment before her brain kicked into gear.

She was unwillingly remembering the last time she’d opened her front door for Nikki – the night of her escape. The fear, the trepidation, the excitement… the mind-blowing sex, the intimacy… the betrayal, the horror, the bitterness.

“Oh my God,” she breathed, finally shaking herself out of it and instinctively hugging the taller woman. Nikki hugged her back twice as hard and they ended up locked in a close embrace for several moments. It was only then that Helen realised what she had done, and awkwardly pulled away, feeling a little ridiculous.

“Congratulations,” she offered warmly as they broke apart, taking the opportunity to look her companion up and down. She was dressed stylishly, with flawless but subtle makeup and a fresh haircut, and Helen caught sight of an expensive watch. Even her shoes looked new.
“Thanks,” Nikki replied. Her voice and the look in her eyes were the same as ever, and it somehow anchored them back in known territory. Helen relaxed a little. They were still the same people, after all, and they did know one another intimately. There was really no need for standing on ceremony or awkward hugging.
“Come in,” Helen offered, gesturing backwards into the house. Nikki smiled and entered as she babbled, “Sorry, the place is a bit of a mess. I’m a bit of a mess…”

Nikki smiled at her self-deprecating laugh and took in her damp hair, bare feet and house clothes. Helen was wearing loose-fitting jeans that were frayed and worn at the ankles and had clearly been washed more than a hundred times, and a simple cotton top. She was devoid of anything resembling makeup, barren of jewellery, and Nikki thought she looked beautiful.

“D’you want a cup of coffee, or tea?” Helen offered as they entered the kitchen. She watched the smaller woman throwing furtive, regretful glances towards the washing up and the breadcrumbs around the toaster, and the spilt sugar by the kettle, and smiled.
“No,” she replied simply, smiling at Helen’s demeanour. She reached for her hand. “Relax, I’m not here to judge your housekeeping.”

She stepped closer, and Helen looked truly nervous.
“Why are you here?” the smaller woman asked quietly, looking up at her.
Nikki had gone over to talk, to get some answers and try and resolve whatever this was between them. But, standing in Helen’s kitchen, with her looking so gorgeous and so clearly apprehensive about the state of her kitchen… she couldn’t help herself, she just wanted to take her into her arms and never let her go.
“I think you can probably guess,” Nikki teased.
“I’d rather you just told me,” Helen pressed.
“Okay. I was angling for another copy of Sophie’s World. What are we on now, number 3 is it?” Nikki joked.
“What happened to number two?” Helen asked, puzzled. Nikki had thrown her completely.
“Fenner nicked it as evidence.”
“Of what?” Helen retorted, her hackles instantly up.
“Not sure really. Literacy?” Nikki suggested.

Helen stepped across the kitchen and retrieved a familiar pink paperback from the shelves, offering it to Nikki. The taller woman was stunned; she hadn’t actually expected her to produce one.
“Did you get a wholesale discount?”
“That one’s mine. But you’re welcome to have it. Call it a congratulation gift.”
Nikki opened the book and leafed through the well-thumbed pages. There were underlined sections, stars and occasional notes.
“You’ll have to forgive the study notes. I borrowed extensively from it for an essay at University,” Helen explained, busying herself with making the coffee she had been craving.

“Forget that, come on, I’ll get you a real coffee,” Nikki offered.
Helen turned back to face her looking apprehensive. Nikki frowned a little. Helen shouldn’t be nervous of her.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” the smaller woman finally replied.
Nikki couldn’t hold back any longer. She stepped closer to her companion, resolutely ignoring Helen’s hesitant demeanour. She dipped her head until their noses brushed and the tension became palpable, and Helen was torn between pressing nearer and pulling away. Nikki pressed several tiny kisses around the edges of the smaller woman’s mouth, before tenderly caressing her upper lip, until Helen’s lips parted and their mouths melted together into a sensual, urgent kiss.
Helen was the first to break away, although not too far.

“Oh, God, don’t,” she pleaded, the warmth of her halted breath exhaled against Nikki’s skin in a way that made the tall ex-con wish to be within breathing distance of Helen Stewart for the rest of her life.
“Don’t start what you can’t finish,” Helen requested, her eyes cast nervously upward, searching out the comfort of the deep, loving gaze she knew to be found in the brown eyes looking back at her.
“Who says I can’t finish?” Nikki replied, kissing her again ever-so-softly and allowing her fingers to travel beneath Helen’s top, gently caressing the warm skin underneath.

To her surprise, Helen pushed her physically away with her hands. She gazed at her, uncomprehending.
“Don’t,” the smaller woman requested breathlessly, but firmly.
“Because I can’t be your victory shag, Nikki. I want more than that… or nothing at all.”
Nikki frowned. “What are you talking about?”
“You’re with Trish,” Helen began patiently, drawing away and pacing back and forth in agitation. “I understand that… I do. You’re better off with Trish… I know how I’ve behaved, I know how I am. But I can’t be your bit on the side, and I can’t be a one night stand to you; it’d kill me. So I’d rather have nothing.”
Nikki gazed at her for several long seconds before stepping closer, taking hold of her companion’s hands and replying.

