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Forum Rules
Greetings and welcome to The North Castle forum! Here you can meet and chat with many other fans of The Legend of Zelda, North Castle, our fanfiction and much more. This is a relaxed forum and we do not have many rules, however the ones that are here are to make sure you have a good experience at these messageboards.

1. Flaming/Harassment

Do not do it. We're all entitled to an opinion and you are allowed to voice it, but please do not abuse someone just because they think differently to how you do. I'm all for debates and discussions but there is no need to go over the top or upset people. I also do NOT tolerate insulting other people's work. If you don't like a drawing or picture, please either refrain from saying or respond with constructive criticism. Not just 'that sucks' or 'I think that's crap'. It is demeaning and upsetting.

2. Board Subject

This is a Legend of Zelda board. Most of us are here because we are fans of the game. If you aren't a Zelda fan, what are you doing here? It's fine to post about other subjects but please do not come here with the purpose of insulting the game. If you don't like Zelda, please post ar a board you actually have an interest in.

3. Spam

We all hate spam, whatever variety it is. It includes advertising (there is a forum if you wish to promote a particular website), repeated/double posting, irrelevant posts/off-topic and posts created specifically for upping a rank. Anybody found doing this will have their rank count lowered. We all like to have a joke regarding spam, which is fine so long as it's kept under control. We do have a spam forum, and a shoutbox which I certainly feel are sufficient for light hearted postings, should you feel compelled to make them.

4. Using Proper English

Here at NC forums, we pride ourselves on fairly spam free threads, and decent levels of written English and grammar. If I, or the other moderators, feel that a post is not written in coherent English, it will be deleted. This is a message board, save shortened words and leet for elsewhere please. I do not think people come to these forums to wade through incoherent, poorly written posts, and because of that, any such posts will be removed without hesitation.

5. Off Topic

A lot of sites are against off topic however I feel that within a general discussion, the tide can easily turn from one subject to another. I'm not going to get angry because somebody perhaps changes the discussion because it's a natural progression. However I do encourage you to begin a new topic rather than change the subject, this makes things easier for everyone.

6. Signatures and Avatars

I don't mind people personalising their posts, but please keep your avatar size down to a minimum (preferably less than 100 pixels) and your signature must be less than 255 characters and only one small image. Otherwise, the forums look like they're full of junk and become slow to load and difficult to read. I for one do not want to trawl past lots of pictures and lines of text just to read the next part of a post and I'm sure you don't want to either.

Personal site advertising is fine so long as they are NC approved/affiliate sites and not blatant. If you wish to blatantly advertise a site, please use the links section.

7. Tittle Tattle

I do not like people who tell tales or spread rumours. Nor do most other people. Please do not do it at these forums, it will not be tolerated. Secondly, if anyone has a problem about a comment made about somebody in the community/another site etc made by anyone on this site, instead of telling tales to the person it concerns maybe they are best speaking to the admin/mods first to see if it can be resolved before rumours are spread and arguments start and people get hurt and angry.

8. Inappropriate images/content

Please do not post images that may be offensive to others. This includes porn/nudity and pictures of extreme gore/violence. This also includes post content. NC will NOT tolerate posts that cause upset to others. I am happy for sensible discussions to take place about subjects that could be deemed sensitive - if they get out of control, moderators and admins WILL step in. Do not be ageist or racist or make fun of serious incidents that have happened in the world. An example could be making a joke about 9/11 - don't do it.

9. Administrators and Moderators

We're here to help and we try to be around as much as we can. This isn't always possible but if you have any problems don't hesitate to PM us. The majority of the time we will do very little except to look after the forums to make sure it's all looking nice and shiny however remember all moderators have the power to ban users and exercise power within the forums. Please respect that.

10. Banning/Warnings

Finally, please respect your fellow members and their opinions. I have no wish to ban anybody and warning will be given to rule breakers before any action is taken. However constant offenders may be subject to a ban, depending on the severity of their actions. I want your time here to be enjoyable and easy going, so let's all just get along and play nice.