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Forum Rules

  • Accounts
    • Members are only allowed 1 account. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed. If you have lost your password, try to contact one of the Northern Skies team members via Email. If this rule is violated in any way, the new account will be deleted and the original account suspended for a week.

  • Advertisements
    • Please do not advertise any offsite forum or website without prior approval of the staff. This includes harassing members via Personal Message, Email, or forum posts/topics to entice or pressure the reader into joining. An exception to this rule are links that lead to any websites that are affiliated with Northern Skies (except links that lead to downloads). Proper conduct of advertisement allows for a banner image or link in the profile signature, or you may also post a topic in our designated "Other Websites" board. Please note that your submission to this board is subject to approval.

  • Age Requirement
    • If you are under the age of 13, you must have an e-mail from your parents sent to one of the board administrators to recieve your posting rights. This rule will be strictly enforced, so please do not attempt to bypass this policy. If you are caught or fail to confirm parental approval, your account will be placed on suspension until an email is sent. Membership privileges will be reduced to read-only1.

  • Graphics

    • Common Policy
      • Please do not post any images/videos that displays, promotes, represents, or encourages any vulgar, disrespectful, suggestive, violent, gory, or controversial2 activities, images, or language. This is to be kept a family-friendly forum. Note: This policy applies to all images or videos, including avatars and signatures.

    • Signatures
      • Signatures may be no longer than 8 lines of normal text3. If you have larger text, it may count as more lines. You are also permitted to have a signature image as long the resulting total of its size is no bigger than 200 px in height.

  • Forum Conduct
    • Bumping Topics
      • Do not bump topics4 or revive old threads (anything that hasn't received a reply in a month or more) unless you have a relevant post to add to the discussion. Any excessive violation to this rule will result in moderation of your account.
        • Old threads that are at least 3 months old will be be locked by the staff . If you were the original author of a locked thread, you may request permission by a Mod to reopen it.

    • Flaming
      • Flaming is the act of criticizing another member in a harsh or inappropriate manner. If you are found to be flaming on this board, whether it be via PM, Email, or posts, your account will be placed under suspension.

    • Communication
      • Whether it be via Personal Message, Email, or posts, you must comply with a friendly-friendly conduct in respects to your communication. Please do not post anything that describes and is composed of any vulgar, disrespectful, suggestive, violent, gory, or controversial2 activities, images, or language. In addition, anything as far as targeting others maliciously based on their religion, race, and/or gender is not tolerated.
      • We also encourage all of our members to use appropriate English syntax and avoid using text speech. This makes it easier for all of our visitors to easily understand any given topic on the board. Foreign-language boards will be available for those who cannot understand and/or type in English.

    • Spamming
      • Spamming involves posts with little to no relevance to the corresponding topic, one-two worded posts, or posts composed of only smilies. Any continued violation of this rule will result in your account being placed under moderation.

  • Privacy
    • Do not share your emails, Social Networking profiles (Facebook, Myspace, Google+, Friendster, etc), phone numbers, addresses, or any other personal information to anyone on the boards. Any such information will be removed.

These rules will be enforced vigorously! Any violation of these rules will result in consequences as decided by the board staff, among which include warnings, post moderations, suspensions, or bans. If you have any comments, questions, and/or suggestions, please contact an Administrator.

IMPORTANT: These rules are here to keep order and maintain a safe environment for all members of our board. Although the rules may seem complete, there is never a case where the rules should be deemed 'finalized'. In other words, we have the right to make changes and update the rules as we see fit under reasonable circumstances.

Further Information:
Read-only1: In the case that a member's ability to view the forum is placed under "read-only", they are essentially stripped of the privilege to post or upload any content nor communicate with any of the members of the forum. The name itself refers to the fact that the member would only be able to 'read' the forum.
Controversial2: The extent and meaning of 'controversial' will be interpreted by the management staff in a case-by-case basis.
Normal Text3: Normal text is defined as the default font size of a forum post. Any font larger or smaller than the default will be measured against it to enforce this rule.
Bump Topics4: Bumping topics is the act of consecutively replying to a post you made recently for the sole purpose of reviving a thread or an attempt to keep a thread alive.

Northern Skies Team