“Firstly,” she began, gently nuzzling the smaller woman, kissing Helen’s cheek and upper lip against her will, “I’m not with Trish. She and I… we won’t be together, romantically, ever again. We’re just business partners now, and friends I hope. Nothing more.”

Helen looked at her in surprised silence and she continued, “I know you came to the club last night and probably misinterpreted the situation… I didn’t see you. Trish only mentioned it this morning.”

Helen tensed and she quickly added, “Yes, I stayed at her house. No, we didn’t have sex, or even kiss. Separate rooms - I just need a place to stay until I get myself sorted out.”

“Nikki, you don’t have to explain yourself to me…” the smaller woman began, although relief was coursing through her with every word that came out of the gorgeous ex-con’s mouth.

“Yes, I do,” Nikki insisted, “Seeing as how I plan on spending the rest of my life with you – if you’ll have me. Will you?”

Helen gaped at her in astonishment. She was sure that her heart had stopped beating for a moment. Crashing waves of emotion had been set free inside of her by the words, spoken so calmly and so honestly by someone who, an hour ago, she was sure she would never see again.
“What?” Helen replied stupidly.

“I’m not going away until I get an answer. I love you. I don’t want to waste any more time here. I’ve been given my life back – today’s the first day in three years that I can do anything I want, and all I want to do is make the most of every second, and the person I want to do that with the most is you. So what do you say, will you seize the day with me?”
“Yes,” Helen breathed, overwhelmed, pulling her closer and kissing her. “I mean, if you’re sure.”
Nikki smiled.
“Course I’m sure. What do you think I’ve been trying to achieve for the past three years?” she joked.
“Nikki, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there yesterday,” the smaller woman blurted. “I wanted to be…”
“It’s okay…” Nikki replied understandingly, wanting to put a lid on the past and move forwards.
“It’s not okay. I want to apologise. I promised I’d be there and I wasn’t and… I’m so sorry. I let you down. I wanted so much to be there with you… for you… I just… I was… to tell you the truth, I was really drunk, in the middle of the day, on my own. I was in a bar, watching your speech on the TV, and crying…. I was a mess, you should be grateful I didn’t turn up to be honest. I’d just split up with Thomas, and I thought there was no chance for us, for this…” Helen continued, the words tumbling out too quickly and not in an organised enough fashion for her liking. She took a deep breath.
“So why did you split up with him?” Nikki asked curiously.
“He was the perfect man, and I still wanted someone else. And now I know the reason for that is probably that I don’t want a man at all. I want a woman. I want you.”

Nikki took a moment to savour the words, long overdue and almost painfully honest.
“I knew I had to break up with him a while back,” Helen continued, “but I was just so weak, and not dealing well with any of this and… I was struggling to do it. He left me. Said he could tell I was in love with someone else. He was right. My head was a mess. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you, yesterday. Please say you forgive me.”
“I forgive you.”

Helen looked at her, trying to judge the sincerity of her answer.
“I was disappointed,” Nikki admitted. “I wanted you to be there. But I want to stop focusing on the past and draw a line right here, right now, and just worry about everything that happens from this moment onwards.”
Helen hugged her tightly, elated by her ability to do something so simple without worrying about it, without fear of reprisal. She buried her face in the taller woman’s neck and breathed in the unique Nikki smell.
Pulling away, she raised her eyebrows thoughtfully and asked, still slightly dazed, “So what do you want to do today? I know I look a bit dishevelled right now, but I’ll dry my hair and put on something respectable, and we can do whatever you like.”
“Most of the things that immediately spring to mind don’t require smart dress,” Nikki quipped.

“Nikki, tell me the truth,” the smaller woman suddenly insisted, and she nodded expectantly. “If Trish had asked, last night…”
“I’d have said no,” Nikki told her simply. “You know, if you hadn’t have run away from the club so quickly, it could very easily have been your house I slept at last night.”
“How about tonight?” Helen asked, and Nikki smiled and nodded. God, she’s so beautiful… Helen sighed internally. Is she really mine? “Every night?”
“Every night sounds good. I know I’ve said it before,” Nikki began, pressing kisses to her upper lip and nose, “But you’re gorgeous and I’m completely in love with you.”

Helen closed her eyes, wondering if she was still asleep. This was too good to be true; it must still be a dream.
“Pinch me,” she requested breathily, opening her eyes.
“I think I might still be asleep,” she added as Nikki smiled at her in amusement.
“I’m not gonna pinch you,” the taller woman refused, wrapping her arms around her slight form and carefully lifting her off the floor.

Helen allowed her lover to pick her up, uncomprehending but far from protesting, and she felt her back slide up the kitchen wall with Nikki’s strong arms supporting her weight. She wrapped her legs around the taller woman’s hips and her arms round her neck.

