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Randy Orton Drug Overdose, Ultimate Warrior gay?
Topic Started: Jun 30 2011, 12:44 AM (6,742 Views)
Blue Warrior
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Source: WrestlingRevealed.com

Randy Orton Drug Overdose

If you know about Randy Orton's history, you'll know that trouble has followed him quite a bit. For much of his career, he has gotten himself into some sort of mischief. Drug abuse was one of the ways in which he found trouble. During a recent interview, Orton revealed that he abused drugs heavily for a period of time. In fact, he came close to dying once because of an overdose in 2006.

I was ashamed of it for a long time, but now talking about it and getting it off my chest—when my in-laws and mom watches it, they're going to cry. My wife talks about when I stopped breathing and the ambulance came. Randy Orton Defying Authority

Admitting that he overdosed on drugs is not something that WWE will take too well. Vince McMahon and his staff have spent years trying to get the media and shareholders to believe that drug issues are a thing of the pasts in WWE. Randy Orton is defying authority by publicly discussing his personal demons. Then again, though, he's been showing that he simply will not adhere to all of the rules that the WWE public relations department has set aside for their wrestlers. Pretty sure that you can see actual steam coming out of McMahon's ears when he gets a word of this.

Randy Orton Avoiding Wellness Program

The WWE Wellness Program was officially launched on February 27, 2006. According to the company, it was that point that wrestlers were no longer able to abuse drugs and steroids. In the unlikelihood that his drug issues ended prior to that date, Randy Orton avoided the Wellness Program. It doesn't come as a surprise to most people, though, since superstars (i.e. profitable performers) are treated much differently than everyone else when it comes to the wrestling industry.

Closing Thoughts

Quite an eye opener when I heard about this. I knew Randy Orton was a handful, but I never thought he came close to dying.

And now....

During a recent interview, Linda Hogan claims that the Ultimate Warrior is gay.

Wow! Didn't know about Randy overdosing! I feel so dumb now, where do I live!!! And the Ultimat Warrior being gay???? Are you serious bro?! What will we find out next: That Vince Russo is Elton John's wife?!

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I read the Orton story so calm and then "Linda Hogan claims that the Ultimate Warrior is gay" :D

Orton should be fired instead of giving him 100 world titles.
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I knew about Orton's drugs & smoking issues back then but didn't know he came close to dying. I also know he stopped smoking ever since he has a daughter.

UW is gay? I don't believe it. lol
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Warrior Gay?? LMAO!!

Orton was always a smoker of both tobacco and weed!!! Nothing wrong with that, but he blantantly admited those things to the public.. Being a top WWE superstar does not give you the right to promote it though!! RVD has always been a supporter of weed and who can blame him!! It chills me out. HA!!
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Blue Warrior
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Yeah, but overdosing is not what anyone, especially sports entertainers should do. He should've get fired then, but when you look at it now, it's better that he stayed.
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One problem with mentioning he only smokes weed, you can't overdose on it. The amount one person would have to smoke in such a short period of time is humanly impossible. You would have to smoke pounds of it in under a few minutes all by yourself. To almost die means that he was using much harder drugs.
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Fasho wwefan4life2, they think we're stupid.
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