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[PS2/PSP/XBOX360] SMACKDOWN vs RAW 2010 ROSTER EDITOR; Version 24 released 2013-08-23! Import/export XBOX360 Save Game!
Topic Started: May 25 2011, 03:41 PM (257,628 Views)
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This is the SMACKDOWN vs RAW 2010 ROSTER EDITOR package by Nike The Bike for PS2/PSP/XBOX360 (or PC via PCSX2)

First of all I want to take the time to give my big thanks to the people that donated for the work on this editor. The editor has a donation button. Please take your time and push it if you use the editor and would like to give something back for the countless hours I've spent on this. I seriously ask you to consider this if you use this program. You too can enter the VIP list below.

Official sponsor top list:
1. Diablo2k15 $10
2. WilliamCampbell $5

What is this?
This is an editor that you can use to modify your own copy of SMACKDOWN vs RAW 2010 for the PS2 or PSP.
It is also possible to import and export XBOX360 save data which means that the editor also indirectly supports the XBOX360, if you have some editable PS2 files.
With it you can export characters from other SMACKDOWN games and import them into your SVR2010 and create your own dream roster. It is also possible to import characters that might have been created by others or with edited textures. You can also edit the stats, entrances and movesets of all characters on the game and make them all playable in your game.

Some features:

  • export/import character models
  • export/import arena models
  • import character select images
  • export/import any pac files (some limitations)
  • edit names
  • edit wrestler info
  • edit stats for each wrestler
  • globally edit stats for all characters with one button press
  • edit movesets for each wrestler
  • edit entrances & music
  • export/import all wrestler stats & info, movesets and entrances
  • add/remove multiple attires
  • edit move names
  • edit move damage
  • edit move positions
  • network support for team projects
  • import XBOX360 save data
  • export XBOX360 save data

Download the latest version 24 here: http://www.svr2010.rr.nu/svredit/svredit_v24.zip
Please try it and report bugs.

Bugs should be reported by clicking here

Version 24 includes the new features:

  • Import XBOX360 save data
  • Export XBOX360 save data

To use this program you must make a backup image (.iso for example) of your SVR2010 game and you must be able to play this backup image in some way. Today there exist two main ways to do this.
1. Play on the PS2 emulator called PCSX2.
2. Play on a modded console. A PS2 console can be modded in various ways today to play backups, there are mod chips, swap discs, hard drives and even ways to mod the console by booting from a memory card. Search this on google for example for more info. PSP are usually modded by firmware.

If you can play the backup image you can extract files from the image (for example with DKZ Studio) that can be edited by this program. After editing the files they are put back into the image and the image is burnt to a disc or played directly from the image depending on what method you use to play.

The tool is developed for SVR2010 but some tools included in the package seem to work also for other years of the game.
- The external import.bat/export.bat tools work for PS2/PSP and the 2011 PS2/PSP version (if you change the name of the arc file).
- The roster editor DOES NOT WORK for any other year than 2010.

If you have any questions make sure you've checked the readme.txt file first.
Hope you'll enjoy it and decide to donate like Diablo2k15 did. Your name will go into the top list.
The package includes Tekkens x-packer v6.0 and some other small tools.


These programs are released as is.
They are not guaranteed to be bug free in any way.
There are no guarantees whatsoever that these programs will not harm your computer in any way (even though they shouldn't).
Always remember to backup your files.
These programs are used completely at your own risk and I don't take any responsibility for anything (good or bad) that may happen by using them.

Reporting bugs, suggestions, comments or if you would like to donate contact [email protected] or write in this topic.
Please contact me if you want to use and further develop my code for any reason. Using the code without talking to me first might have consequences.

Important regarding use of the editor!
I can't stress enough how important it is to not do BIG BANG updates. It's nearly to not say impossible to back trace what went wrong.

Update one wrestler, boot the game in the PCSX2 emulator and verify that it works, copy your working files to backup storage, then move on to do the next wrestler.
This way you can find out exactly what you did when the game stopped working for you and you can post your problem here so that I have at least a small small chance to help you. If you have nothing at all in your post stating exactly what broke the game I won't help.

After finally getting everything done and working in the emulator, burn it on disc and play it on PS2 if this is your preferred way of playing.

This is how all of you should work with the editor to avoid problems!

For those of you (like me) that still likes to play on PCSX2, here is a cheat file to use with PCSX2 for the PAL version to unlock everything from the start: http://www.svr2010.rr.nu/pcsx2/cheats/1913A2BA.pnach
Simply put it in your <pcsx2 folder>/cheats folder and then enable patches/cheats from the system menu of the emulator. Notice though that using the cheat to unlock characters will lock your difficulty level to normal so you must uncheck the cheat after you've unlocked the locked characters to make it possible to change the difficulty level again. The PAL version runs better on the emulator.

The moveset editor can be slow but that is because all moves in the game are loaded into drop lists for all move spots on the game so potentially you can set any move anywhere in a moveset.
Note that this might freeze the game if moves are put in spots where they don't work.

There are still some unknown values, perhaps you guys can help me sort out what they are.

The editor is slow to start the first time you run it. This is because wrestler data and movesets need to be uncompressed at startup.
This is only until you do your first save though, the next time you run it the data is already uncompressed.

How to avoid freezing in the story editor!

The entrance model is used in the story editor and if that model has special gear like the Hogan feather boa for example, the game will freeze. So, if you want story editor to work you must sacrifice some arc space and add the alternative entrance model.

I hope that all my work is appreciated. I've been working my butt off for this one.