“You’re definitely awake,” Nikki promised, kissing her as she undid Helen’s jeans and slid her hand inside.
“How do you know?” Helen breathed against her face.
“Because – and you can take my word on this - I don’t have sex with people who are asleep, unconscious or dead,” Nikki assured her as her fingers slid deeply inside of her. Helen moaned in pleasure, her eyes closing and her head resting back against the wall. Nikki’s fingers sought out her G-Spot as though magnetically drawn there.

“Oh, God, yes…” she breathed.
She was expecting Nikki to fuck her hard and fast, but to her surprise, the taller woman thrust her wrist in gentle, rhythmic movements, her fingers barely leaving Helen’s body. It was deep, and slow, and wonderful.

Helen still couldn’t decide if she was awake, but she wasn’t about to let another second go by without devoting her full consciousness to appreciating this moment, be it imaginary or not.

She kissed Nikki deeply and without reservation, every nerve in her body on fire as Nikki pleasured her against her kitchen wall.
“Fuck, that’s so good… I love you…I love you…” she breathed blissfully, breaking their kiss to take in air. Nikki devoted her mouth to kissing her neck instead, catching every sound that vibrated through her throat against her lips.

She moaned helplessly as she started to come around Nikki’s hand, still firmly moving inside of her. She could feel her own wetness running down her thighs; there was absolutely no friction whatsoever as Nikki curled her fingers.
She’d never experienced pleasure like the kind Nikki could give her with previous partners; she felt like she was constantly struggling to enjoy sex, having to take the lead… With Nikki it was effortless. It was bliss. She knew exactly when, exactly where, exactly how hard, exactly how deep, and how fast… all Helen was required to do was lie there and take it. Or, in this case, lean against the kitchen wall and take it. Helen suddenly remembered the night of her escape, when Nikki had pleasured her with her mouth and fingers at the same time and she’d made incoherent noises and struggled to breathe. The pleasure had been so intense that she nearly cried. A similar feeling was beginning to take over now.
Her release came suddenly and breathtakingly powerfully.

“We should probably talk…” she acknowledged as she regained her breathing rate following the surprisingly deep and satisfying orgasm she’d enjoyed against her kitchen wall. Nikki gently retracted her hand, and she felt an immediate sense of loss.

Nikki knew she was right. They had a lot of things to talk about, and work out, and plan. But right now, on her first official day of freedom, she had other plans.
“Talking’s what you do afterwards,” she replied, and they both smiled in recollection of the first time those words had been said, in the library at Larkhall.
“I thought this was afterwards,” Helen pointed out.
“Oh, no. This is just the beginning,” the taller woman confirmed, wrapping her arms more tightly around her and carrying her up the stairs.
“Have you always been this strong?” Helen queried, impressed.
“No, you’ve just never been this light before. When was the last time you ate a proper meal?”

Helen couldn’t remember.

“I’m cooking you dinner tonight,” Nikki ruled. “And every night, until I can’t see your ribs any more.”
“You can’t see my ribs,” Helen argued.
“Only because you’ve got a top on. And I intend to remedy that any minute. Seriously, when was the last time you ate proper food?”
Helen sighed in resignation. “I don’t know, a few months ago probably. I’ve been a tad busy.”

Nikki reached the top of the stairs and paused, kissing her on the lips. “I know. And I’m grateful. And now it’s my turn to take care of you, alright? No arguments.”
Helen nodded, feeling overwhelmed.

“Wait! Spare room,” she instructed, suddenly panicking as Nikki instinctively headed for her bedroom.
“Because… I was hung over when I woke up this morning and my room’s a state.”
“Don’t care; in fact, I’ll feel less bad about turning it into a wreck over the course of the next few hours if it’s already a mess.”
Helen felt an immediate tug of electricity between her legs at the phrase “next few hours”, but carefully extricated herself from Nikki’s hold, kissing her as her feet touched solid ground again.
“Give me two minutes.”
“You can’t be serious,” Nikki smiled.
“I am. Two minutes. Please.”

Nikki nodded, smiling indulgently and leaning against the hallway wall as Helen entered her bedroom intent on tidying it to a reasonable specification.
A minute and a half later, she re-emerged, a little breathless. “Okay.”
Nikki turned her head to look at her, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, looking for all the world like she belonged there in her hallway, and Helen’s heart swelled. She could imagine Nikki belonging here.
“Sure? I could go grab you a feather duster if you like…” the taller woman teased.
“Shut up and strip.”
“You want it off, you take it off,” Nikki challenged, stepping towards her.

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Up to Basic
:wub: that is... what's the word? :superman ...wow!!!

:clap bravo

PS: i know you've only just posted, but when can we expect the next one???

edit: love everything. the writting, the humour, the love, the doubts, honesty, even the mess! and the feather duster :lol1
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