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The 9 Rules

1. Use common sense. Don't dislike or trash somebody's else work without proper constructive criticism, don't sugar-coat stuff either, if you feel like something needs work, tell the creator so, and be willing to hear criticism when you make your own project. Don't be a twat to the fellow members. Don't be negative prick, members with bad attitudes will not last long here, show respect. Common sense.

2. DO NOT USE THE SHOUTBOX AS A SEARCH ENGINE OR AS A SELLBOX It is utterly annoying when someone comes and uses the shoutbox as a search box. Do not spam the shoutbox. Don't promote your threads in the shoutbox. It takes 5 seconds of reading: Read the posts, and read the button you're about to click, PLEASE.

The shoutbox isn't a help/questions section. We have sections on the board for that.

3. If you are a new member, do NOT make requests for mods and hacks. This is frowned upon.

4. Don't start internet witch-hunts or public flame wars. - Do not make accusations about other OSR members here, on Facebook, or anywhere else. If you have ACTUAL proof, send them in a private message to an Admin. And in case you can't tell by the first 3 rules, we do not tolerate internet fights on our board. Keep it to PMs.

5. Do not bump Threads that are 3 months old or older. They are considered expired and will be closed. The only exception to this rule are pinned, tutorial, help or resources threads, those are indefinitely open, but again, use common sense, properly explain what you need and post detailed info and screenshots whenever possible, help us to help you. Topics will be re-opened in case requested by the author (or in case of projects, one of the project members) in the Thread Revival section.

6. Asking questions regarding general modding, hacking, texture mod running on emulators or unrelated questions in general to the topic discussed in a thread (I.E. Threads about a Save, Texture Mod, Hack, etc.) is frowned upon. When you do this you are derailing a thread, changing the topic discussed, which shouldn't happen. We have help sub-sections, help threads and tutorials in every larger section of the board. Please make sure you check them out before making a question.

P.S. - Refrain from making posts asking for updates. When somebody has an update about their project, they will probably post it.

7. We speak English here. - If you don't speak English as a first language, we will try to be patient. But you must make an effort.

8. SPOILERS BELONG IN THE SPOILER SECTION. LEAVE THE SPOILERS OUT OF THE TOPIC TITLE. This rule is harshly enforced, follow it or receive an automatic ban. The same goes for the shoutbox.=

9. OSR staff have the final say-so on all matters. - DON'T GET SALTY OVER AN ISSUED WARNING, THE STAFF KNOWS THE RULES WELL AND WE DO NOT ISSUE WARNINGS WITHOUT A RULE VIOLATION. Multiple Accounts are an instant ban.

Thank you very much. By reading those rules you already have a bigger chance of having a good time with mods, hacks and internet buddys than the ones that don't do so.