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[PS2/PSP] SvR Tutorials Index
Topic Started: Aug 22 2012, 12:31 PM (145,033 Views)
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This is the full index of ALL the tutorials here alongside with the name of who posted it.
Just click on the name of the tutorial to go.

PS2/PSP tutorials
Total Guide To Hack SVR 2011 - Arjun The Man
SmackDown Vs Raw roster editor - nikethebike
SvR 06-11 character ids - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
SvR 06-11 all models ref pics - coroner
How to add/edit supperstars in SvR 2011 - Arjun The Man
Arena ids for SvR 2010 - mdxsilver
Model organization index - nikethebike
How to hack loading screens - PSProffesional
How to play with Hornswoggle - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to add WWE '12 music effect - Goatcheese
How to replace wrestlers selection pics - OrKAdoS
How to match two texture colors - Screen
How to mod the title screen - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to hack your own roster brands - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to edit CAW items - HARDX36
Preset entrances and movesets from all WWE Games - Gamerpro
How to replace wrestlers without touching the arc file - Arbab15
How to edit loading screens - PSProffesinal
How to add music (VIDEO) - Arjun The Man
How to add T-Shirts on any Superstars - Omar Montes
SvR 2011 belt ids - HARDX36
How to convert patches to NTSC/PAL - RagNaRoc
How to use EVTOBJ Items as Entrance Gear - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
Moves list of SvR 2010 - RagNaRoc
Taunts list of SvR 2010 - RagNaRoc
How to replace moveset models - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to hack entrance motions - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to add entrances to No Models in 2010 & 2011 - zhigge
How to add shadow effects on textures - Goatcheese
Detailed tutorial on Importing and Exporting moves from SvR games - dadydodo
Importing belts using svredit - nikethebike
SvR Moves Exporter - HARDX36
How to edit belt textures - nikethebike
easy way to make playable a no playable model - honkytonkman
Arena ids for Nike the bike roster editor SVR 2011 - CrocoX111
How to change title screen - MateuszWWEx
How to mod the PIN Logos - Sultan
How to Mod Royal Rumble Textures - Sultan
Match.pac IDs List - Sultan

PS2 tutorials
Texture edit tutorials:
How to convert models to be compatible with SvR 2010/2011 - Arjun The Man
How to save .tm2 and fix alpha - 80las
How to fix alpha - Cue
How to preview your model using Noesis - HARDX36
How to edit arenas - Gunderson
How to add a complete ring mat - HARDX36
How to add entrance gear from older games - 80las
How to mod arena crowds - nikethebike
How to change attires colors - Cue
How to edit arenas - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to texture edit wrestlers (VIDEO) - Arjun The Man
How to add special entrance gear - Cue
Texture edit tutorial for beginner's (Step-by-step) - Gamerpro
How to mod menu backgrounds - NikeTheBike

Hack tutorials:
Basic hexing tutorial (VIDEO) - Arjun The Man
Importing & exporting moves - dadydodo
How to import arenas - Arjun The Man
How to replace arena selection pics - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
Extracting crowd signs textures - PSProffesional
How to edit titantrons and minitrons - Arjun The Man
How to hack titantrons - freezer250
How to replace theme songs - Cue
How to import models - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to add theme songs - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to add selection pics (VIDEO) - Arjun The Man
(PS2) Tutorial To Replace Entrance Motion SvR 10/11 - Miz

Tools/misc tutorials:
Andy tutorials - Andy
MTP2 converter - Arjun The Man
PCSX2 tips for better perfomance - nikethebike
How to rebuild .ISO with Expert Tools - Cue
How to save space on the .arc file - RagNaRoc
How to use the roster editor to edit movesets of characters in savegames - nikethebike
How to fix crowd from SvR 06/07 arenas - HARDX36
Arena reference pics - OrKAdoS
SvR 2009/2010 Arenas pacs (DOWNLOAD) - OrKAdoS
Wii titantrons and minitrons in SvR format - Arjun The Man
.pac list for all wwe games/Legends of Wrestlemania/Showdown Legends - 80las
SvR 2011 code generator for NoModels - Arjun The Man
EVTOBJ.pac list[SvR 2011] - OrKAdoS
_EVTOBJ.pac list[2010] - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
List of what contain what - OrKAdoS
bg.pac 06-11 (DOWNLOAD) - HARDX36
How to import/export caws and movesets from SvR 2011 - Arjun The Man
Music ids of SvR 2011 - mizter_blur
All the ch.pacs from SYM-SvR 2011 - Chowder908
How to import saves - RagNaRoc
Tips for saving arc space - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
Titantron list from SvR 2006-2011 - OrKAdoS
Ringa_R list for SvR 2011 - KevinPaul06
nikethebike editor tutorial (VIDEO) - Arjun The Man
GNIE's Xpert tools v2.0 w/ plugins - GNIE's
WWE '13 Loading Screens - BottomLine908
PES Video Converter v1.23
How to put saves on PCSX2 (VIDEO) - Arjun The Man
Moves from 2009 & 2010 & 2011 DLC - dadydodo