Finally, please use the donate button if you find my work helpful!

A simple video tutorial by Arjun

When importing wrestlers with the editor, avoid these slots at the moment (PS2):
0-99 simply because they are for CAWs and DLC.
121 seem to have Mr. McMahon in a suit.
128 work if added manually to CH.PAC (not by import? WHY!!?? Has this been verified?)
129 work if added manually to CH.PAC (not by import? WHY!!?? Has this been verified?)
130 does NOT work
148 seem to have another short haired referee and should not be used. Who is this?
151 seem to have another light haired referee and should not be used. Who is this?
159 does NOT work
195 Hornswoggle is under the ring
234 is The Druid Monk
255 referee can't be pinned

Happy editing!

Best regards
Nike The Bike

Current todo (or what I'd like to do) list sorted by priority:
1. Add music/sound (link to info).
2. Change the default options and gameplay settings.
3. Swap/import/export title belts.
4. Add PS3/XBOX360/WII support.
5. Add SVR2011 support.
6. Import/export moves from SVR games.
7. Swap/import/export winning moves (after matches) for wrestlers.
8. Edit arena selection pictures.
9. Edit brand logos.
10. Edit splash screens.
11. Export/import all characters/moves at once to not need to share game files or isos for patches.
12. Edit tag teams.

Finished since 2010-07-22:
1. Edit movesets/entrances (link to info,link to info,
Note to myself for moveset editor, Note for entrance editor).
2. All wrestler data export/import to/from file function (Names/Attributes/Movesets).
3. Moveset editor split into sections for quicker load times.
4. Unlock locked characters by default (link to info). Done on PCSX2 by using cheat file linked in this topic. Not working on regular PS2, could be done with cheat device though.
5. Support exporting of SVR2009/2010 PAC files.
6. Add alternative attires (link to info).
7. Create an arena exporter/importer (link to info).
8. Global stat change (Example: Lower all characters speed by 20).
9. Import/export character selection pictures.
10. Add PSP support.

Add all bugs you find to this topic as detailed as you can.

Here you can find the verified models by export:
PAC lists

Here you can find mods created by the community:
The SVR2010 PS2 Mod Index

Other good topics and links(check them out):
How to use the roster editor to edit movesets of characters in savegames
Model texture editing tool by Tekken
Texture editing tutorial
Hacking SVR2010 on PS2
The Holly Hack Thread
Which PS2 SVR had the best realistic gameplay?
Hacking movesets idea. What do you think?
MUSIC1.YAF contents.
How to replace music tutorial
Old school texture mods

And yet again. As always, if you like the editor and have been using it for like 1-2 years now or what it is since I started my work, why not donate a small amount just to show your appreciation?

I wouldn't care at all how much, it would just be symbolic.

This actually goes out to all the mod leechers on this site aswell who without this tool probably wouldn't have much or anything at all to leech from here.
Edited by nikethebike, Aug 22 2013, 06:30 PM.
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Thanka for this Nike. Great contribution and its appreciated byt the OSR faithful my man. Cheers
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Miss my pal.

Hell yeah! This is awesome!
Pinned, mutha-fucka!
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Thanks for adding this nike.
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No problem guys!

Now we just need to make this site bigger and get more members. That was the good thing of having this on caws.ws, that it was exposed to many people. We need to help advertise this stuff now.

Also, if you have any ideas for future improvements of the editor feel free to post them.
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Be Awesome!!

bro can i use this editor on mac os??coz i have new laptop...
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If you don't need to uncompress stuff (start from files already unpacked with the editor on windows) and you install jruby for macos I think it should work. Can't help you with it though.
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I would like to see a Select Pic Importer added to it eventually.
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May 26 2011, 12:03 AM
No problem guys! Now we just need to make this site bigger and get more members. That was the good thing of having this on caws.ws, that it was exposed to many people. We need to help advertise this stuff now. Also, if you have any ideas for future improvements of the editor feel free to post them.
Yeah we are promoting OSR heavily Nike and will help anyway to spread the word on OSR and the SvR modding. It has really grown and though we may not be the biggest forum we do get alot of notice and people checking out the place.

Plenty of things will be implented soon Nike. :)
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I'm about as stupid as they come.

Nike, I have an issue. Whenever I try to go into the roster part it says that the wrestlers file doesnt exist. Is there any way to get it, and how do I go about it?
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Read the readme file. You get all files to edit from your own game.
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I'm about as stupid as they come.

Got it working. Never mind :D. Can't wait to start out on my first project <3. So, question. Are the models in SVR for divas any better than RAW's?
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May 26 2011, 03:23 PM
Are the models in SVR for divas any better than RAW's?
^o) Of Course. lol
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I'm about as stupid as they come.

next dang problem is x packer. it doesnt seem to want to open the pac's from the game. Do I need to extract Melina's archive from the pac file?
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All questions can be answered if you carefully read the readme file, it might take some trial & error, but that's how we all learned it.
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I'm about as stupid as they come.

Got over that hump. Now...can someone explain how texture editing works, please? I've put Christy's model in game. Hoping works and has textures with it :P
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game winner

hello please i want someone post that topic about ( add music/sound ) add not replace because it has been removed in caws.ws and thanks in advance
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The only way to add music is to replace something, the tutorial has been posted already & please introduce yourself at least.
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Miss my pal.

:good news
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game winner

thank you WildForce67 iam water lover in caws.ws and i remember there was atopic in caws.ws about add music
and i know how to replace but ireplaced all sample music in svr 2010 and i need away to add more music
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