Finished Patches:
TNA Impact: Wrestling Matters - Waleedgaber.619 & RagNaRoc
WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2011: Wrestlemania Homecoming - Cue
WWE '12 - Arjun The Man
WWE '12 - Cue
WWF Legends - Gamerpro

PSP tutorials
Texture edit tutorials:
How to do texture mods[English] (VIDEO) - HARDX36
How to do texture mods[Spanish] (VIDEO) - HARDX36
How to mod textures without touching the arc - honkytonkman
Reducing texture size / Making .gim picture with alpha transparecy - Noktin

Hack tutorials:
How to add/remove taunts - danielito88
How to import .pacs - Covered
How to replace songs in SvR 09 - honkytonkman
How to modify the text of the game - honkytonkman
How to mod textures of loading screens pre-match in SvR 2009 - honkytonkman
How to mod special matchs loading textures on SvR 2009 - honkytonkman
How to mod TOP_LOAD texture on SvR 2009 - honkytonkman
How to import arenas using SvR editor - 45coolz
How to mod nameplates - honkytonkman
How to mod arena selection pics - honkytonkman
How to replace theme songs - Adioboard7
How to replace selction pics - Arbab15
How to hack names - Peter Griffin OSR
How to mod title belts - Sultan
SvR' 11 Theme Song Modding - The Aughat

Tools/misc tutorials:
Savedata en/decrypter - Chris Jericho
SvR 2011 screen position ids - olegcrow
How to open dat files in preload.pac - honkytonkman
SvR 06-11 .pacs (DOWNLOAD) - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
SvR 2011 entrances (DOWNLOAD) - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
How to create better CAWs - honkytonkman
SvR 2006 titantrons (DOWNLOAD) - nadimmania
SvR 2009 CW Cheat codes - honkytonkman
Match rules modifier codes(CW Cheat) - HARDX36
SvR 08-10 are pacs (DOWNLOAD) - honkytonkman
How to find ECW referee textures in SvR 2009 - honkytonkman
Expert Tools tutorial - honkytonkman
All the ch.pacs from SvR 2006-2011
Titantrons/theme song ids list - MizFit
How to make titantrons - honkytonkman
CwCheats cheats - mizter_bluer
Screen position IDs SvR 2011 - olegcrow
How to use No-Models - WoodBoy Doctor of Chaos

Finished Patches:
SVR2010 Hacked Roster - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
WWE '12 - HARDX36
SVR2011 Mega Hacked ISO - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
NJPW saved iso - honkytonkman
WWE 12 Beast Edition - Xo-JaRniBoi-oX
NJPW patch version 0.3 - honkytonkman
WWE'12 - Arbab15
WWE 2K14 - Sultan

XBOX 360/PS3 Tutorials
ZLIB compression tutorial - TheSmartFoundation

* MUST READ tutorials
Edited by OrKAdoS, Jan 29 2014, 11:06 PM.
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look at the "How to preview your model using Noesis - HARDX36" tutorial listed above
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just added a new tutorial on how to add entrances to no models.. you can add it to the list!
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GREAT ,GREAT ,GREAT work bro! ..at the last now noobs can find easy all tutorials they need..i hope too that in help section now we'll see answers about new things and not always the same how to edit this, how to replace that,etc etc.
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Maybe an FAQ pinned at Help section could be useful and will help to have less post with the same questions.
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The Reverend
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OSR Admin and Voice of the Authority

Not a bad idea. Maybe one of us will do that if we can find the time. Heck, may even be me!
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Be sure that i can help on it if somebody will do it. Just let me know.
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it's been a long time since i don't update this, so if you find any tutorial or anything that you think that should be added, just tell me and also if possible post a link to the tutorial.
And from now and on, to don't have any problems like this, any new tutorial, right after tested and certified that is working, will be immediatelly added to the index.

Have Fun! :ok
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"Finished Patches" should be updated. At least Gamerpro+80las legends mod should be in there.
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It is already there.. the fact is that it's only credited to Gamerpro...
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Ah, I never saw the PS2 section, my bad!

Me need glasses perhaps?
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updated list.

If i missed any tutorial, please send me a pm and a link to the tutorial that i may add it here.
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jeff hardy liu

Thank you for the tutorial index,I am new here, I am a Chinese!!!
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updated the index
if there are any tutorials or patches that i missed to add(there might be a lot), please message me with a link...

OFFTOPIC: where's CBV? my peeps system still doesn't work.... LMAO :birdy
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Here are some more of my tuts and resources :

http://s4.zetaboards.com/Old_Skool_Reunion/topic/10002396/1/#new - How to mod belts, VERY IMPORTANT! Its a well writtened tut, everything explained in detail.

http://s4.zetaboards.com/Old_Skool_Reunion/topic/9995333/1/#new - My another finding on modding the Royal Rumble texture

http://s4.zetaboards.com/Old_Skool_Reunion/topic/9986395/1/#new - No one has made a list so this is a resource for people!

Anyway, thanks for the Index. :)
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updated with Sultan's tutorials.. if there are more tutorials missing in the index, message me...
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